This will not affect your initial information request. Are you ready to experience Insights Discovery? Leading Through Turbulent Times is a 90-minute interactive webinar focused on helping leaders manage their business and their people through these challenging times. If you would like a complimentary profile for yourself contact us now. The insight that the programme has given into both our own, and our peers dominant/preferred working styles has manifested itself in a stronger and more cohesive management team and I don’t think it is any coincidence that parallel to the improvement in team morale is a significant increase in sales. Learn and apply a six-step approach to successfully manage your business and your people through turbulent times. ", "Ric’s energetic approach was extremely engaging and his understanding regarding all things ‘Insights’ was clear from the outset. It was an enjoyable course and quite intense, but what made it was Paul, he was extremely passionate and incredibly knowledgeable. We will look at common communication issues that individuals and teams often struggle with. ", "Ric is an enthusiastic motivator, structured and willing to give a lot of himself in his training sessions. Copyright 2020 Insights. I attended the Prince2 Foundation and Practitioner course in January 2019.

", "I would highly recommend Ric and the course to any company looking to empower their sales team with a fresh and dynamic approach. When your people become Insights Discovery Practitioners, you create an in-house network of learning and development experts with the power of Insights Discovery at their fingertips. The Insights Discovery Accreditation is our flagship programme, where you can become accredited to work with Insights Discovery in your own organisation. The Change Management Practitioner course provides participants with a thorough understanding in the Principles of Change Management. He enabled me to pass both courses which were extremely challenging to say the least!If anyone wants to learn Prince2 you need to contact Paul!

Participant feedback at the end of the training was glowing and unanimous in capturing just how much everyone had learnt and had acquired new skills in a short space of time. Please be advised that some courses advertised by Insights are run by carefully selected, accredited training partners. Virtual learning is the new norm and we are providing all our Insights Discovery programmes in a virtual format using Zoom. I've recently attended PRINCE2 Foundation and Practitioner course delivered by Paul Kelly. Your team will work towards and achieve collective goals, deal with any issues that arise by unlocking the potential when they need it the most. 3. ", "Good programme for our teams as offered practical advise and tips not just theory. Willerby Iridium’s Insights consultants come with extensive hands-on management experience and so our approach is very pragmatic. Ric helped to deliver digestable information that can be easily implemented on a personal and team level and really drive value back to the business. ", "I have sat on some courses over a number of years each giving me something but none with quite the impact this one has had on a work and personal level I had forgotten how great the tool of listening really is and arms us with so much knowledge to catch those all important fish. ", "Ric’s Manager in Me/ Insights Program was very educational and helped me understand how to read and understand my staff better. Explore below to learn more about our accreditation support initiatives and to find a date and location that suits you. All rights reserved. Watch our short video to get a feel for what you can expect on your Insights … I sat the PRINCE2 Practitioner level exam with Paul.

", "This program worked on self awareness which at first I doubted would be beneficial to the business, how wrong was I. I have really enjoyed this program it has strengthened my relationship with my peers and most importantly my Line Manager. it has personally helped me with guiding my team and helping progress them to the next level.

