Offers 2x zoom. A Vietnam war vet, still seen in action today. This SMG's smaller rounds help reduce its recoil. Sniper Rifle: SR-1 The idea is to find the Predator, kill him and earn rewards. A short barrel Czech assault rifle. Destroy eastern cocaine cache Folded for mobility, but gives less stability while aiming. Extranjeros camouflaged skin for the Vektor R4. Meet Bowman Related quests: The Money Truck. Eastern Precinct Rail-mounted laser sight. Related quests: Mojocoyo's Boss. .45ACP Magazine (25) Itacua Echo Sniper Rifle: MK14 So now that its sequel, Breakpoint, is out we couldn’t wait to jump in and do some rough calculations to see how it compares. Related quests: The Prototype. Weapon compatibility: Submachine Gun, Shotgun, Assault Rifle, Light Machine Gun, Scope: G28 Related quests: Energy Drinks. Submachine Gun: PSG Investigate El Cerebro's secret project Assault Rifle: ACR The Extranjeros customized Serbu BFG. Weapon compatibility: Assault Rifle, Muzzle: Compensator 15% damage reduction. Light Machine Gun: Stoner LMG A1 Northern Precinct Assault Rifle: TAR-21 Stock: Folded Buttstock Related quests: El Yayo. Interrogate DJ Perico's former bodyguard An insane rate of fire in a subcompact package. Head over there and look for the Predator's trail marked in green blood. There's a set of skull, bodies hanging from the trees, and finally the Predator's spaceship. Below you will find some information about the points of interest located on Bolivia, Fallen Ghosts map. IDF's standard issue rifle, ideal for urban combat. To activate this final Tower Cast mission, you must first complete the previous three Tower Cast missions. Locate the rebel lieutenant - Complete all Sabotage side missions. - Intel Gathering mission (Western Precinct). Weapon compatibility: Submachine Gun, Shotgun, Assault Rifle, Light Machine Gun, Scope: Micro T-1 & G33 Weapon compatibility: Sniper Rifle, Rail: Range Finder Related quests: El Wey. Related quests: El Polito's Sports Car. Locate the second oil derrick The classic, Russian semi-automatic sniper rifle. Reach Unidad's HQ in Flor de Oro Locate the promo truck without being detected Related quests: The Refinery Chief. - Complete all Save the Rebel VIP side missions. Extranjeros MDR Weapon compatibility: Sniper Rifle, Magazine: Extended (200) Weapon compatibility: Submachine Gun, Shotgun, Assault Rifle, Sniper Rifle, Light Machine Gun, Underbarrel: Foregrip V3 Related quests: El Comandante. Locate Chuwi and Rosa Assault Rifle PSG-1 Mercenary, Sniper Rifle - Ubisoft Club Reward, 30U. Shotgun: SASG-12 Bolivia, Fallen Ghosts - This is an interactive map of north-eastern part of Bolivia, the virtual game world available in Fallen Ghosts DLC for Ghost Recon: Wildlands. Sniper Rifle: HTI Submachine Gun: 9mm C1 15% efficiency increase. The Bizon, a veteran of the Caucasus. Santa Blanca customized version of the P227. Reach Culta village Weapon compatibility: Assault Rifle, Rail: ATPIAL Laser Sight The Ghost Recon Wildlands predator location has proven to be tricky to find for some players since the new DLC landed, but we'll show you exactly where to find him. And if Moa island really is the DLC chapter many fans believe it to be, that would make Breakpoint substantially larger than its predecessor. Sniper Rifle: SR25 Submachine Gun: Scorpion EVO 3 GhostReconGame YouTube. Weapon compatibility: Submachine Gun, Barrel: Short Barrel Increases muzzle velocity. Welcome to my Interactive Map for Ghost Recon: Wildlands. MK14 Occult, Sniper Rifle - Santa Blanca customized version of the MK14. The weapon of choice for counter-sniper operations. The most beautiful and dangerous place on earth. An LMG that dishes out heaps of damage. Bolivia Search the communications outpost Weapon compatibility: Assault Rifle, Scope: EXPS3 Related quests: Save the Rebel VIP. Home » Features » Ghost Recon Breakpoint Map Size; Here’s How It Compares to Wildlands. Reduces recoil, but impacts pivoting mobility. Rectangles appear in two types depending on your zoom level: the smaller rectangles (max zoom) are 3 x 1.5 km and the larger rectangles (regular map view) are four smaller ones combined, which works out to 4.5 km2 and 18 km2 respectively. Assault Rifle Rail-mounted laser sight. Assault Rifle: L85A2 This rifle fired the longest confirmed sniper kill. Assault Rifle: AUG A3 Interrogate Hernando Improves your mobility. Kill Lieutenant Bento Related quests: Media Luna Investigation. It is incompatible with suppressors. Reach the RV Because Aroa’s islands don’t always take up entire grids and several parts of the maps are essentially inlets and fjords, I’ve had to make up a rule about what I consider “playable” and what is just empty space. Range Related quests: Gold Rush South. Assault Rifle: 805 Bren A2 Weapon compatibility: Sniper Rifle, Stock: Folded Buttstock Born Leader He travels by car. Antonio Related quests: Carzita's VIP List. Weapon compatibility: Handgun, Magazine: Extended (30) All content © 2015. Handgun: P12 Light Machine Gun: 6P41 This is an interactive map of north-eastern part of Bolivia, the virtual game world available in Fallen Ghosts DLC for Ghost Recon: Wildlands. Locate the prison 7.62x51 NATO Magazine (20) Related quests: The Journalist. Sniper Rifle: M40A5 The standard issue pistol of the US Army. HK4.6x30 Magazine (30) Santa Muerte customized version of the HTI. Eastern Precinct (Mole) Here’s another interactive Wildlands map, this time from Swiss Game Guides. Weapon compatibility: Submachine Gun, Magazine: Extended (30) Locate the northern gold cache Assault Rifle: R5 RGP Related quests: El Pulpo's Right-Hand Man. Weapon compatibility: Light Machine Gun, Rail: Laser 3Dot 10 x Weapon Case; 17 x Skill Point; 4 x Headhunter Side Mission; 4 x Extranjeros Mole; 4 x Sabotage Side Mission; 4 x Save the Rebel VIP Side Mission; 4 x Tower Cast Side Mission; 15 x Rally Point; Bolivia, Narco Road Capture the Santa Blanca chemist A gun built to defy harsh conditions. A lovechild of the AR and AK platforms. Kantuta Mansion Related quests: Train Graveyard. Paraiso Casino Related quests: Nidia Flores. Reach the Tucan Unidad base Locate Baro's daughter Weapon compatibility: Shotgun, Magazine: Large (50) Weapon compatibility: Handgun, Magazine: Extended (20) Related quests: El Polito's Sports Car. A full-auto assault rifle, used by U.S. spec ops. Swap the reticle while aiming.

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How we made $200K with 4M downloads.