Audible Audiobook I really hope that this will end up being the first in a series because I would love to hear more about this world and its characters.

Now, with an invitation from a mysterious gatekeeper, the people of Earth must decide if they're ready to participate in the galactic conversation. Very science fiction. Daniel Rice is a government science investigator. Amazing can't wait for next one as normal, Reviewed in the United Kingdom on November 29, 2017. ), Top subscription boxes – right to your door, © 1996-2020,, Inc. or its affiliates. If a henchman was about to slaughter a room full of people, a clone could speed up their synthetic brain to operate a super-human speed and dodge bullets. You get the idea.

But who inserted the implants?

As it is I am angry that I wasted a credit on this book - something that I have never experienced before. Select the department you want to search in. LA detective Anna Abbott can see brief, cryptic visions of the future.

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And why? Reviewed in the United Kingdom on October 8, 2017. So many names for one of my favorite genres. And I'm still on the fence about how I feel about it.

By: Everything is too stereotypical and cliched. We've got you covered with the buzziest new releases of the day. Oh, well one of the geniuses has a problem with hubris.

Kelly, Justin, and Otto return in a riveting near-future thriller.

Unable to add item to List. They draw on scientific strengths as they plunge into the strange world of quantum physics. The plot itself was one of those stories where there are some seemingly unrelated anecdotes at the beginning, but then they turned out to be related after all. A spark.

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SIRI, Google, Echo, and many others are forms of A.I., which while obvious when pointed out was not something I had actually real.

Marc Vietor, Narrated by:

Because the race to evolve a superintelligent computer is on, and power players around the world will stop at nothing to get there first.

I'd call this near future science fiction thriller. Richards drops current names like rain -- which may or may not make the book obsolete in about 20 years -- and engages in long explanations that seem more like the author trying to show off than helpful information for the reader.We're all familiar with book plots that have several characters.

And he can read minds. But will this lead to a glorious future, or to the collapse of civilization?

Those who control it can transform civilization - or destroy it entirely.

It felt as though it droned on at the end, however I was impressed by the conveyance of new technological concepts: ASI, vs. AGI, vs. AI and it appeared as though the author did do his homework. ). Reading this book felt like a lit review of all the cool things that are happening in technology today: artificial intelligence, computers that can design themselves, asteroid mining, bioprinting, simulations, and more.

There is so much verbiage describing the characters' personality quirks and idiosyncrasies - page after page of insights into their lives and why they do what they do that eventually you lose track of what it was that you were reading about. Particle physics was always an unlikely path to the stars, but with the discovery that space could be compressed, the entire galaxy had come within reach. SIRI, Google, Echo, and many others are forms of A.I., which while obvious when pointed out was not something I had actually realized.

5,093 Nathan Wexler is a brilliant physicist who thinks he's found a way to send matter a split second back into the past. Because a small group of aliens hiding on Earth believe that she can single-handedly alter the course of an interstellar war. Hooray!

And all this in a science fiction novel in which I found the science aspect pretty convincing, and on reading the appendix after I finished the book, I understood why, the science was all well researched and well thought through. Perhaps a good narrator could have at least made this horrible book mildly interesting, but Gagne reads as if it's his turn in a middle school reading class. Stream or download thousands of included titles. Douglas Phillips.

But what if this transcendent level of intelligence brings with it a ruthless megalomania? Now, with their mother facing certain death, they must race to solve a seemingly impossible mystery to have any hope of saving her.

Reviewed in the United Kingdom on October 18, 2018. He grew up in Cincinnati, Ohio with his parents and his sister, Pam.

From the million-copy NY Times bestselling author.

There's a problem loading this menu right now. I rarely change my mind on much these days so well done author.Highly recommended to fans early SF. But before he can even confirm his findings, he and his wife-to-be, Jenna Morrison, find themselves in a battle for their very lives. A family was in a car when the mom went into labor. Some of the time, when the wonderful science-fiction was not first and foremost in the writing, reading it was like listening to nails scratching a black board.

), A riveting science-fiction thriller. Halfway through I thought it was going to be 3 stars, since the premise was interesting enough to keep me going, but the plot just kept going downhill. The plot was great. Ripped from tomorrow’s headlines, Infinity Born is a roller-coaster ride of a thriller that explores the deadly perils and mind-blowing possibilities that await the human race–including both extinction and immortality.


Whatever you would like to call them, he makes you think - these are not reams of mindless fiction, but ones which make you examine what is going on and consider what You would do. Ripped from tomorrow’s headlines, Infinity Born is a roller-coaster ride of a thriller that explores the deadly perils and mind-blowing possibilities that await the human race–including both extinction and immortality. Dan Bittner, Narrated by: I just finished 'Infinity Born', which is probably the most thought provoking thing I have read in a long time. The author does a pretty good job of researching stuff that is currently under development, extrapolating it and coming up with interesting scenarios that are both action filled, and thought provoking. ©2017 Douglas E. Richards (P)2017 Audible, Inc. By: Infinity Born is a techno-thriller, speculative fiction, sci-fi thriller, near-future thriller.

Intriguing start of the book with the first mysterious episode, but then, the rest of the book seems to spiral into a whirl of somewhat disjointed facets. Did not finish the book.The reader did not help. Please try again.

All in all an enjoyable read, and one I will recommend to like minded friends! Since this is a subject I am not well versed in I won't pretend that I am.

Reviewed in the United States on June 2, 2017, Wow!

I loved this story.It reminded me so much of the science fiction I loved in my youth.Written with the economy and pace of Robert Heinlein, don't expect Mervyn Peake.What you will get is a fast paced adventure using the usual SF tropes but all to the good for that.The American narrator was perfect for this style of book and allowed me to ignore the pain of the long country walks I need to do these days.It also changed my mind about a certain development in science. Infinity Born is a techno-thriller, speculative fiction, sci-fi thriller, near-future thriller. What if it were possible to upload years of knowledge into your mind in hours?

I'm guessing it would eventually tie together. , (

But I had to give it the extra star for the complex (and terrifying) topics covered. If it was locked in a box with no access to Wifi or any other networks, what was the reasoning behind that? (When I was in the middle of this book, I backed out of my garage to go to a tutoring job I have, thinking to check my phone for any messages at the bottom of my driveway. We’d love your help. I have to admit not being familiar with earlier work of the author, so I went in as blank as possible.

To get that you combine artificial intelligence, spies, biologic printers, special forces and space travel sometime in say the 2030s or so.

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