var sc_security="b7aab2bb"; Receive meanings and translations in your inbox. Who are you Lyrics and Translation ( 1- Nenokkadin... Awww tuzo mogh kortha Lyrics and Translation (1-Ne... You're My LOVE Lyrics and Translation (1-Nenokkadine). Music label: Shemaroo, सज के सजाएं बैठी

लाली पे लाली तनिक हुई जाए, पड़ोसन के घरवा जैहो

सांस में बुलाये बैठी Jagave/ Jagaave Saari Raina: Lyrics Translation [D... Jashne-Ishka Jashn-e-Ishqa Lyrics Translation [Gun... Horn OK Please Lyrics Translation [Honey Singh] Ma... Because I Love You Lyrics Translation [Jai Ho] Tum... Tere Naina Bade Kaatil Maar hi Daalenge Lyrics Tra... Ye Chhori Badi Drama Queen Hai: Lyrics Translation... Tu Chareri Dhoop Hai: Charhari/ Chareri Meaning. आजा अटरिया पे पिलाय दूं अंगूरी var sc_invisible=0; Song title: Hamari Atariya Pe बहुत कौड़ी फेंके पिया उड़ावे जहां की Your comments and suggestion to improvisation and to add some new things are welcome. ना अटरिया पे आया परवाना, कौन सा तन हाय, बारमाये रे I don't have any official information about this song, but it has been sung by a lot of singers. कहाँ गुम हुआ अंजना, ताज़ गानों की अप्डेट्स के लिए हमें सोशल मीडिया में फ़ॉलो करें ।. it was used in Ek shaam ki mulaqat by Tigmanshu dhulia broadcasted of star plus. Dil ka Mizaaj Ishqiya Lyrics Translation [Dedh Ish... Tu hi Junoon Tu hi Karaar Lyrics Translation [Dhoo... Main Radha Teri Mera Shyam Tu Lyrics Translation (... Ni Main Kamli Kamli Lyrics Translation [Dhoom 3], Hamari Atariya pe: Lyrics Translation [Dedh Ishqiya]. Begum Akhtar's rendition of this song may be the first one. देखा देखी तनिक हुई जाए, किवड़िया से लग के To top it, the song is based on an old thumri on raaga Sindhu Bhairavi. Excellent presentation! Music: Vishal Bhardwaj पल पल Pal Pal Lyrics in Hindi – Ahmad Shaad ... मुझे किसी से प्यार नहीं Mujhe Kisi Se Pyar Nahi ... आबाद बर्बाद Aabaad Barbaad Lyrics in Hindi – Ludo | Arijit Singh, सौ क़दम पे 100 KADAM PE Lyrics in Hindi – Emiway Bantai, सातों जनम Saaton Janam Lyrics in Hindi – Ishaan Khan, Shambhavi Thakur. हमरी अटरिया पे, आजा रे सांवरिया Song title: Hamari Atariya Pe Movie: Dedh Ishqiya Singer: Rekha Bharadwaj Lyrics: Gulzar Music: Vishal Bhardwaj Year: 2014 Music label: Shemaroo Hamari

तेरी आँखों में Teri Aankhon Mein Hindi Lyrics – Darshan ... सावन में Sawan Mein Lag Gayi Aag Hindi Lyrics – ... बेबी गर्ल Baby Girl Hindi Lyrics – Guru Randhawa, Dhvani ... गेंदा फूल Genda Phool Tabla Folk Mix Lyrics – Badshah. सौतन से बोली मोरी काटे जेहेरिया कसम देवे जान की what is the origin of this song? Innum Konjam Neram Lyrics English Translation [Mar... Dedh Ishqiya: Lyrics, Meanings, Translations. It brings altogether the ghazals, sufi songs, live shows and some not so popular or rare gems of melody.. One more beautiful presentation of this song is in the voice of Indian folk singer, Woh Jo Humme Tumme Karaar Tha by Begum Akhtar. Vishal Bhardwaj composes, Gulzar writes the lyrics, Rekha Bharadwaj sings, and Madhuri Dixit dances to it. Just a few things:1) Instead of "saans mein bulaye...", I am pretty sure that it's "saazindey bulaye baithi", where "saazindey" refers to musicians.2) "Sautan se boli", is actually "Sautan sappoli", which means "My rival is a female snake with a poisonous bite"... 1.Bahut kaudi phenke piya udaave jahaan ki..You blow lot of money on her, the wealth worth as a world... what language is this song written in? जेहेरी नज़रिया कहाँ गुम हुआ अंजाना

This blog is for the people who like to listen some different kind of music, and not just any music.. Every day. Very captivating, age old thumri of begum akhter came to life all over again! आजा गिलौरी, खिलाय दूं किमामी Singer: Rekha Bharadwaj पिया करे झाँका झाँकी चुटिया घुमाये बैठी If you like the blog subscribe it to get the latest updates. Year: 2014 The song "Hamri Atariya Pe" has been sung by many singers over the time.

अरे अरे दिए रे जलाए रे जलाये Lyrics: Gulzar i really like it. जोर जोरी तनिक हुई जाए, साजने लगाए बैठी जैहो ना सबरिया Great job! Hi,You have written "Kaun sa Tan hai ".I think its "Kaun Sautan hai bharmaaye re"Who is that(she) who has captured you in her image. Dil ka Diya/ Kya Hoga Lyrics Translation Loot Liya... O Sayyonara Sayyonara Lyrics and Translation (1-Ne... Na Bolun Main to Kaleja Phoonke, Jo Bol doon to Za... Zuban/ Zabaan Jale Hai Lyrics Translation [Dedh Is... Apna Kaam Banta/ Baaki Sab First Class Hai Lyrics ... Ali Ali: Highway Song [AR Rahman/ Nooran Sisters], Dhoom Machale Lyrics Translation [Dhoom 3], Bande Hain Hum Uske Song Lyrics Translation [Dhoom 3]. Movie: Dedh Ishqiya padosan ke gharva jaiho, jaiho na sabariya...I think it says:padosan ke gharva jayiho, jayiho na safariya...[I had asked you to] Go to the neighbours' place, not on a [distanced] trip.Continuing further, tell that woman to cure my poison; my poisounous sight. We have seen different renditions of this song recently in films like Satyagrah and Dedh Ishqia. Hamari Atariya pe: Lyrics Translation [Dedh Ishqiya] Hamri Atariya [ meaning] pe aaja re Sanwariya. var sc_project=6034226;

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