Earther: From the thread that you posted on Twitter, it seems that recovery is a recurring issue here, right? We have therapeutics. Red Cross doing sheltering. This is a Joke my Dad (who is Catholic) once told me when I was young. Please. As you indicated, Mr. President, it’s one of the strongest hurricanes to ever hit this part of the country, but the experience, skill, and expertise of the entire DHS response and relief efforts have been mobilized, are in the field today responding. It’s no coincidence, either, that it sits in a community with an above-average poverty rate. The fact that the coronavirus outbreak has lingered due to a bumbling federal response was always going to complicate what is becoming an exceptional hurricane season, but now here we are. Weather Channel reporters take their job seriously ... maybe too seriously, 'cause they were seriously in danger while reporting from the eye of Hurricane Laura, and this intense video proves it. A lot of people went to Baton Rouge, and then they ended up getting the majority of impact there. And now we have vaccines coming very soon. Covid hospitalizations and deaths are on the rise nationwide. And Hurricane Laura brought that eyewall of 150-mile-an-hour winds. But I have to say, they should open up their states. Every day we see another alleged "Bombshell" Hunter Biden allegation. The storm is forecast to keep intensifying up until landfall and is poised to be a massively destructive Category 4. So far, I’ve seen reporting locally saying that there are busses available for people who can’t afford to evacuate and they are limiting the number of people on a school bus to 15 so that you can still keep a distance while you’re evacuating. Q And your reaction, sir, to the NBA protest yesterday against another shooting of a black man by police? It’s everybody in California dealing with the wildfires. Correction, 8/26/20, 12:35 p.m.: This story has been updated to reflect that Hurricane Harvey made landfall in 2017, not 2018. There are the effects of the pandemic itself on people. It is a long history of not building the capacity of our emergency management systems. And we’ve pre-deployed emergency response aircraft to do aerial surveys and high-resolution photos, as well as the Coast Survey; the navigation response teams are pre-deployed to Galveston and Stennis. THE PRESIDENT: Yeah. In those cities that do that, we see the violence curbed and reduced almost immediately. Thank you very much. But this is not just FEMA doing this; this is our great partners, like DOD, National Guard, EPA, SBA — you name it. So, again, Americans are resilient people, and DHS is prepared to help our fellow Americans in the path of the hurricane to recover and to respond. And it seems such a shame that for politi- — I guess political reasons, I don’t know. So again, stay home and pay attention to the — to the warnings that your local is giving — given to you. I really wanted to thank the folks at the Weather Service and the National Hurricane Center for the fantastic and tremendous work they’ve done in predicting this and also their collaboration with the state and local emergency managers. Like, this landfall, as you said, Mr. President, was at 1:00 a.m. at 150 miles an hour near Cameron, Louisiana. Let's investigate those polls. The issues with Harvey were more rain-related, but you get the point. That includes a recent shock from Hurricane Harvey, which inundated the area with rain in 2017. Increasingly weak governance at the federal and—especially in Texas’ case—the state level mean residents are less prepared for disasters and have a weaker safety net when they do hit. We need to be doing more to prepare, and we need to be doing more hazard mitigation to actually try to prevent these disasters from happening in the first place. The red and white there is a — is a communication tower, so pretty significant damage there on the left. Lake Charles, La., had issued mandatory evacuations on Wednesday. But the Fed, as you know, the Atlanta — I guess it was the Atlanta Fed announced that they projected a 26 percent GDP. And we had a great number of doctors, as you know, in the office yesterday — the world’s leading experts on this. I’ve spoken to all the governors, and we’ve worked everything out for the federal government to be very, very efficient and be very aggressive in getting everything back and going, and going as it should. The situation on the ground, as we’ve heard, is both fluid and challenging, but again, your entire administration has been preparing for this storm, and we are responding. It’s Iowa, dealing with the effects of the derecho from a couple of weeks ago. One of many problems with attempting to forecast hurricanes, is that the models need to be constantly updated and recalibrated for rapidly rising temperatures in the ocean waters that fuel them. Montano: Port Arthur is right along the coast. I know their ratings have been very bad because I think people are a little tired of the NBA, frankly. Earther: So you’re saying that there’s the health impact of potentially being exposed to whatever the refinery may be putting into the water if it floods, but also the economic impact if it gets damaged enough where people can no longer work there because it’s a source of employment? Actual storm surge, about three feet. You have signed up for the "Confronting the Caliphate" series. And, of course, keeping our people safe in the field. THE PRESIDENT: Very shortly. So thank you again for being here today and showing your support to the men and women of FEMA. Samantha Montano: Well, I think from a meteorological standpoint, something concerning about Laura is the intensification of the storm so soon to when it’ll be making landfall. Hurricane Laura is no joke. In the aftermath of Hurricane Laura, the Red Cross has worked closely with partners to support emergency housing efforts, and provide food, water, relief supplies, emotional support and health services to people affected. Stay away from power — downed power lines. And all I ask is that these cities that are having difficulty — if they call us, if they request that we send the National Guard, they will be there instantaneously. The damage in Cameron Parish on the coast of Louisiana from Hurricane Laura is indescribable. Get major developments sent directly to your inbox by. A successful response involves an all-of-government approach, and so FEMA is leading that approach, and your Coast Guard pre-positioned assets, pre-positioned its people, and are responding today. People in Port Arthur are not new to managing these multiple crises at the same time. Another communications tower, as well as an office building downtown. People have flocked to the Gulf Coast for decades, creating a huge swath of vulnerability right at a time when climate change makes living in the region more unsafe. It’s very dangerous what they’re doing actually. Yessenia Funes is climate editor at Atmos Magazine. But not only that — the heavy rainfall, and also the southerly flow that comes out of the Gulf of Mexico, piles up that water. And we could fix the problem very quickly, but they have to call us, and they have to — we have to respond to their call. Hurricane Ike is one that is being brought up because of some similarities with how Laura is looking. That data gets into the models; it really helps us here at the Hurricane Center with our watches and warnings and the forecast. As it’s currently forecasted, Laura will only set people living there back further. This is where we stopped on our journey to Cameron because of downed power lines. We had virtually no incident. Earther: My understanding is that with Port Arthur, the situation becomes even more drastic due to the oil and gas infrastructure in the city. It is a long history of not investing in preparedness. Sep 7, 2017 - Explore Erin Chriswell's board "Hurricane Humor", followed by 160 people on Pinterest. — 600,000 households and businesses that lost power in Texas and Louisiana, in particular. MR. BIBO: Next slide. Montano: Hahah. I don’t think that’s a good thing for sports or for the country. Trump said about the damage from Hurricane Laura in Lake Charles, Louisiana, and in Orange, Texas, during his tour of the aftermath in both cities. We’re on a “V.” It could even be a super “V.” We set a record last quarter on jobs., The first picture is from the day Hurricane Laura hit.

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