Suggestions on possible blind spots, opportunities for learning and development, communication skills, influencing and leadership. Building on the Insights Discovery® personal profile, and using the Insights evaluation, the Insights Discovery® Transformational Leadership profile is a personalised leadership profile that provides leaders with information about how they perform across eight essential leadership dimensions as well as an overview of their leadership approach. This virtual workshop will give participants the ability to: This two-hour virtual workshop helps leaders explore their core leadership strengths and challenges as they seek to motivate, develop, engage and inspire their teams in today’s challenging world. It encourages people to be flexible in their communication and approach, learning to understand how to get the best from everyone in the team and maximising everyone’s strengths. It leads the individuals from an initial understanding of self towards an exploration of how they can grow and improve in specific areas of personal achievement such as goal setting, time management or creativity. I also had to deal with moving from a role where I could specialise in one area to one where I had to do everything, from admin to book-keeping, which was a shock and a big knock to my confidence. The Insights® Discovery Personal Profile is available in over 30 countries and in more than 40 languages. It uses a simple and memorable colour system that sticks and makes it easy to understand and apply. Leaders will be given an opportunity to examine their personal leadership style, their value and effectiveness as leaders. A framework for self-understanding of both personal strengths and blind spots. Our Develor partners extremely skilfully expanded our horizons and managed to mark specific areas where we should focus our efforts. „On 19.11.2010 we organized a teambuilding event for the Control Management and Network services planning Department employees. We still discuss the Insights profiles which every participant received even a year after the training. I recommend Develor as a partner in building leadership and managerial potentials and also in the development of team work skills. ", "On the basis of our now two-year long relationship with Develor, I would describe the company using the following two attributes: professionalism and partnership. It will improve communication skills and work relationships, resulting in a more harmonious workplace. ... My impressions with Develor are from our joint work on the preparation of the program application documents, setting up training goals, their realization and the finalization of the project. When we were looking for a partner three years ago to help us to improve the leadership capability in our business, it was important for us to find an organization that is able to, We are happy to work together with Develor since they fully satisfy the above criteria, and equally or even more important they proved to be an ethical business partner, seeking for a long term trusted relationship with its customers.

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+ How we made $200K with 4M downloads.

How we made $200K with 4M downloads.