In Defense Against the Dark Arts class, Lockhart is inappropriately upbeat, convinced that Hagrid must be guilty since he was arrested. That evening Harry experiments with the diary. Hermione took of some hair from Milicent Bulstrode’s robes and they all drank the Polyjuice potion but it did not do any good to Hermione and her face got transfigured into a cat’s face.on the other hand, Draco confessed in front of Harry and Ron that he was not the heir of Slytherin. Hagrid barges into the office to rush to Harry’s defense. So it implanted a bit of “it’s soul” inside Ginny, thus being able to control her. Ron and Harry figure that the entrance to the Chamber of Secrets could be in Moaning Myrtle’s bathroom. SparkNotes is brought to you by Barnes & Noble. Harry calls for help from Dumbledore. In history class, Hermione asks Professor Binns about the Chamber of Secrets. When they reach Hogwarts castle, they crash into a tree. How did you come by my diary?” Harry and Tom converse through the diary. help you understand the book. A summary of Part X (Section12) in J. K. Rowling's Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. Summary Read a Plot Overview of the entire book or a chapter by chapter Summary and Analysis. Dippet says that because of the recent attacks, and death of the girl, he can’t allow him to stay at Hogwarts when the term ends. Seeing that he will have to use force, Dobby decides to destroy, by the use of a charm, a large cake that Aunt Petunia (Fiona Shaw) has baked for an important dinner party attended by Vernon Dursley's (Richard Griffiths) boss and his wife. They both look shocked. Everybody in the school is alarmed. He lands  Harry into trouble by making a mess of the pudding intended for the Masons and making Vernon Dursely punish him. A dwarf dressed as Cupid catches up with Harry in between classes and tries to deliver a musical Valentine. Top 10 Safest Cities To Live In New Mexico, Win DUMB CHARADES | 60+ Tough Movie names to Keep them Guessing. On their way up Harry hears the murderous voice that he heard in Lockhart’s office again, sounding like it is moving upward. Harry politely disregards the warning, and Dobby wreaks havoc in the kitchen, infuriating the Dursleys. Justin Finch-Fletchly avoids Harry. She was thrilled, and gradually she started to make a new pocket-friend…the diary. Harry asks for help but riddle denies it and Harry dis overs that Riddle himself is the Heir of Slytherin. He is still famous, although still disliked by Snape (Alan Rickman), Draco (Tom Felton), and the rest of the Slytherins. Ron, Harry, and Lockhart slide down a secret passage in Myrtle's bathroom to underground tunnels. As Riddle raises his wand to kill Harry, Fawkes drops the diary into Harry’s lap. He relates that Hogwarts was founded over a thousand years ago by Godric Gryffindor, Helga Hufflepuff, Rowena Ravenclaw, and Salazar Slytherin. They discover scorch marks on the floor. When the day arrives to travel to Hogwarts, the Weasleys and Harry rush to King's Cross Station to catch the Hogwarts Express. The three friends barricade themselves in Moaning Myrtle’s out-of-order bathroom. He sees no means of escape. Soon after, Lockhart begins a dueling club. One night when they are walking back from the hospital, they hear Filch furious because someone has flooded the corridor where the attack took place. The attack on Justin and Nearly Headless Nick sends Hogwarts into a panic. He uses his powers as a Prefect to discipline them by taking points from Gryffindor house. When Tom leaves the room, Harry follows him. They observe part of the Sorting Ceremony through the window, in which Hogwarts students are assigned one of four houses (Gryffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff, or Ravenclaw) by wearing the Sorting Hat. “Oliver,” Harry croaked. Heroic Harry Potter battles prejudice in the second volume of Rowling's wizard series. Harry is worried about how much they will have to steal. A nervous Ginny Weasley sits with Ron and Harry at the Gryffindor table and says that she has to tell them something. After Hagrid leaves, he asks Harry if there’s anything at all he wants to tell him. Harry, Ron, and Lockhart go down the pipe, landing in a tunnel covered in small animal bones. Everyone thinks that it's him that has opened the Chamber of Secrets because that is what Slytherin was famous for. Draco picks up Riddle’s diary, thinking it’s Harry’s own. With Dumbledore gone, Hogwarts becomes even more fearful. While in Lockhart’s office he hears a venomous voice threatening to kill. The chamber of secrets was created by Salazaar Slytherin before he left Hogwarts where he kept a Basilisk which could only be commanded in Parsletongue. During the game, an enchanted ball hits Harry and causes him to lose the bones in his arm. As the attacks grow in number so does the fear amongst the students. That night Harry and Ron throw on the invisibility cloak and head to Hagrid’s cottage. My name is Tom Riddle. The next day Harry goes to look for Justin to explain that he was protecting him from the snake. "Mudbloods" (people of Muggle families) are "petrified" by an evil monster lurking in the grounds. Percy Weasley discovers them leaving the bathroom and is furious at them for breaking school rules. He confronts his archenemy Lord Voldemort while questioning his own character and ancestry. Harry attempts to escape, embarrassed. On his way to practice he answers Colin's questions about the game and how it's played. Goldman, Rebecca. Misunderstood and concerned about the well-being of his best friends Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger in addition to his classmates, including Ron's younger sister Ginny who is held hostage in the chamber, Harry perseveres to save Hogwarts from destruction despite unfair allegations about his motives and character. Surprised to see them, he starts to make tea, but is clearly flustered. Harry makes up a story that they were going to sneak into the infirmary to tell Hermione that the Mandrakes are almost ready. The student is none other than Ron’s sister, Ginny Weasley. it was a huge king snake and because if the reason that it was a snake, Harry could hear him. Gilderoy Lockhart initiates a new Dueling Club for Hogwarts students. Ron’s wand breaks. As the dueling commences, Draco fires a cure that produces a Serpent and Harry tries to control it by speaking Parsletongue .soon everybody discovers to their surprise that Harry is a largemouth.soon everyone starts believing they Harry is the Heir of Slytherin. He has never been asked to sit down by a wizard. Then, to Riddle’s delight, Harry found it. Harry puts the Sorting Hat on and asks for help. They all join hands, as Harry grips Fawke’s tail feathers. Tom addresses the boy as Rubeus and tells him that he will have to turn him in. Harry is worried about a rumor that the Slytherin team’s new broomsticks are extremely fast. Rubeus replies that it never killed anyone. ‌This year Harry is desperately waiting for the summer holidays to end because he believes and feels that Hogwarts is his home. Riddle interprets this to mean that Harry was just lucky. Harry says no, so he drops the pudding with a crash and disappears, disrupting the dinner party. Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Summary, Read the Study Guide for Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets…, ‘Life’ and ‘Death’ Upside Down in Harry Potter Series, Mythical Norms in Kindred and Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, Segregation and Prejudice in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, Harry Potter and the End of Perfect Tales: Building up to 'Goblet of Fire', Harry Potter and the Human Behind “Lord Voldemort”. At the end of his previous school year, he had come face to face with the Dark Wizard Lord Voldemort who had killed Harry’s parents. They run to the staffroom to tell this to professor McGonagall and discover that the monster had itself taken a student inside the Chamber and had left a message on the wall below the first one.

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