Even if a rep said don’t worry about it I’ll get it to you later, it would still be crazy for anyone to sign a contract that way. The bottom line is don’t pretend to be the knight in shining armor while pointing the finger at everyone else and then do those same things you judged others for. They charged me whatever they wanted for monthly payments; for credit and debit they charged me for everything. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. After more than five years with Heartland, our volunteer-run community non-profit with a 50k budget gets hit with a $625 PCI non-compliance fee and their reps won’t even consider mercy. I ran into that same rep this morning, who claimed that Heartland has “given $9Billion back to its merchants since the Durbin Act was enacted.” Since that just went into effect on October 1, that claim is false. Easy to read statement-ask to see sample One merchant would’ve been charged $16,000 more because neither the DM or TM knew how to price! Early termination fee was not mentioned. We now can now compete with them by introducing MSP generated/creative differentials. I’ve been using Heartland since May 2011. I can say beyond a shadow of a doubt that HPS exists as a beacon of light in a sea of scumbags,. There are so many options out there today, why hassle with this company? In this business which in NOT regulated it’s all about the details – anyone can beat “pricing” but you must be a CSI detective to ask the really important questions. Card and payroll products are leaps and bounds above the competition. I’d suggest actually calling their customer service. This list of the top 5 reasons that credit card processors decline applications will help you understand how to get approved for a high risk merchant account… Learn more in this credit card processing article. • Pricing initiatives will include merchants across our portfolio, who are processing at less than 90% of their expected volume/average ticket (as indicated on their initial merchant processing agreement). But the $125 fee is listed on a small line item on PAGE 4 !!!! They are like a bad cell phone company, 295 dollar cancellation fee but you don’t get a discount on your service and you don’t get the latest cell phone to show off to your friends. Not the least being requiring Flashplay to run? However, pricing on either of those services is not disclosed. How can I leave a personal message for him if I don’t know his name? For these reasons I give Heartland Systems a C+ and CrossCheck an F. We are a Heartland customer and I have found their customer service to be excellent. I help businesses drastically lower their processing costs with existing or new merchant account services. So we signed the contract that apparently had a 3-year term and $295 cancellation fee somewhere. As for pricing, I agree that if a merchants pricing drops GREATLY over time there may need to be adjustments made but there were a LOT of merchant who’s volume did NOT drop greatly and still their pricing was raised, some raised significantly. I have never worked for a company as moral as HPS, and it makes me proud to be employed by them. Online complaints are rarely fully accurate….so, take it with a grain of salt and do your due diligence. Most companies charge 20-30 a month, This post will help: Find and Eliminate Hidden Fees From Your Monthly Bill. In many cases the RM (sales rep) will reach into his own pocket to purchase a terminal for the merchant. Lastly you asked ” If this practice is not intended by Heartland to deceive and take advantage of naive and trusting clients, then please explain why everything isn’t included in the main part of the contract folks get to see before signing. I was having problems accessing the program and it didn’t take very long for the representative to figure out that I was using Internet Explorer 10 and that it wasn’t compatible with Heartland’s program. I was going to protest but when I pulled out the contract, there it was – tiny print of course: ” TERMINATION: “…Merchant may terminate this Agreement after one (1) year and thereafter upon sixty (60) days written notice to SPS-EFT. I would strongly recommend Heartland to any business owner. I hope you can find the correct position for you. When I canceled, because they didn’t perform as promised, he said there was a $295 cancellation fee, and waived it by giving me a choice of either signing a document saying I was closing my business, or another document stating I wasn’t going to take credit cards anymore. It sounds like you are an ISO that signed a Heartland customer and this led to your ridiculous posts. As for the aforementioned early termination fee, this seems to be a sticking point from our score being an A+ rather than an A. I can live with that, because I will personally vouch for why I think it’s a fair deal. That’s not micromanaging…that’s good business/leadership!! Where your confusion is, is that processors are NOT mandated that those reductions have to be passed down to their merchants…fact. Why doesn’t someone from the corporate office of Heartland rise to defend the company and offer to make things right, instead of depending on reps who most probably don’t have the authority to spend corporate funds? I have been with them 15 years and they have gone from the best to the worst. I believe it is. I understand the rep can waive it Karen, I was with HPS for almost 10 years, but just the fact they have it and want reps to charge it is what I have issue with. It costs Heartland a minimum of $25 in terms of Human Resources to maintain an account. They brag that they have honest upfront pricing ! I mean, come on people! Heartland asks that our character and values reflect their own. Very BAD business. How many others have a business name/location? I finally understand interchange and what my costs are for taking credit cards. The morning I emailed my rep (she had started avoiding my phone calls) I had to look for another processor, lo and behold, they approved me! I don’t have anything against online reviews/blogs/forums but lets get real, they are often a breeding ground of negativity. The sole purpose of the material presented herein is to alert, educate, and inform readers. If you want this corrected, send me your documentation, so I can go to bat for you. Very Happy with Merchant Services. Whatever the problem, Heartland always finds a way to suggest it is the customers’ own fault, or they are ignorant, or they are just liars. Most managers are great. Kenny plainly said Heartland changed his rates after he signed the contract, and then you recommended he educate himself on the subject of interchange fees, which we all know are two different things entirely. Now that is more than fair. I guess the company depends on business owners being too busy to fuss about being deceived and tricked into signing a contract they wouldn’t have signed otherwise, but that strategy obviously doesn’t work on all of us. Is Heartland not allowed to make a profit? Pricing of Heartland merchant accounts appears to vary based on a variety of factors including business needs, sales volume, and the agent setting up the account. Any time I called to dispute anything I was talked to rudely, even hung up on when I asked to speak to a supervisor. I’ve only had one issue with their payroll buit it was resolved quickly and professionaly. In the middle of the night raised our rates almost 300%. The merchant can choose to have the fees taken out daily at no additional cost. Why Fattmerchant Heartland outage chart Stay up to date Be the first to know the next time Heartland goes down. So on transparency I give Heartland a 9 on a scale of 1-10. Heartland offers payment and payroll services. Therefore he is responsible to restore your equipment to its original accessible state or supply you with a replacement terminal. Then they charged me $295 for both my accounts when I moved on to another company that actually did give me a lower price. If you would like to talk further, and see how your current company is charging you now, I am happy to help. He said he was unaware of this practice and was glad we brought it to his attention. I think that ppl out needs to know that if you have any CHARGEBACK , there will be no chance for you to dispute do to careless Heartland ppl in that department , they will leave you no time to respond or reach to you making sure you received msg, today I had to deal with 2 ppl Rhonda and Kris , both no help and totally did not help at all, looks like they just hate even talking, not say doing anything to help , the fact that they did not care to reach to me and gave me chance to dispute chargeback for service received by person disputing ( $340.00), they help system which aloud ppl to leave , disputing charges after receive svc. With this dude, as with Heartland, Fairness and transparency abide. When you have a different opinion on how you should run your business they will fire you. Do not use this merchant company… He worked a deal for me that will save me about 85 bucks a months. They said too bad we notified you on page 2 of merchant statement.

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+ How we made $200K with 4M downloads.

How we made $200K with 4M downloads.