Hashem created the Heavens and the Earth through the use of letters. Ghimel includes the opposites of both giving and receiving, and reward and punishment, creating balance and motion between these opposites. It has no mass or density, time or space. Understanding the letters provides essential insight into the deeper meanings of the Torah or the Bible. It represents form. Violent words lead to violent actions. In his wonderful book In the Beginning: A Short History of the Hebrew Language, Joel Hoffman Ph.D. even states that "...most of the reading and writing that goes on in the world today can be traced back to the Hebrews' experiment with vowels.". We must empty ourselves in order to be filled. The Hebrew alphabet is not simply a collection of abstract linguistic elements, like the English alphabet is. When Dallet is in someone’s name it indicates strong will, diligence, perseverance, patience, ability to concentrate, organization, planning, building. Same for the letter, placement is important. During the Middle Ages, the Masoretes (a group of Jewish scholars) added various marks to the Hebrew alphabet, and they began the use of some Hebrew letters as vowels, which could be added to traditional consonant words as pronunciation guides. unicameral script - a script with a … Human-beings and their souls are viewed as playing an integral role in creation. Lammed, the 12th letter of the Hebrew Alphabet is the symbol of learning. By the end of just this first course, you will be familiar with the whole Hebrew alphabet and the points added in Biblical script during the Middle Ages. Note that the, One of two regular words for hand (for the other see the 11th letter). Upfront, there is considerable meaning: God is the unifying element in all of creation; God came before creation; the first things are of greatest importance to those looking for fundamental truth; wholeness/oneness is the goal of spiritual fulfillment; that which is number 1 is a priority to the human soul. The form of the Vav could also be viewed as phallic, representing male strength to contribute to and sustain new life. It represents the soul Neshama, the heavenly spark housed in the earthly container of the body. The Zayin relates to the Ohr Hozer, the returning light, which follows the path of the vav to return and then spreads out when it reaches the crown. It is composed of 3 Vavs, the 3 pillars of the tree of life. Kabbalist Samuel Avital, Gathering of the Sparks Kabbalah Seminars – 20xx to 20xx. Khof has to do with the requirement of removing the husk of the superficial to reveal the holiness within. A very big deal, and resulting in the most powerful tool of data preservation up to this common age. The shape of the Tzaddi is a Nuun with a yod riding on top it. As an example, my kabbalah teacher told a story once of his grandfather as a very old man, out in the yard of the family house, moving large rocks, clearing the land, creating a garden and planting trees. So the word SHAMAYIM has two mems one open and the other sealed. Khaf, the 11th letter of the Hebrew Alphabet, means literally the cupped palm of the hand. This is one of the most beautiful but hard-to-understand aspects of our existence. This represents the spiritual spark of the Neshama soul, contained inside the physical body. It represents the gift of life and creates the verb of being (היה Haya – being). Since the formation of the alphabet is such a feat and also because in those days nothing at all was without meaning, many people expect that the arrangement of the letters have meaning. The 10th Hebrew letter Yod is a dot or point. Kabbalists see connections between persistent concepts throughout nature and patterns in the text of the Torah as special and truth-giving. It shows us that many grains of sand are used to make one pot, many pages make up one book, many drops of water make up the ocean. Ayin is included in a great number of words associated with time (עת – time,   שעה – hours,  עתיד – future,   עבר – past,   רגע – moment, עוד – until, עד – eternity) and vision. We see that in the Hebrew verb that contains three letters, it is important where every letter is. I want to know the application and the processes how to use the letter Ayin. The infinite is contained in Teith and it brings about the finite. Fuerst also thinks it has to do with a fence, but it could equally possible be the symbol of stacking stones. The Dallet is in the shape of a bent over man, signifying the humility and receptiveness. It’s some of the best help in understanding the letters that I’ve seen. The ancient form of the letter looks like a ladder , indicating the ability to go above and beyond limitations. The Ghimel also represents reward and punishment. Hi Devorah, just wanted to say i appreciate this site. The Samekh is the container of all forms. It is a dynamic balance between opposing powers, so Ghimel is a letter of constant transformation, change and motion, and translates literally as camel, an animal we associate with motion and travel between faraway places. In a certain way, what one thinks is how one is, and what one speaks has the power to become. All letters of the Hebrew alphabet alternate with some others during the history of the language, but as we look at the meaning of personal names in the Bible, we usually don't see more … The Hebrew