Checking on Fledge’s Progress (Optional) 4. However, Kukiel's mother, Wryna, believes she is missing or kidnapped, and asks Link to find her. If you try to return the bug during the day, Beedle will ask you to wait until evening to speak with him. Learn about the problem and agree to help., Pages using DynamicPageList parser function. When you tell him about Cawlin’s letter, he realizes that he loves Karane and asks you to return to Karane and find out her decision. If you visit Fledge in his room at night, you will embarrass him by catching him in the middle of his secret workout routine. Isn't that a fun game...? You can buy a Stamina Potion from the Potion Shop inside the Bazaar on Skyloft for 50 rupees. North of the Bazaar there is a wooden walkway. DemonSpoiler: Human/(possibly Hylian) All the GratitudeCrystals that you collected helpedhim turn from a demon into a human.But he still has an innocent heart,which endears him to children. I beg of you... don't hurt me! Climb up to the roof of the Knight Academy and aim your Clawshots under the roof of the chimney. Fun Fun Island Mini-game Instead, you’ll need to engage in a fun little mini-game that you can use to farm this upgrade currency, so to speak. [4] Immediately Batreaux explains that he would never dream of harming the citizens of Skyloft, but in fact wants to befriend them. Completing this sidequest unlocks the Pumpkin Pull mini-game. This sidequest cannot be started until you have found Kukiel and met Batreaux. The plant-life that you need is actually a Kikwi. If you look up, you’ll find a floating island with some vines hanging from it. Inside, you’ll find Kukiel safely at home. Cawlin will specifically tell you not to give the letter to the spirit inside the restroom. You can meet him for the first time during the Lost Child Side Quest. I liked his flappy bat wings... Oh, right... Silly me. She lives in the house next to the bridge in Skyloft. We were just playing the scream-as-loud-as-you-can game! Before she flies back to Skyloft, Orielle will thank you and you will receive 5 Gratitude Crystals. When you speak with Sparrot, he is initially depressed about the broken crystal ball. Ask Fi to call Scrapper to take the Fun Fun Wheel back to the skies. Call Scrapper to pick up Oolo and return to Skyloft. Guld is on top of a platform that can only be reached by jumping directly on top of it. You can retrieve it with the Beetle. Affiliation(s) Then, head down the hall towards the restroom. If your Adventure Pouch is full, you can deposit an item in the Item Check or purchase an additional spot from Beedle’s Air Shop. This sidequest cannot be started until you have found Kukiel and agreed to help Batreaux. Enter the house and fight the monster, who's not a monster by the way. (Optional) Use the Gust Bellows to blow away the dust and reveal the missing rattle. I've gotten ahead of myself! Fledge will thank you one more time, and you will receive five Gratitude Crystals. You can then sneak into Zelda room where you will find a Gratitude Crystal. The island is near both Fun Fun Island and the entrance to the Lanayru Province. When you reach the entrance to the caves, you’ll have to jump down to the lower levels. Speak with Owlan and receive your reward. Receive your reward from Parrow. Learning the Problem (Optional) 3. I've been looking everywhere, but I can't find her! [5] However, most citizens are frightened by his monstrous form, so he wishes to become Human. Agree to help find someone for the job. You’ll need to have a Bug Net to finish this sidequest. It seems that when humans make other humans happy, the happy humans produce a substance known as a. He room is next door to your room. When you visit Fledge at night, you will find that he is struggling again because he has run out of Stamina Potion. You will need the Clawshots to complete this sidequest. [6] Kukiel seems to be the only citizen that is unaffected by Batreaux's menacing appearance, and in fact likes his "flappy bat wings", affectionately calling him "Uncle Bats". You’ll also need to be fairly good at catching bugs and have at least basic knowledge of where each type of bug usually lives. It’s also a great idea to have it upgraded to the Big Bug Net. Agree to give it to him and he will thank you and gulp it down. Agree to help find a new crystal ball. His name is Batreaux, and he is a kind-hearted person. Another possibility is that he did not completely become a mortal and/or actually became a mortal/demon hybrid (or became mostly a mortal but retained some of his demonic heritage). You’ll have to use a geyser to reach the entrance. Before you Begin… Karane is flattered, but is curious what Pipit would think. 1. Dodoh will fire you out of a cannon and you must fall through various rings and land on a spinning wheel at the bottom. You must have already learned a portion of the Song of the Hero from Eldin. An upgraded Beetle can reach the island from the ground near the Waterfall Cave, but it will crash almost as soon as it reaches the island. Pumpkin Pull is a timed mini-game where Fledge will throw pumpkins into the air for you to shoot with your Bow. Once you have it, return to Bertie. Follow the walkway and you’ll find a Gratitude Crystal hidden along the wall. If you succeed, Strich will give you the rare beetle. … Push the gravestone. After cleaning Pipit’s house, visit on a different night to witness an argument between Pipit and his mother. Agree to help find the missing child. You can either deliver the letter to Karane or give the paper to the spirit in the restroom. If you ask the people in Skyloft, you’ll learn that Kukiel was seen playing near the graveyard. You must also have repaired the Ancient Robot, Scrapper. Owlan will promise to take good care of the Kikwi, and you will receive 5 Gratitude Crystals. This begins an extensive side quests that is tied to all of the others. It is a run down shack built on a wooden platform underneath Skyloft which can be accessed via a ladder inside the Graveyard's shed. Huh? Speak to a man in the Bazaar about Sparrot’s disappearance. Let go and fall down into a room above the Bath… You must have the Gust Bellows and the Clawshots. The game is the same as his expert bug catching game that normally costs 50 rupees. None of the rewards are required to complete the game, but you will find them very valuable (especially the larger wallets!). There's no denying that when I was a demon, I must have radiated a fiendish power into my surroundings. If Acheman are members of the Demon race, it is possible that Batreaux is ether an Acheman (when he was still a demon) or that the Achemen sub-species descended from him (being either the demonic offspring of his descendants or descended from any demonic children Batreaux may have fathered while he was still a demon). For helping Kina, you will receive 5 Gratitude Crystals. After giving him all 80 Crystals, he becomes human and can be found in the Bazaar during the day, and on the bridge at night. Visit the Earth Temple and find the crystal ball. 3. You are looking for Guld, the leader of the Mogmas. Climb the vines and follow the path at the top of them to find the Fun Fun Wheel. When you leave your room, you’ll find Cawlin in the hallway. Use your Clawshots to climb up the chimney on the roof of the Knight Academy.

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