Once your resume makes it through the applicant tracking software that weeds out 90% of candidates, you finally get to the interview phase.

But how does someone get a job at SpaceX, and what's it like to work there? A similar attitude was found at Tesla, Musk’s electric car company. Glassdoor ® is a registered trademark of Glassdoor, Inc. What You Need to Know to Ace Your Technical Interview, Materials Engineer, Starship (Heatshield), Software Engineer (Starlink Applications), 6 Hacks to Save Time During Your Job Search, 20 Awesome Companies Hiring Engineers Now, 35 Interview Questions 30-Somethings Should Be Prepared to Answer. The most useful review selected by Indeed. Would recommend to anyone with no life. Press J to jump to the feed. I.e. save. Can you start working on first shift In composite lay-up or assembly I have experience in both. There are a lot of backdoor entry points, Good news. We take the hardest shots. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Jobs at SpaceX are coveted by many. There is plenty of holidays and vacation time. With accomplishments and accolades like this, it’s no wonder that SpaceX receives heaps of applications from interested candidates every day. I loved working for Elon, because he put his money where his mouth was. Instead, Bjelde said, recruiters and hiring managers at SpaceX “seek to understand what [candidates] didn’t put on the resume, the items people tend to not want to brag about in an interview — things like what failures they experienced along the way and how they worked through them.” They also “want to figure out, what makes the person tick? (So technically, that still leaves the 50- to 80-hour window unaddressed. The work described to you in the interview may not be the work you do if you’re hired.

Since the company deals in rocket science, it’s subject to the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) which prohibits it from hiring foreign workers. But at SpaceX, Musk is “trying to move this company as fast as he possibly can.

A survey of 18 big tech employers  released in March by Seattle-based PayScale found that SpaceX employees find their jobs stressful but meaningful, with 92 percent saying the work they’re doing is making the world a better place.

Of course, if you’re going to pass a practical exam with flying colors, you need to already be a master of your craft — but it never hurts to brush up on some of the basics and most relevant skills before you receive an assignment! How can you apply statistical process control to a low volume product such as rockets?

Family healthcare is expensive, 10+ hours overtime per week, commuting is a nightmare. You'll work on cutting edge rocketry.

you wont be supprised about it xD I as European was amm asked to help Chinese girl with her visa. Become a U.S. Citizen or face the possibility of going home (may not be so bad if you have gained valued skills and abilities). In my department the workplace is fun but stressful. Then, you can expand on the details of your achievement in your cover letter, and, if all goes according to plan, your interview. Is it possible to apply for SpaceX entry level positions without posting a resume? “I distill what we’re looking for in candidates down to three items: passion, drive and talent,” Bjelde said. I am not a US citizen, I did not have my Bachelors' education in the US, I do not have a degree in aeronautical/aerospace engineering (my original degree is in Civil Engineering), but now, I am researcher at NASA. You'll be amazed at how organized and efficient this company is. It's a great company to work lot of great people for but unfortunately I now understand why turnover is so high. So he is always doing launches, trying to find new contracts and move the company fast.” Klein joked about how much he’d be working as a rocket scientist for Musk, noting he’d heard a saying that “if you don’t come to work on Saturday, don’t bother coming in on Sunday.”. Otherwise it's ripe for discussion. ), "Sometimes, you have incredibly tight schedules that you need to keep, and that just goes along with launching rockets," he continued.

That's how we'll make the fastest progress. Well, at least once you get the job, you can be sure that all of your co-workers already like you. “You’re standing on the surface of the Earth.

Get into an engineering program at a reputable university. They are paired with a mentor/manager to guide them, but ultimately they are responsible for delivering on their projects. The only thing that ties together this oddball list of jobs is a singular focus on finding the person in each field who can prove they are the one in 7 billion who is the most exceptional at executing the job. They fly you over for a one-day on-site visit in Hawthorne, CA, where you go through several one-on-one interviews. We were studying together in university at my country. You get built up assuming you're training for a career in academia, get a degree, then continue to be shunted from position to position.

I’m sorry to take the wind out of your sails but I’ve never heard of a non-American getting a job at SpaceX simply due to regulations. We as technicians perform many of the tasks of an engineer each day, but are only paid as a technician. Excellent coworkers, Relatively quick advancement oppurtunities, long breaks, Subsidized meals and beverages. Still, SpaceX currently has more than 500 open positions across all departments and locations —  this is the right time to apply. Not surprisingly, demanding work schedules create some labor pains.

