I took a snapshot of it for those who can’t make it out: FYI, it doesn’t really matter if you answer SB’s question in Chit Chat as Yes or No — Yes basically takes you straight to the credits, while No lets you continue playing and watch the credits when you feel like it. The twin scenario, on the other hand, makes a lot of sense based on all the little details. Good point. I’ve read a lot about pathology and mental illness, and it’s very rare that only two personalities exist. Maybe I should start a poll. I love hearing everyone’s theories! I think it’s going to come down to analyzing the really tiny details to figure out which one it is…if there even is a clear answer. Being sick in the third interview? It is not a new tattoo. Eleanor Maybe Hannah is serving as the problem solver. I don’t think Eve really thought that she would not to get arrested, because of her absent identity. Otherwise, how do the two sisters get each other’s messages? There’s a wad of videos that cannot be found by searching. The same reason why we dont hear/see the detective asking the questions. He gives Hannah the mirror when she is dressed up as Eve, trying to tell her they are the same person; Hannah feels her system being threatened; she kills Simon to maintain the balance between the personalities. The tattoo, the oddball shifting of their drinks, wildly internally inconsistent stories of what occurred in various areas. Doug I guess he sort of buys the fast metabolism explanation? I got the chat window, but then when I log out it just rolls credits. Type “Y” for Yes and “N” for No. I’m pretty sure Hannah took over and killed her parents, and Eve knew nothing of the plan. I think she confuses herself which personality she is when talking about Oxford. I think the yellow one just indicates where in the timeline the last clip you viewed is! I thought the mirror she examined was a shattered piece of a full length mirror? I was also thinking that the parents were murdered somehow. THE FOLLOWING MIGHT BE A SPOILER SO READ AT OWN RISK: The clip where she says “What are you doing talking about Eve?” She codes: “LOVE U”. Car The tattoo, I think, must have been Simon’s way of knowing his wife was suffering from a mental illness. I think she spent a lot of time in the attic when she was young and played with her doll house and read fairy tales. The child that Florence couldn’t have. Because for me that was the best part of the game . The videos simply say ‘yes’ or ‘no’. Eve also mentions that her “reflection” would go “on adventures” while she stayed in the same place. I’ve been sleep-deprived for three days bc I was putting those videos in order. I’d love to talk to the creator of this game, would be soooo interesting to know about the ‘why’s’. Search for bruise You can also search “yes” or “no” with the quotes around them. Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window), Alter Vú – Dead Reckoning: Walkthrough Guide, Adventure Escape: Time Library: Walkthrough, Adventure and Puzzle Games on iPhone and iPad. Eve Sarah finally understood why her mother (Hannah/ Eve) did what she did. When Hannah discovered he liked Eve more, she became enraged. Something to ponder. Eve was promiscuous, caught an STD and got pretty sick from it apparently. Even with admin_unlock unlocked. @Steve – Ask yourself the question, what actual evidence do you have that Eve is the one that is pregnant? Search the video database and explore hundreds of authentic clips to discover her story in this groundbreaking narrative game. What about it all being a story made up by a very clever woman to try and get away with murder? Unfortunately, the night that Hannah poses as Eve, Simon gives Eve the exact same mirror. There is no "win" it's done when you are satified, and that may be when you watch all 100% of the videos clips. iOS may look completely different, but I’ll definitely report back on my findings. Don’t ask me who Janice is. I'll keep trying. Weird. I’m still not sure I buy that, but it does seem like a possibility. Glad I did it on my iPad then as it still freaked me the hell out. Hannah used it several days before Eve. Remarque : ce formulaire n'est à utiliser QUE pour signaler du spam, de la publicité et des messages problématiques (harcèlement, agressivité, grossièretés). I’m not trying to argue with what you believe happened. Warning: This guide has spoilers for the game Her Story. ***See my interviews with Sam Barlow and Viva Seifert here.***. That did it for me. Notice that at the time Hannah became pregnant, Eve worried about their becoming separate people. I think the yellow one indicates the clip you just watched, not a missing clip. Also, the watch thing, I guess, was just to buy them time while they figured out how to get away with the murder? I can imagine that the rehearsed statement was from reading their diary. I think in the beginning, when they were younger, they WERE twins and at some point the “evil” twin actually DID kill the other and took on the persona of Hannah (the shy one), the trauma of this brought the dissociative personality disorder to surface. Haha no worries! So she killed Simon and Eve jumped in to help her get away. And chit chat. I’m not sure about the signaling between hands. The further you go on this page, the more spoilers you’ll see! I thought the knock code sequence where she has her head down (interview 4) might be evidence to support multiple personalities. For me, the weird part is when she’s living in the attic after Hannah already moved out. But I still feel like I don’t even know what she’s supposed to be trying to understand. Or do you just keep looking at the clips? Even when she saw Hannah from across the road as her ‘reflection’, this was so amazing for her and she needed her in her life. Good to know — thanks! And Hannah wasn’t home to stop Eve, so she blames herself a bit for their death. This game provides too much symbolism with regards to mirrors and reflections for me to believe it’s a mere coincidence. It did disappear. Same thing? She said the police never checked the attic. I was obiously not processing 1980’s thinking it was 1800’s! She wanted to protect the only significant thing in her life. 1. While I’m on the multi-personality side of the fence, there is another differentiator that’s woven into the story; tea (with sugar), which is strongly linked to Hannah, and coffee, which is preferred by Eve. I did contemplate Hannah being a bit psycho and believing she was two people. Fortunately for Hannah, Eve and Hannah tried to be the same in every way possible, so she actually does know how to play (but she’s not as good as Eve, remember Eve plays professionally). Eve loved Hannah, probably knew what Hannah would have named her baby, which was Sarah. However, I think Hannah also knew Eve could get her into some trouble. Officially, she died at birth and was raised in secret, so there would be no birth certificate for her. Bruises do not vanish after only two days; she clearly had simply lost track in the myriad of details they had to keep. Ouch! I’ve posted some of my thoughts on the plot below all the tips so as to not spoil it for those who haven’t completed it yet. Hannah could have killed her. good night..”, When I reverse the code I get FUQMANNAN instead, so…. Another thing that was said in passing that I feel is significant was the cat door. It looks like it’s got a nasty film on it. Maybe just a bit more info about Sarah and her life. Do you want me to get you another?” Easiest thing to slip an emetic into your own drink. She may of even have been raised by Hannah. Oh she does talk an awful lot about falling asleep on the car trip. I’m still thinking split personality. She didn’t even realise it was her birthday until she saw her ‘reflection’ wearing a birthday hat. Consider this, hannah has a bruise on her left cheeck, but when she looks into the mirror (i suppose this is the way she imagine Eve to be, ever since she was young) the image in the mirror, who is actually Eve, will have a bruise on her right cheek. Did Hannah sneak entire meals up to the attic three times a day? But on my iPad, the list glitched out after a while and went black so I couldn’t see my search (query) history. Before watching everything in order, I thought it might be split personalities, but after watching it all in order, I think the twins thing makes more sense. Ahh I played on iOS. That may be reaching, but this story is crazy. Hannah and Eve are two clever, clever women. I tried to decipher the knock codes and I think I might have succeeded. Especially at night haha its not scary, just creeps me out and makes me walk around with the lights on. I do like the split personality theory and eve nthe clever woman idea, but it just seems too wildly implausible for a single person to have been able to put in this level of effort while making mistakes in so many places two people coordinating would likely make mistakes and one person never would.

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+ How we made $200K with 4M downloads.

How we made $200K with 4M downloads.