The engine’s a, uh, of course, a single cylinder, and the valve gear is by shaft and bevel gears. Welcome to RetroMoto. Season 7-Present produced 52 episodes each season. The tests are usually done on the strip at the former 75-80 Dragway outside of Frederick, Maryland; MotorWeek has used the facility since its premiere and continues to do so despite the closure of the track and removal of its grandstands and equipment. MATT SMITH: What’s the top speed on one of these? JOHN LAWLESS: These are the late series Manx. JOHN LAWLESS: We’re going to fire them up and do a little testing. Since then, all shooting is done outdoors in various locales. The MotorWeek team includes master technician Pat Goss who brings viewers practical advice for keeping cars on the road and out of the shop. The TZ-750 won every Daytona 200 from 1974 to 1982. Each test starts with an overview of the car’s engine and features, as well as other options that are available. FYI: Featuring an in-depth report on consumer trending. Yes, and I actually am not that old that I don’t know about slick tires on motorcycles. This portion is comprehensive, ranging from how much power the engine has to how the interior of the car is set up. The numbers are startling - 1.2…, California Bans New Fossil Fuel Vehicles & Volkswagen’s ID.4 Charging Deal, The new 2021 Volkswagen ID 4 Electric SUV will come with an added bonus for buyers…free charging! Beginning in 1983, MotorWeek launched its Drivers’ Choice Awards which are among the auto industry’s most prestigious honors. And that means that the parts that they’re made up of have…, Winter Car Prep, Direct Injection & Oil Changes, LED Lighting, & the 2020 Mercedes-AMG CLA 35, In Podcast 240, the MotorWeek crew welcomes special guest and auto parts expert, Tom Taylor to the show to discuss direct injection, LED lighting and winter car prep. While the track itself closed for competition in the early 2000s and again in the early 2010s, MotorWeek continues to have access to the drag strip and still conducts road tests there. GARY FISHER: Well, how do you like my TZ-750? It basically set the path forward for all racing motorcycle frame technology for the next 40 years. Motorshop: Rennamed to Goss' Garage. These bikes are push start only. By the end of its run, by when these were made, the Italians had already taken over with multicylinder bikes and these were sort of leftovers but they were still raced and uh, with a lot of success. That’s a single cylinder. MotorWeek has also done tests at the Ford and General Motors proving grounds in the past as well as at several famous racetracks such as Pocono Raceway in Long Pond, Pennsylvania, Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course near Lexington, Ohio, and Road Atlanta in Braselton, Georgia. MotorWeek is hosted by John Davis, who has provided over the program since it premiered on October 15, 1981. Finding MotorWeek showtimesjust got easier. First seen on the unaired pilot. Renamed to Over the Edge. A Quick Look: Featuring a quick look at new vehicles. GARY FISHER: When I first rode this motorcycle in its full blown prototype, uh  configuration, going over the, uh, start finish line, with the little piece of paint, it would spin the back wheel in top gear at a hundred seventy,  hundred and seventy five miles an hour. In the colder months, the show relocates the testing to Roebling Road Raceway in Savannah, Georgia. Hosted by Craig Singhaus. Originally airing new, thirty-minute episodes for twenty-six weeks a year, MotorWeek now airs new weekly episodes year round on PBS and Motor Trend, and internationally on the American Forces Network. While our Two Wheelin’ guy Brian Robinson is busy checking out the latest for cruising, we thought, “why not take a look back at some of the bikes that paved the way?”… and on that front, our friends at RetroMoto are more than happy to go full throttle. It’s a double overhead cam in a magnesium cam box. They post older episodes and clips onto YouTube with the Retro Review name. From the show's premiere in 1981 until 1987, MotorWeek's original theme music was composed by Don Barto. The Exotics Spot: Reviewing older vehicles. GARY FISHER: Well my pleasure, Matt. Beginning in season 29 (2009-2010), MotorWeek began broadcasting in widescreen 1080i HDTV. Welcome to RetroMoto. JOHN LAWLESS: These are the late series Manx. Now most of us think we know how to drive in the rain, but the fact is we all could use a refresher. MATT SMITH: Well thanks for showing me this bike, Gary, I really appreciate it. From Season 1-6, they produced 26 episodes each season. The change coincided with the program adding the year to its title, which became MotorWeek ‘88; MotorWeek continued to do this until 1993 when they simply began referring to the show by its normal title again. JOHN LAWLESS: With a full fairing on them, maybe 135 or 40 miles an hour. Here, tests are done to measure its zero-to-sixty time, how long it takes to traverse the quarter-mile drag strip, how the car handles a slalom course, how it handles quick turns, and how much distance it takes for the car to come to a complete stop from the speed limit. MATT SMITH: No electric start here. The unaired pilot also featured music from Mark Roumelis, but it is different than the piece he made for the 1987-1988 season. They’re a 500cc double overhead cam design; with the featherbed frame. The Drivers’ Choice Awards are unique for their consumer focus and represent the definitive list of best automotive picks in the most popular vehicle categories, including the coveted “Best of the Year” award. MotorWeek started on October 15, 1981 and is still continuing today. Reporters present timely reports on consumer trends, safety issues and the environment, along with innovative, offbeat stories on the automotive world gone extreme. With the help of Ozinga Energy, and the…. California Bans Sales of Fossil Fuel Vehicles by 2035, 2020 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Duramax Diesel. This page was last edited on 