alphabet, the holy language of the Bible, is used for biblical Hebrew, Modern Hebrew, Jewish Aramaic, Yiddish, and Ladino. Ironically, they are also delightfully open-ended in their meaning—which means there is more to explore. Vav represents the number 6 and represents the six days of the creation of the world, as well as the six physical dimensions (right left, front and back, up and down). In addition, the presence of a dagesh (a dot placed within a letter to add emphasis) can modify the sound of a letter, essentially making one … If we take the verb to walk, HE, LAMED, KHAF (sofit) the letter HE represent the traveler, the middle letter LAMED represent the way, and the last letter KHAF the destination. Furthermore, the letter’s form is composed of 2 Yod letters (10th letter) oriented in opposite directions, divided by a Vav letter (6th). A house is a form that contains the goings on of the people inside it; a body is a form which contains the life and energy of the person. I think that את, the first and last letter of the ALPHABET represent just that. The soul is silent, bent, and humble constantly giving light but staying hidden. In Aramaic, Nuun means fish, so Nuun can be thought of as the fish that swims in the waters of the Torah, represented by Mem מ. The Israel Institute of Biblical Studies offers a 5-course curriculum that allows you go as far as you want with Biblical Hebrew; you can just learn the alphabet and some basic words and grammar as a beginner in the first course, or you can take all 5 to be a fluent expert. The world cannot continue without both, so we must balance between the two. That is: SHAM = there. Does it matter where the letter is? Heith is like a revolving gateway, a power to enter a higher level, to enter the mysteries of one’s soul, and then return to worldly consciousness. It is the constant movement, circulation, and change of life. The word there in Hebrew is “hazown,” chet + zayin + vav + nun(final). Yod is a symbol of the Holy One, the Creator, since the holy name starts with Yod. Noun. The Creator puts His Signiture on it all. According to Fuerst it means fence in, destroy. It is located at the center of the aleph-beith and represents the heart Lev לב; in kabbalah learning is mostly done with the heart and soul, not just the mind. After Beith establishes the existence of two opposites, Ghimel is the 3rd principle which arises to resolve and harmonize these opposites. It is the symbol of both the sacred Kedushah קדושה, and the profane – the Klipah קליפה, the peel, cover, or husk which represents the negativities in the world. It means to lean upon, support, uphold. As it turns out, it is what it sounds like: Hei represents the expressions “Hey” or “Behold.” The form of the letter has been compared to a person standing up with outstretched arms, as though trying to signal something very important. It represents the power of the spirit to govern and guide the matter. Heith is the letter of life חיים. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. If we can be aware of the inner guide, the Neshama, we need never fear because the Creator is always present with us. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. The Khaf also teaches us to shape ourselves- to bend the ego and shape our character. 1. Your email address will not be published. In general, all of the Israeli Institute’s courses seem to lend themselves to spiritual study simultaneous with language study. However, the strong thinker is always looking for a new way to look at the world: So, whether you believe Kabbalism reveals the truth in God-written text or whether you see it as a new metaphysical framework in which to consider existence—it is an excellent study path. The right pillar is of kindness and mercy, the left of strict justice and truth. It is translated literally as the word for learning and also staff or goad. The combination of Nun and Samekh נס Nes means miracle. To get more exposure to Hebrew alphabet meanings, symbols, consider learning Biblical Hebrew. Your email address will not be published. It is a hidden dot beyond imagination – formless, the source of all thought, beyond all thoughts, beyond time and space. Praying one day Hashem will give me a chance to land on his land Isreal .when am still a live be blessed, Hi, I am a truth seeker and a beginner in calligraphying the hebraic letters, I have worked on this letter which has 80 as a value. The Zayin is shaped like a sword and is the symbol of spirit, sustenance, and struggle. I’d like someone to help me with the word vision from Proverbs 29:18. Hei is one of the letters of the Holy Name, giving it a special significance within the Aleph-beith. We are sort of asked to express our truth as per our made to do purpose in our life? Heith indicates the ability of the human to rise and go beyond nature. As it says in Proverbs 18:21 “Life and death are in the hands of the tongue.” Because of this, the Peh represents the requirement to govern one’s own nature. Nun shows the relationship between the body, which is impermanent, and the soul, which never dies. The whole process of transformation, healing, breaking and restoring. It also creates the possibility for all duality and opposites – yes and no, hot and cold, man and woman, up and down, etc.

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