0t�2J�2΁�xVs0fS\�$��߬&y�-�>��[�2��3��Mq����E�JU��xo����l��Zii��@�"��������BV�o�\�r�^���bV�+x�ո��ǽ�����ƨ�P��u �ˆ�M��3d *���`�-R���%�9T@� ���٭G�B-m�끬[[4$5gA����M��vw�a�M�C�G� i���7�қ ��}}��Jԅ�]�I[�' ��F�P�D&�/�u��l�-�}�M�@I\��q�(ŏ��R Please send payments to the following address (remember to include the name of your school as shown below): Your School Name c/o Educational Computer Systems, Inc. PO … Let’s not forget why ECSI is the leader in the industry. H.�Z���&?x���̆����bė5�ZA�cA���c �����XI��c(F@4|q?��F~��w�^B2��J��A� �W��� Payments are typically addressed to our bank's lockbox which processes your payment. The billing and servicing of University of Florida student loans (excluding the Federal Direct student loans described above) are administered by Heartland ECSI. Unpaid Tuition & Fees 1.888.454.6100. "�siz����!�0`�UL���W��T0�5fP��'��T�X�ð�5N��h� ��,[7Cesn�.�H�*9T�@�����b*��)����a�h/�X1Jd6�`)+�@*�@DJU�)*�T�J�S�ˋJ��M���W�0���zūf{q�V��U���,�:�. Merchant General Sales Customer Support: 888-845-9457 Genius Related Technical Support Customer Support: 800-249-3220 PAX, TransIT PASS and ISV Software Customer Support: 855-882-0507 San Rafael (Legacy Central Payment) ���N:XDk��qk��ʹ�_��V4M�6>���< �ђI�@�F��BmĖ��qE�. stream Last Reviewed. 3 0 obj Account numbers starting with: 9305, 4765, 5185, 5353 Customer Support: 800-941-6557 Account numbers starting with: 5436, 3930, 3230, 4139 Customer Support: 800-654-9256 customersupport@tsys.com Account numbers starting with: 8487, 8489, 3934 Customer Support: 800-228-2443 customersupport@tsys.com Federal Direct and PLUS Loans are serviced by various companies on behalf of the U.S. Department of Education. Tuition Payment Plans - 866.927.1438 Financial Aid Refunds - 855.250.3230 Tax Documents - 866.428.1098 Terms of Use - Privacy Statement © 2020 Heartland ECSI. You always have the option of mailing your payment directly to ECSI for processing. <>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI] >>/MediaBox[ 0 0 612 792] /Contents 4 0 R/Group<>/Tabs/S/StructParents 0>> When the borrower makes a payment by check or money order, please include the student’s UFID on the payment and make it payable to Heartland ECSI. %���� 07/31/2020: reviewed content. Search All FAQs. Learn More Tax Document Services. 4 0 obj ECSI Address. %PDF-1.5 14 Payments; 3 Personal Information; 6 Policies; 3 Popular Questions; 9 Refund; 1 Repayment; 1 Residencies; 3 Resources; 13 Scholarships & Grants; 6 Statements; 3 Support; 1 Tax Credits; 6 Third Party; 1 Tuition; 1 Tuition Assistance; 6 Tuition Reimbursement; 8 Verification; Search Finances FAQs. Full service campus-based and private loan servicing. StudentLoans.gov . If your loan is in repayment and you are unable to make payments due to the federal disaster, you may be eligible. Unpaid Tuition & Fees … National Student Loan Data System. ECSI – Providing superior technology, custom-designed solutions and world class customer service since 1972. Are You New to ECSI? Our solutions work in-sync to provide the highest quality with the most value. Answer. (352) 392-3261, Auxiliary Accounting / Educational Business Activities, General Accounting and Financial Reporting, Auxiliary Accounting/Educational Business Activities, Auxiliary Accounting & Educational Business Activities, Loan Entrance Counseling and Promissory Notes, Private Federal Health Professional Loans, To access specific loan(s) information online, visit the, NSLDS Student Access provides a centralized, integrated view of Federal Title IV loans and grant data, Heartland ECSI will send monthly statements to loan borrowers, If the borrower has any questions regarding these statements, please contact Heartland ECSI directly at 1-888-549-3274 or visit the.

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