Nevertheless, it was one of the few successes the French enjoyed while suffering defeats elsewhere across the country. In March 1925 he published an essay on the use of tactics according to circumstances, a deliberate gesture in defiance of Moyrand. The following day General Eisenhower gave his de facto blessing with a visit to the General in Paris. [65] That day, with three tank battalions assembled, less than a third of his paper strength, he was summoned to headquarters and told to attack to gain time for General Robert Touchon's Sixth Army to redeploy from the Maginot Line to the Aisne. "It is not the least of the paradoxes of our country's history that we unanimously celebrate the memory of the great man even though his legitimacy was disputed throughout his whole existence," he said. outside the integrated military command. "[279] In April 1961, when four rebel generals seized power in Algeria, he "did not flinch in the face of this daunting challenge", but appeared on television in his general's uniform to forbid Frenchmen to obey the rebels' orders in an "inflexible display of personal authority". The independence of Morocco and Tunisia was arranged by Mendès France and proclaimed in March 1956. It was thought that half a million men could be evacuated to French North Africa, provided the British and French navies and air forces coordinated their efforts. The Communists wanted an assembly with full constitutional powers and no time limit, whereas de Gaulle, the Socialists and the Popular Republican Movement (MRP) advocated one with a term limited to only seven months, after which the draft constitution would be submitted for another referendum.[166]. Australia's Federal Court has ruled that Charles Zentai, 88, should not be sent to Hungary to face allegations of war crimes because of his age and ill health. [86] He took off from London on a British aircraft at 18:30 on 16 June (it is unclear whether, as was later claimed, he and Churchill agreed that he would be returning soon), landing at Bordeaux at around 22:00 to be told that he was no longer a minister, as Reynaud had resigned as prime minister after the Franco-British Union had been rejected by his cabinet. Here he clashed with his instructor Colonel Moyrand by arguing for tactics based on circumstances rather than doctrine, and after an exercise in which he had played the role of commander, he refused to answer a question about supplies, replying "de minimis non curat praetor" ("a leader does not concern himself with trivia") before ordering the responsible officer to answer Moyrand. Germany was in an even worse position, but after 1948 things began to improve dramatically with the introduction of Marshall Aid—large scale American financial assistance given to help rebuild European economies and infrastructure.

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