What do you think? Now at the end I think the most plausible conclusion is she has MPD and that Eve is a sneaky weasel. ilustrasi anak sedang bermain (Unsplash/Shirota Yuri). Not even to mention that rather than to just tell them whats going on and who she is, she poisons them to death for no reason instead?? I still lean towards twins, but willing to entertain the MPD theory. It’s possible that they knew the police had their suspicions and had caught on to the coffee/tea and hairstyles being different, so they had Hannah take on Eve’s coffee habit and hair down to try and prove to the police that they’re one person. It was while they were searching Richard Evonitz's apartment in South Carolina after his death that officers found evidence which linked him to previously unsolved murders in Virginia. And these two best friends both got pregnant at the same time using sperm donors and are raising their girls together. Hannah also pulled off Eve’s blonde wig she wears for performing. !…Nope…The third kicker is the last interview (7) when you have to listen very closely to what “Eve” is saying, and kicker three is that you’ve just watched someone with multiple personality disorder transform back and forth before your eyes this whole time (and one of the personas has murdered everyone they’ve ever loved)…That’s the last shocker of the story (and its awesome!!)…. She’s very chatty. ?..She admits Hannah was no longer there, so the “clever” (ridiculous) ruse they perpetrated for all those years as children was over…Now Eve tells us she was there by herself, no longer having “Hannah” to switch out with…, That in and of itself is probably the best indication that this is MPD…. I noticed how she would ask for black coffee in some interviews and tea with sugar in others. Sonam Kapoor pens her PCOS story, shares diet tips for her fans Diabetes and peanuts: Here is the right way to eat them Samsung's #FullOnFestival is almost here! Then Eve would pretend to be Hannah while Hannah got away. I also made a video of just her playing “The Twa Sisters” (The Wind and the Rain) on her guitar. Eve was “put away” back in the attic after the marriage by Hannah, who wanted to have a normal marriage with a man she loved, outside the “attic” and outside her imaginary “friend” (as she calls her herself “friend”).. This is the most obvious and straightforward explanation. I have many, many tattoos, and I can tell you if that was an 8 year old tattoo? There were also, like you mentioned, some more subtle hints throughtout the clips. Thanks for making this! Eve confuses the side that the bruise was on, as though she were looking at a reflection when she saw it on Hannah’s face. Her parents would have been overjoyed, shocked and probably falling all over themselves with love and surprise that they had another daughter all this time…Think about it…And then rather than to just come out and expose herself, she extend this whole thing into actually living in their attic as an adult unbeknowest to them?? (Someone also found an admin code that unlocks all the clips at once, but I … That part does bother me. Let's work together to keep the conversation civil. I’m willing to assume it might have been an oversight. They were poisoned with death cap mushrooms, even though her father was a mushrooms expert. backseat to “hannah” in the logistical mental functional theater of their lives, many times in the past…. Wearing wedding ring. Same with Florence. You can change your city from here. If your arms are bound by zip-ties, Kara recommended watching tutorials on TikTok which demonstrate how you can break free by biting into them. Definitely not good to read when you’re trying to go to sleep. Yummy! Help us delete comments that do not follow these guidelines by marking them offensive. Will check it out. A … Namun nyatanya hal tersebut nggak bisa dilakukan sembarangan lho Moms, ada baiknya jika Moms memperhatikan terlebih dahulu beberapa tips di bawah ini sebelum membelikan mainan untuk anak. Eva Mendes reveals the secret to her age-defying looks The 46-year-old’s fans recently said Eva Mendes looked “the same” as 15-years-ago. Hair up. The police also ask her to let them take her fingerprints and she mentions that she never had them taken before. For those who finished playing the game Her Story by Sam Barlow, you can see all the clips in order here. But I believe they’re twins, not the same person. I organized them and made a video for each interview. 2. However, Kara stressed how important it is to pick the right moment to break free. Oh the wind and the rain, The eldest one pushed the other one in To see all content on The Sun, please use the Site Map. She explains how Hannah married Simon and didn’t want to share him with Eve, but Eve eventually had an affair with him and got pregnant. So his word isn’t final — he’s not the developer. Part of me wants to watch the whole damn game again, but I don’t have time! Speaking of sales… It’s sold 100,000 copies… So we need 900,000 more to get Wind and Rain recorded. The only reason it took me hours to get to that conclusion was because I was so confused when I started the game lol. Her story goes like this: When they were born, Hannah’s umbilical cord wrapped around Eve’s throat. The detective asks her about the ticket she got back in February, six