A uniquely specialised ear in a very early tetrapod. & Quicke, D. L. J. document.write(x5); Character 54, the degree of closure of the mandibular lateral line canal, was originally scored ‘0’ for Ichthyostega, indicating an enclosed canal opening to the surface through discrete pores. There is certainly no basis for the clade 'Ichthyostegalia'. Although it was originally considered to be the transitional form between fishes and Carboniferous amphibians, its skull possess several primitive, fish-like features, whereas those of other early tetrapods (i.e., Acanthostega and Ventastega) were generally more derived. It was a labyrinthodont that represents an intermediate form between fish and amphibians. The otic region was elongated, with a narrow, notochordal basioccipital with no occipital condyle. Jarvik 1980). In contrast, Ichthyostega had been regarded at a tetrapod since its discovery in the 1930s. 89: 11-46. 369pp, Clack, J. Jennifer A. Clack The massive forelimbs may have been used to pull the animal forwards followed by flexion of the presacral region to pull up the rear, in what has been described as an 'inch-worm' like mode of locomotion (Ahlberg et al. Ichthyostega was a fairly large animal, broadly built and about 1.5 m long. Jarvik (1996) suggested that these were most likely to be synonyms but further study has shown the existence of three valid species based on skull proportions and associated with three distinct horizons in the Celsius Bjerg Formation: I. stensioei, I. eigili, and I. watsoni (Blom 2005). 2005). Ichthyostega is now known to have had an ossified hyobranchial skeleton comparable to that in Acanthostega (Clack et al. It had a fin containing fin rays on its tail. Authored by Geological Society, London Special Publication 180, 557-566. The tail, shorter than shown by Jarvik (1996), bore a fin supported by supraneural spines but fewer, shorter fin-rays than in Acanthostega. No Ichthyostega specimen has been described in its sedimentological context, but the material discovered in 1987 appears to have derived from a channel deposit. Hindlimb of Ichthyostega; specimen collected in 1987. Water was also still a requirement, because the gel-like eggs of the earliest terrestrial tetrapods couldn't survive out of water, so reproduction could not occur without it. 43, 1-50.9. Ichthyostega - the genus of extinct animals, is closely associated with tetrapods (tetrapods terrestrial vertebrates). Some researchers also point o… � 1997 J. (See About this Site.) Trans. The skull table was broad, lacking an intertemporal but with a pentagonal supratemporal, unlike the dart-shaped bone of Acanthostega. Ichthyostega comes from the Upper Devonian (Famennian) of East Greenland and is widely featured in the literature as the first ‘four-legged fish’. Ruta, M., Coates, M. I. Nature. Reconstructions of the animal (see title figure) have been influential in ideas about what the earliest tetrapods were like, though more recent studies (Bjerring 1985, Coates and Clack 1990, Clack et al. & Quicke, D. L. J. Jennifer A. Clack. Typically, this involved re-assigning a specimen —often a lower jaw— that once believed to be that of a lobe-fin to that of a tetrapod. Their reconstruction, shown above, is very different from earlier versions (cf. The skull roof was broad and flat with a rounded snout. University Museum of Zoology, Downing St., Cambridge CB2 3EJ, UK. The otic region was elongated, with a narrow, notochordal basioccipital with no occipital condyle. // Random encryption key feature by Andrew Moulden, Site Engineering Ltd Quick Ichthyostega Facts. It is notable for being one of the first animals with functioning lungs and hips, albeit both were fairly poorly developed. A. Clack. University Museum of Zoology, Cambridge, UK. featured on this page are each governed by their own license, and they may or may not be available Ichthyostega shows a mixture of plesiomorphic and apomorphic characters which make it difficult to place phylogenetically, though it is clearly a basal stem-tetrapod (Ahlberg and Clack 1998, Clack 2002a, Ruta et al. Birth type Coates, M. I., and J. ), During the 1990s, studies by Jennifer Clack, Michael Coates, Per Ahlberg, and H.C. Bjerring substantially revised Jarvik's reconstruction. While similar to an amphibian in appearance, this was mostly artificial. Four species were originally named by Save-Soderbergh (1932), and a second genus, Ichthyostegopsis was also described. MGUH VP 6064 Geological Museum, Copenhagen. The humerus was L-shaped and flattened, but had a more prominent ectepicondylar buttress than in most other tetrapods. Jurassic World: The Game. These species could be synonymous (in which case only "I. stensioei" would remain), because their morphological differences are not very pronounced. Moreover, they suspect that the lumbar spine was capable of some dorsal-ventral flexion; a character otherwise essentially limited to mammals. The vertebrae were notochordal, but the neural arches bore more prominent zygapophyses than Acanthostega. 1.5 metres long (4 feet and 11 inches) The skull was flat with dorsally placed eyes and armed with large labyrinthodont teeth. Palaeontology. I would also like to thank David Maddison for scanning in the images for me, and Katja Schulz for finalising the appearance of the pages. Ichthyostegoids ("Elginerpeton", "Acanthostega", "Ichthyostega", etc.) 1990. All appear to have been transported to some degree, and are preserved in flood deposits. Jarvik, E. 1996. Recent investigations on the otic chamber suggest that Ichthyostega had a uniquely specialized ear that may have use air chambers as underwater sound transducers.

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