22 October 2020, at 17:05. Stomp, Stay, and Steer: John Davis teaches viewers on how to stomp, stay, and steer. The TZ-750 was the final evolution of that technology, and Gary was a member of the Yamaha international team that ruled the circuit. As mentioned above, MotorWeek conducts most of its testing on a drag strip that was known as the 75-80 Dragway (also Dragaway) in Frederick, Maryland. After the cars are put through a battery of tests, their performances are graded and the top four performing vehicles in the category are revealed in order from lowest to highest, with specific highlights such as price or fuel mileage noted. MATT SMITH: We had a chance to look at some incredible motorcycles today: the Norton Manx, the TZ-750; but it was really the Manx that paved the way for the future of production racers. There’s only a few of those in the world. First Drive: A first look at new vehicles. For these instances, the team will choose a series of vehicles, usually six, that fit into the category (for example, compact sport utility vehicles). Customers who buy or lease the electric utility will get three years of unlimited charging…, Our success story this week takes us to Connecticut's USA Waste and Recycling and an innovative way at tackling the issues of trash and a cleaner environment. One of the staples of MotorWeek is the Road Test, where the team of testers puts a new car through various conditions to see how it operates. Season 7-Present produced 52 episodes each season. In Podcast 240, the MotorWeek crew welcomes special guest and auto parts expert, Tom Taylor to the show to discuss direct injection, LED lighting and winter … Uh, they’re handmade exhaust pipes, as you see fitted with the uh, silencers. And they normally require more…, PAT GOSS: If you know anything at all about automobiles you know that over the last few years they have changed dramatically. Matter of fact, one third of the price of the bike was in the cam box so, it was a, it was a selectively fitted very precise double overhead cam engine. Its video Road Test segments focus on performance, technology, practicality and dollar value, and feature MotorWeek's exclusive energy efficient rating system which compares each vehicle’s fuel economy to the best-rated vehicle in its class. For many years, MotorWeek has conducted periodic competitive tests to determine what cars, in their opinion, are the top in a certain classification. We’re getting a chance to witness something so few people ever get a chance to hear and see anymore. They have over 1,820 episodes with road tests, comparison tests, first impressions, and more. This is one magnificent machine. GARY FISHER: It’s basically two TZ-350 Yamahas bolted together. Beginning in 1988, the show stopped using the studio and began filming all of the car display segments outdoors. Eye Spy: Featuring photographic closeups of automobiles. MATT SMITH: So are we going to fire these things up? MotorWeek Retro - YouTube Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. [1] From its inception until 1988, the program’s main segments emanated from a studio in Owings Mills, Maryland, where production is still based. Let’s start with tires. JOHN LAWLESS: That’s why they dominated for so long. These guys race their bikes all over the country. Older episodes also tested a car’s speed at 500 feet to simulate entering a highway as well as its turning diameter. These guys race their bikes all over the country. Home » Reviews » Two Wheelin' » Retro Motorcycles. MotorWeek started a Podcast on September 3, 2008. The car is then taken out onto the drag strip. Beginning with the Season 7 (1987–88), Mark Roumelis took over as music composer. MATT SMITH: Wow. The subject matter presented includes tests of cars currently on the market, along with tips on maintenance and previews of cars to come. Then the panel predicts…, CRAFTSMAN Introduces 50+ New Automotive Specialty Tools, CRAFTSMAN Tools, long popular with DIY mechanics and professional auto technicians alike, has expanded its Automotive Specialty line with the introduction of 53 new tools. When MotorWeek premiered in 1981, the show emanated from a specially designed studio which featured various car related decorations and also had room for a featured automobile to be displayed. We’re headed out to a beautiful country estate to see Dick and John, a couple of vintage bike racers, test and shake down their incredible Nortons before the next event. Road Test: 2021 Hyundai Sonata and Sonata Hybrid, Auto World: Commercial Electric Lawn Mowers, Long Term: 2019 Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV | 2020 Fiat 500X, The Mini brand has finally gone electric for real with the 2020 Mini Cooper SE. MotorWeek started on October 15, 1981 and is still continuing today. A test is also done to determine fuel economy ratings against the ones provided by the Environmental Protection Agency; to perform this, the testers use a 100-mile loop that combines city and highway driving and averages their figures. They are presented annually during the Chicago Auto Show. JOHN LAWLESS: These motorcycles were actually so well developed that they continued to be a force in the Grand Prix scene right up until 1969 was the last year; seven years after production ended. We’re headed out to a beautiful country estate to see Dick and John, a couple of vintage bike racers, test and shake down their incredible Nortons before the next event. Working with the Capital Clean…, ​Our success story this week takes us to a small city in Lake County, Indiana that’s making a heavy hauling commitment to a cleaner environment! Renamed to MotorNews, Taking the High Road: Featuring automobiles from the past and present. And, these wheels are just uh, you see how wide the wheels are to accept the big slick tires. Davis created the show for what was originally the Maryland Center for Public Broadcasting (now Maryland Public Television) and serves as its executive producer.

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