2. ", "Ric is a first class teacher / mentor who obviously plans all of his courses well in advance to fit his students. 4. The workshop will be fast paced and fun and will require a high degree of participation. As Agile training providers, we’re often asked, “How much does Agile training cost?” While many recognize Agile as a buzzword, often people are unclear on what Agile training entails and what type of training could be … Our clients include for example; Vodafone, Biogen, Denso and the NHS. Research has also shown that self awareness and awareness of others is key for high performance. Quick  overview and self scoring by each participant. very satisfied with the course and tutor. No it's not, but we do have special rates agreed with our venues. Support your leaders in developing adaptable approaches that motivate and inspire your teams. Explore practical ways to address your business challenges and uncover ways to keep the magic of Insights Discovery alive in your workplace. also has identified in high level detail my own personal strengths and weaknesses giving me solid foundations to work on. We run IDA's on a variety of dates at a number of locations. The Introduction webinar is designed to help you understand the Insights Discovery model and support your understanding of your own character. Then moving on for you to use this to understand your team better and how to support and motivate them to drive results.
Having an Insights Discovery Practitioner within your organization ensures the learning is long-lasting, as it can be connected with day-to-day operations and communications, and given real-world applicability from day one. Anyone looking for a training programme that delegate are certain to find interest, enjoyable and of benefit to themselves and their businesses should consider this course. [Hull and East Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust request email] or [email address]. One of the best courses I have attended under project management. Thank you. Excellent Prince2 course run by Paul Kelly, 3 days tailored to our requirements with all delegates passing. Having a leadership programme to support this learning on your feet was invaluable. Leverage Insights Discovery to recognise the human side of turbulence and meet the challenge of these times. Top qualities: Expert, High Integrity, Creative. It is assumed that the Insights Discovery questionnaire will be completed online by each participant in advance of the event  and that all participants will be willing to share their type with the rest of the group at the event. His enthusiasm is infective and even the most hardened ‘ arms folded- impress me’ types are soon willing participants in his engaging sessions. Mary Seacole Building Joining an IDA is usually part of a wider solution.
If you are new to ‘colour psychometrics’ or ‘colour energies’, this webinar is an ideal introduction. Engaging with Change is perfect if you want to: •   Understand the human side of change•   Strengthen engagement as part of the change process•   Create a clear picture for what success looks like•   Establish a plan to enable progress. All information provided under Freedom of Information is deemed to be in the public domain. Inspire continuous improvement as the team own their own action plan. When I read Winston Churchills quote ‘I am always ready to learn although I do not always like being taught’, I can only wish he had the opportunity to learn from Ric Hayden. Saving time and money for your organization, your people get the added benefit of development workshops delivered by colleagues whom they know and trust, and who know your business challenges inside out. If you are not the intended recipient you are notified that any use, disclosure, copying or distribution of the information is prohibited.

The Insights Discovery Personal profile you get as part of the workshop will help you explore your own personal style and how you can adapt to get the best out of all your communications with others whilst investigating your strengths, areas for development and potential blind spots. Really enjoyed the course Paul is very good at teaching PRINCE 2. HU10 6ED Are you ready to discover if you’re Fiery Red, Sunshine Yellow, Earth Green or Cool Blue? Action planning. The course is very intensive but Paul gives you the right guidance to achieve your goal! I look forward to studying with Insights again soon.

It focuses on key strengths/weaknesses, value to the team, preferred communication style, possible blind spots, opposite types and suggestions for your development. If you are not content with the outcome of your complaint, you may apply directly to the Information Commissioner for a decision. The day is not only fun, but also extremely enlightening in getting to know the working preferences of your colleagues. Although the workshop is a demanding week, the knowledge obtained has equipped me with a deeper understanding of project management processes which I will apply to future work moving forward. ", "As a young entrepreneurial company we have lots of self-taught managers. The PRINCE2 course was intense but enjoyable. Paul also ensured we were comfortable with what was expected of us during evening study, plus what was expected during examinations. I've completed the course successfully thanks to him! I feel I now have the tools and confidence to manage and develop a team effectively and also to work alongside my peers having more productive conversations and a greater insight into them both personally and individually. Nobody knows the challenges your organization is facing better than those on the inside. What's happening in your business? It was clear that Ric was passionate about what he was teaching us and he took the time to explain, in depth, all of our results. Mr A Wood made this Freedom of Information request to Hull University Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust From a training point of view, Paul is brilliant. Apply the -Talent Hub as part of a range of talent initiatives. I took the Prince2 Foundation and Practitioner course and passed both successfully. Printed from on October 27, 2020 22:34. *Please note - Our workshops require a minimum of 4 bookings / people in attendance in order to cover associated costs. Explanation of the content and various charts in the profile.

The preferred ways of communicating. Be aware of your team’s strengths and development areas. LearningCog operate nationally, with the majority of our Open Programme training held in Central London. *Effective Selling ChapterThis chapter explores individual approaches towards selling and influencing at each stage of the sale from preparation to follow-through. This request has been closed to new correspondence from the public body. I received the pre reading material which I read before the course. Watch our short video to get a feel for what you can expect on your Insights Discovery Accreditation.

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+ How we made $200K with 4M downloads.

How we made $200K with 4M downloads.