Hit the beach or the mountains and fill their time with nothing but distraction and good times. Help her get out of the house and have some fun - but don't push her into anything. So here are tips on how to cheer someone up and make someone’s day better in a meaningful way. It helps remind people that their story is still unfinished and there’s so much life to live in the meantime. Joan Marie believes that young people need to give each other empowerment statements more frequently. Asking permission before you insert yourself into their bad day is necessary. So if you have a chance to cheer someone up, give them a hug. If someone is down, they just need to know that people care and love them. Do you know why they're sad? If they don’t seem interested in talking about their problems, try to distract them with a funny joke or a small gift, or just go somewhere with them to take their mind off of their troubles. No, seriously, someone who is unhappy can bring an entire room down. Invite your friend over for an afternoon of self-care. You can lend support just by sharing your presence. Sometimes, being there for your friend is all they need. Many individuals often report having trouble asking for help when depressed. So aim to help them reimagine a new and brighter future. Nothing takes someone’s mind off their misery more than a funny movie. You can tell people you love them in a million ways. All you can really do at this time is love them in a million different ways so that they don’t feel alone in their struggles. Maybe you’re a straight boss who knows how to work a fishtail braid. No? Have you ever hugged someone until they laughed? Be sure to offer the person you're comforting one option, and make sure they understand that they have other options. Hope you have a sweet weekend.” You can personalize the gift to the person, but a delicious treat is always appreciated. The card and physical notes are an underrated age-old art. Help your friend think of someone who has caused them harm and then “work on sending them good wishes, thoughts and vibes,” says Dr. Stair. They will be lucky to have a friend like you alerting their parents or another adult about their difficulties so that they can begin their treatment and recovery," says Dr. Watts. There may not always be something you can do to help, but if you can offer your assistance in any way, your loved one will feel better automatically. (If they are ok with it). It doesn't have to be to a club or bar. Sing at the tops of your voice. Men and women approach problems differently. Even if they say they just want to stay home alone, insert yourself. "When people are going through a tough time, they don’t have much of an appetite, and get less sleep. If there are no extenuating circumstances, then take some time and let your friend work through things themself. "Staying active in general can help stave off depression, as you are more likely to engage with friends and have more social networks the more active you are. Follow up with messages reminding them that you care and have their back. Surprise Them With A Gift. © 2020 LovePanky.com Privacy Policy | Terms of Service | About Us | Write for Us | Contact Us. Devoting your time is sometimes all someone needs to be cheered up and not feel so alone.

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+ How we made $200K with 4M downloads.

How we made $200K with 4M downloads.