Elon Musk. "If someone says something can't be done, whether it's a business decision or an engineering one, they better have Einstein and Newton backing them up. I am 34 years old and from Germany. Welcome to /r/SpaceXLounge, a place for relaxed and laid-back discussion about SpaceX! How would you optimize a beam for a torsional load. For the time being, however, you might want to try your luck at Tesla, as suffer from no such limitations. This makes the hiring bar at SpaceX incredibly high, as the company can afford to be extremely selective. I was ready for the 80 hour work weeks but to my surprise they gave me the OPTION to work 8 hours 5 days a week or more. Work culture is amazing and the people that I work with are friendly and helpful. If our grasshopper rocket is leaning to the left on decent how much variation in the gyro settings need to be offset accounting for the speed of the earth?”. If you’re going to be disagreeable with your co-workers, even your superb engineering talent won’t make up for that. Great for a job, but not great for creating a career. If you’re a fresh graduate, applying for an internship might be a better idea, as it’s much easier to get into. SpaceX can not hire you or decline to hire you if you do not try. Your goal should be to gain exposure by killing it at a major competition like Formula SAE in Michigan, where teams compete to build an open-wheel race car. Wanting to go back to school seems like it may be unobtainable. We encourage employees to pace themselves, and our managers pay close attention to whether people are driving themselves too hard for long periods. When you look the company up on Glassdoor, you might find even more challenging questions, such as: Although he leads Kickresume's team of writers, he never seems to take anything quite seriously. "Our interns play a direct role in our mission to [Mars] – and are [given] incredibly challenging projects," he said. How has SpaceX responded to the COVID-19 outbreak? It doesn't matter what it is, as long as it is challenging and flexing your engineering muscles. In my opinion, you and others should begin building European space companies to aid in bringing about a positive future for humanity in space. Pretty sure some folks will have more infos though. “People articulating the exceptional things they’ve done really helps them stand out,” Bjelde said.

I hate to say it but you need to be a US citizen to be able to work at SpaceX. I know that we have great organizations over here as well but SpaceX in particular is somehow sparking so much inspiration for groundbreaking engineering that it is and will probably remain a dream to work there.

Everyone there has no respect for one another supervisor and leads have there favorites. Check out our Talent Solutions Blog. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Make sure to take at least one astronomy course for a baseline space background. Witnessing managers and leads make fun of other employees is a unsettling feeling in the work place.

Space X is a good company. Even areas like software and launch infrastructure are protected by ITAR. Didnt take offer, was to dense to get it at that point xD shame she was nice girl xD.

It's better to pick giant, hard to achieve goals than it is to pick easy choices. worst place to work if you have experience welding. After all the hype and glamour, this place is just not a good choice for employment. What would you suggest SpaceX management do to prevent others from leaving? Getting to Mars is a long term mission so we seek to attract employees, and retain them, for the long term.". Some of the equipment is outdated and needs improvements or replacement which is left to us to perform. What is happening at the wall due to the vertical load?

This is one of the biggest myths I hear about working at SpaceX, so I always want to knock this idea down!". ", "We also have a variety of roles within SpaceX, so you can come from any background and be successful at SpaceX," he said.

Lars Blackmore (principle landing engineer at SpaceX) is British. Do you remember IT party meme?https://images-cdn.9gag.com/photo/14645_700b.jpgGuy without glasses was/is working on FH flight software. I have no clue about american ITAR regulations and stuff like that but I'm curious to know everything.

A mission to make mankind a multi-planetary species. It’ll pay off in the long run. Management is a failure.

"But we want our employees to be productive over the long term, and that means working at a pace that's sustainable. One (very direct) user hit Bjelde with a question about the company's reputation (true or not) for making employees work "50+ hours/week," as well as setting "aggressive" or even "unrealistic" goals. Some university engineering programs are extremely rigid and even electives are slim pickings. It's one of many projects that SpaceX team members are working on. I'm extremely interested in space, spaceflight engineering and SpaceX. Adaptability is key when working here. Depending on department management can be very supportive and understand of personal needs and schedule. “One of the best indicators of a candidate’s ability to perform the tasks we’re hiring them to do is to give them a practical examination of sorts,” Bjelde said. (With These 7 Tips). If anyone votes no for a candidate, he or she won’t get hired. Long days for a good cause While SpaceX has made significant advances in space technology, it currently makes money purely by launching satellites into low earth orbit and by transporting cargo to and from the International Space Station. Great to get your foot in the door, but terrible if you think you're going to retire from this company. Brian Bjelde, vice president of human resources for the company, shed a … The tool itself aligns the latches of the soft capture mechanism on the docking system so that they all latch simultaneously to the passive system on the ISS. Cookies help us deliver our Services.

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+ How we made $200K with 4M downloads.

How we made $200K with 4M downloads.