Parsley Plumcot Fennel Carrot Watermelon. Provides protection against many of the most common fungal and bacterial garden diseases (see label). If you prefer, you can change it below, For support with Residential applications of Roundup, please contact Scotts at 1-888-270-3714. Collards Sorry we cannot determine your location. Bacteria blight If you’ve got questions, we’ve got answers. Serenade OPTI has a unique mode of action and fungicide group (Group 44), which makes it very difficult for diseases to develop resistance. Cucumber Try modifying your search terms. 1-888-283-6847. Dock Lentils Quebec Gooseberry (38 L/ac. Lettuce To accurately serve you better, please choose your province below. Oriental radish Chokecherry By clicking below, this sales rep will be remembered on this website as your preferred contact. Ensure incorporation into the seed zone within 24 hours of applications with rain or overhead irrigation. Reset Search Terms, Or call our Toll-Free Helpdesk Eggplant Nunavut Prince Edward Island Nectarines Your continued use of our site after that date means that you agree with the updated Cookie Settings. Bearberry Radish Strawberries A broad spectrum biofungicide, Serenade Garden contains a patented strain of Bacillus subtilis. 1-888-283-6847. This buildup is easily cleaned with water. Reset Search Terms, Or call our Toll-Free Helpdesk Saskatchewan Huckleberry Bayberry Serenade OPTI works best when used in a program approach with other chemistries throughout the growing season to decrease the chance of resistance for all products on that particular crop. Protects a variety of crops including potatoes, blueberries, leafy vegetables, pome fruit and many other fruit and vegetable crops, Unique mode of action (FRAC Group 44) makes for the best defense against the development of resistance, Is exempt from tolerances (no MRL or residue concerns), so you can sell your crops into even the most restrictive markets, Tanks should be sprayed out within 24 hours of mixing, Pre-harvest interval – Serenade® OPTI can be sprayed up to and including the day of harvest. Applications may be repeated at 21-28 day intervals to enhance preventative treatments. Garlic We have updated our Privacy Statement. Asparagus Swiss chard Orach Garden beet Pink rot Tank mixing – there are no registered tank mixes; however, Serenade OPTI is compatible with all most crop protection products. Applied at planting or through chemigation, Serenade ASO quickly builds a disease-protection zone around the seed or transplant. Based on your location, this is the Bayer representative we recommended for you. Find out how to get the most out of your crop and the most out of your money. Cabbage Saskatoon berry Overhead irrigation: Apply with irrigation water, ensuring uniform coverage of the soil and incorporation of product into the seed zone, Surface drip irrigation: Apply product with the first irrigation after planting, Apply the finished spray mixture at the optimum rate to thoroughly soak the growing media through the root zone, or as a drench or directed spray using sufficient water to soak the root zone. A jar test should be used to verify compatibility. Frog eye leaf spot Peas Serenade ® ASO fungicide is a powerful tool designed to protect against the effects of soil and foliar bacterial and fungal diseases. // 2019 Serenade Opti Multicrop Technical Bulletin. Chinese broccoli Arugula QST 713 strain of dried Bacillus subtilis Group 44, Helps activate a plant’s natural defense mechanism, improving root colonization and increasing plant growth, Unique mode of action (FRAC Group 44) makes for the best defense against the development of resistance, Easily tank-mixed with other products and applied through existing equipment, Application flexibility – can be applied both in-furrow and soil drench, May be applied up to and including the day of harvest. New Brunswick To accurately serve you better, please choose your province. Celeriac Celtuce Ground cherry Pumpkin Apple scab Sea buckthorn Beans Okra Broccoli raab Sclerotinia white mould Find out how to get the most out of your crop and the most out of your money. Parsnip Canteloupe Mummy berry Apply as an in-furrow spray with the appropriate amount of water per acre for the crop at planting. The multiple sites of action not only create an effective fungicide, but also make it very difficult for diseases to develop resistance. Apply the finished spray mixture to the soil as a drench, spray, or drip irrigation, directing it towards the base of the plant to optimize efficacy. Kohlrabi Cauliflower These updates include information about how we may handle the personal data we collect and information about cookies, interest-based advertising, analytics, and personalization features on our site. Pin rot Serenade® Opti is a fungicide and bactericide that works in three different ways to fight disease-causing pathogens. Apples Gherkin Stopping harmful spores from germinating, it disrupts the cell membrane growth and inhibits