months ago. He did some serious research. "The Sun", "Sun", "Sun Online" are registered trademarks or trade names of News Group Newspapers Limited. The survivor said one of the handcuffs used to bind her had a fuzzy rim which allowed her to slide out once she felt it was safe to make an escape. Interview 3: June 27, 1994. She talks about her miscarriage and her parents dying in the same year, 1984. You're gonna want a pad of paper to take notes. Why didn’t she take Hannah’s license if she doesn’t have her own? I’ve also included summaries and the most straightforward explanations of each interview. But it’s sold a little over 100,000 now, so loooooong way to go! There’s no record of Eve’s existence, so she’s basically a ghost. I concur with the MPD explanation. Her full story and her videos are part of CDC's Tips From Former Smokers campaign. "Then there was a car chase that ended with him shooting himself.". Interview 1: June 18, 1994. But whatever the reason is, I prefer guessing and being kept in the dark to getting told the reasons. Hannah mentions Eve, calls her a childhood friend who she tried to drown at some point. To me if this was a story about two twins, it wouldn’t have half the depth or be anywhere near as good…, It’s funny. Remember also Sam said very clearly, he did not drop any intentional “Red Herrings”…Meaning if someone is getting an MPD story out of this, then that’s most likely what it is…Twins is the more obvious explanation above the surface…You ARE led down that path, but you are missing the final path he leads you down..It’s just not right out in the open to walk down if you’re not really looking for it…It’s a less mentally travelled path, and it takes some work to get to the entrance.. Now, I may be “personally” adding in the whole bit about psychopathology, BUT even if Sam didn’t intend that aspect, he wrote one of these personas as a psychopath (with a pile of dead bodies under their belt)…It’s the only explanation since MPD’s are not typically or often ever violent killers..So there has to also be another darker, much more sinister personality driver at hand as well…. Would love your thoughts, please comment. I think she knew the detectives were on to her before that and that’s why she started to sort of defend herself -to soften the blow if she indeed gets caught when she started saying that Hannah “only meant to scare him off” when she swung the mirror at Simon. Oh the dreadful wind and rain, Oh the eldest envied her sister fair All rights reserved. Thank you very much for this! Her Story is the new game from Sam Barlow, creator of Silent Hill: Shattered Memories and Aisle. And they can’t arrest Eve because she doesn’t legally exist. The Knock Code (often called the Tap Code) utilized in Her Story appears similar to a code employed by American POWs at the Hanoi Hilton prison complex during the Vietnam War. I agree on most parts of the story. If it is actually fake, or a stick on, it’s plausible to assume that when Eve takes over the reigns, not only does she don wigs, dress differently, and wear her hair differently, but she also might put on temporary tattoo’s to firm up her distinctions…If however, the tattoo is recent and new?? So if they’re hardly home, it’s a lot easier to sneak around. Then she offers to come clean with her whole story, telling about their childhood. You can watch the videos and then see my explanations/summaries below them all. Well then, it could be a decision she made impetuously as she took more control, and that’s what were being made to understand…Remember also, VERY important – we never see Hannah, nor “Eve” with or without the tattoo again..The most likely explanation is that the “8 year old tattoo” non sense is yet another lie (as she’s consistently lied, and omitted information to the police up to that point, especially as “Eve”), and as Eve represents Hannah’s more confident, wild, evil and crazy “side”, it’s a symbol that she’s taking over Hannah possibly completely now..Very plausible and fits the MPD, Psychopathic explanation very well.. 2)The Bruise: The bruise is easily explainable under this mode of explanation…The way this game is potraying MPD/DPD is that these personas actually interact, fight with, scream at, and possibly even harm each other…Which would equate to “Hannah” punching herself in the face during a fight with “Eve” (Remember “Fight Club” here)..It’s very possible the bruise was a self inflicted injury done by Hannah herself to her own face, during the “fight’ Eve later admits they had..If this is the case, we must notice very clearly that when Hannah first presents with the bruise, she is very played down, hair up, frumpy clothes, bruise readily visible, BUT not so prominent that you even really see it on first glance..You have to look hard to make sure she has a bruise at all…This said, on the next interview with her, not only have I believe 5 more days elapsed, but “Eve” is now taking over Hannah and we can see clearly she has done her hair and make up nicely, is dressed provactively, etc..So, a bruise that was already fading could easily have been covered up by Eve upon her noticing it on her face when the transformation happens with a little cover-up and make up….

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How we made $200K with 4M downloads.