Skellige has lots and lots of special cards with the Brotherhood property. The best Gwent decks for beginners By Phil Iwaniuk 17 July 2017 Our guide to Gwent's basics and factions, and the best decks and card combos that will carry you to the win. This is a significant buff if you ask me. But you might be wondering now: ‘’BJ, why don’t you just netdeck FreddyBabes and play Ursine Ritual that deck is so crazy’’. Once you’ve got a row of Witchers or Mahakam Defenders use your Hawker Healers to buff the entire row. Then you could very well be a warrior, and then this deck might be the deck for you. If you find that you have no axemen in your hand you can use First Light, Birna Bran or Donar an Hindar to thin your deck and search for the card you need. The Spectral Whale he summons will allow you to deal one damage to every card on your opponent’s row and is especially effective against the Monster Faction who summons units in hordes. I hope my neighbors are not worried about me and that they won’t call the cops on me. Paired together with Crowmother and Savage Bears. The "Ermion" card can be won from the inkeep. If they happen to lock or kill one of the Svalblod Fanatics you can also play Dracoturtle next to the totem and trigger it. The Witcher 3: Blood and Wine Game Guide by 1 – The "Clan Drummond shield maiden" card can be won from the inkeep in the Cockatrice inn. If the game has selected double cards from the "brotherhood" segment for you, get rid of them before the main dealing. Rot Tosser has great synergy with other cards in this deck, especially with Yennefer: The Conjurer, Alzur’s Thunder and Black Infantry Arbalest. Whenever a Nekker is removed from the battlefield another will be pulled from your deck, so don’t be afraid to play a load of Nekkers in the first round as they’ll be back in the next. This is a 26-point play and if you happen to summon Crowmother, it’s a 30-point play. If, on the other hand, you play against decks of Nilfgaard or Scoia'tael - pick Crach. Mardroeme works really well on Armored Drakkar and Dracoturtle. If you are playing against such, it is a good idea to include decoys in your ranks. They may only have four strength, but they can be buffed with your Hawker Healers who add three strength to all non-gold units on a row. The above screenshot shows one of the best card configurations for the Skellige deck. And I considered running Harald Houndsnout since you can play the totem in between two of the three skulls. The "Skellige storm", "Wer longship" and "Young berserker" cards can be won from the barber, innkeep, armormisth and blacksmith. Decks of Northern Realms and Nilfgaard have lots of spies, which provides them an edge over the rest of the decks. All logos and images are copyrighted by their respective owners. You can check out our Meta Report to see the best and most expensive decks in the current meta.. You can now conclude that the bronze core of this deck will get you a lot of value and supports the gold core very well. Required fields are marked *. Unfortunately, this is not the best thing that can happen (exactly in the same way as in the case of monster decks). In any case, you should have Cerys, Drakkar and Kambi cards. 5 – The "Ermion" card can be won from the inkeep. It’s important to mulligan Jutta an Dimun back into your deck when it’s in your hand to enable the combo. The Skellige Axeman wounding deck is arguably one of the most dominant combos in the entire game, and if you can pull it off you’ll have a huge strength lead within a few turns.

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How we made $200K with 4M downloads.