attachment of the pathogen to the leaf. Edible gourd Mustard spinach Highbush Blueberries White rust, Alberta Blossom Blight Mustard ), chickpea, lentil and pea (all types), Lowbush blueberry (See also Berries and Small Fruit), Pome Fruits (Crop Group 11):Apple, crabapple, loquat, mayhaw, pear, Oriental pear, quince and non-bearing pome fruit trees, Silver scurf (post harvest for storage disease suppression), Root Tuber Vegetables (Crop Group 1):Garden beet, sugar beet, carrot, celeriac, chervil, chicory, ginseng, horseradish, turnip-rooted parsley, parsnip, potato, radish, Oriental radish, rutabaga, salsify, sweet potato and turnip, Stone Fruits (Crop Group 12):Apricot, cherry, nectarine, peach, plum, plumcot and prune, Tomatoes, peppers (See also Fruiting Vegetables). Broadcast or band: Apply as a 15 cm band over the top of the seed row or as a broadcast spray after planting. Rape greens Serenade OPTI SDS, Minimum recommended water volumes of 10 US gal/ac. When using spray nozzle screens finer than 50 mesh, monitor for potential product buildup. Bacterial Spot Dandelion Get more from your crop and your investment with Bayer PLUS. Serenade® OPTI biological fungicide aids in the suppression of early blight and white mould in potatoes and powdery mildew, botrytis and bacterial diseases in many fruit and vegetable crops including bulb vegetables (Crop Group 3), leafy vegetables (Crop Group 4), cole crops (Crop Group 5), cucurbit vegetables (Crop Group 9), fruiting vegetables (Crop Group 8) and bushberries and caneberries (Crop Group 13). The beneficial bacteria in Serenade SOIL act as small factories, releasing important secondary metabolites that: Suppress soil diseases with lipopeptides that tear holes in fungal cell membranes, yet are extremely safe for plants, Release anti-bacterial compounds that target bacterial cell walls. Fights fungal and bacterial diseases and can be an effective addition to an integrated disease management program, Uses multiple sites of action to target the disease, providing control and reducing the likelihood of resistance, Four-hour re-entry interval and a zero-day pre-harvest interval make Serenade Opti an excellent tool for late-season disease problems, right up to and including the day of harvest, Exempt from the requirements of residue tolerance for export, Compatible with registered products including copper, sulfur, micronutrients, insecticides and fungicides, Protect Your Almonds Against Nematodes with Velum One, Protect Your Potatoes Against Nematodes with Velum Prime. Endive To accurately serve you better, please choose your province. Ontario Kale We simply add the liquid concentrate fungicide to our water and drench the plants that have a problem. Nunavut Ontario Cress When applying as a spray (e.g., via hydraulic nozzles at low volumes), it is important to irrigate in order to move the material into the seed, root or transplant zone. Turnip-rooted parsley Nova Scotia Prince Edward Island Chickpeas Potatoes If you prefer, you can change it below, For support with Residential applications of Roundup, please contact Scotts at 1-888-270-3714. Soil-borne rhizoctonia: 4.7-9.35 L/ha (1.9-3.8 L/ac. Botrytis grey mould An online portal for our retail partners. ), Group 44 fungicide – QST 713 strain of dried. Mulberry If you’ve got questions, we’ve got answers. British Columbia Botrytis pod rot Shallots Contact your local Bayer sales representative for more information, Oilseed crops – Rapeseed subgroup(Crop Group 20A), Berries (Crop Group 13):Bayberry, bearberry, blackberry, highbush and lowbush blueberry, chokecherry, currant, elderberry, gooseberry, huckleberry, lingonberry, loganberry, mulberry, pincherry, raspberry, salal, Saskatoon berry, sea buckthorn and wild raspberry, Berries and Small Fruit (Crop Group 13-07):Blackberry or raspberry, highbush blueberry, elderberry or mulberry, grape, strawberry and fuzzy kiwifruit, Brassica Leafy Vegetables (Crop Group 5):Broccoli, Chinese broccoli, broccoli raab, Brussels sprouts, cabbage (all types), cauliflower, cavalo broccoli, collards, kale, kohlrabi, mizuna, mustard greens, mustard spinach and rape greens, Bulb Vegetables (Crop Group 3):Onions (all types), garlic (all types), leeks, shallots and chives, Cucurbit Vegetables (Crop Group 9):Canteloupe, Chinese waxgourd, cucumber, gherkin, edible gourd, melon, muskmelon, pumpkin, squash and watermelon, Fruiting Vegetables (Crop Group 8):Eggplant, ground cherry, okra, pepino, peppers (all varieties), tomatillo and tomatoes, Sour rot (a complex of various pathogens), Highbush blueberry (See also Berries and Small Fruit), Leafy Vegetables (Crop Group 4):Amaranth, arugula, Chinese celery, celtuce, chervil, corn salad, cress, dandelion, dock, endive, fennel, lettuce, orach, parsley, radicchio and swiss chard, Legume Vegetables (Crop Group 6):Bean (Lupinus spp., Phaseolus spp., and Vigna spp.

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+ How we made $200K with 4M downloads.

How we made $200K with 4M downloads.