This value is raised by 1 for every unique primary category among Scoia'tael cards in your starting deck. TEMERIA DECK, Gwent cards, Northern Realms, Northern Kingdoms, Witcher, Double Yennefer necklace The Witcher 3 - Witcher necklace, Jewelry Gifts, Woman jewelry, pictogram, Yennefer pendant, Yennefer of Vengerberg, Copyright and Intellectual Property Policy, Review how we define handmade, vintage and supplies, See a list of prohibited items and materials, remembering account, browser, and regional preferences, remembering privacy and security settings, personalized search, content, and recommendations, helping sellers understand their audience, showing relevant, targeted ads on and off Etsy. Scroll back to top Deploy: Boost an Ally by 4.

Deploy: Transform 2 allied Rowdy Dwarves into Dwarf Berserkers. I hope not but time will tell! Whenever you Swap this card, trigger its ability. 0. 10/10 , Sale Price $80.99 This seller usually responds within a few hours. Swap a card with one of your choice and boost it by 3. Deploy: Play all Blue Mountain Commandos from your Deck on the row. Whenever you play a special card, boost this unit by 1, wherever it is. Whenever an enemy moves, deal 2 damage to it. Find out more in our Cookies & Similar Technologies Policy. 2 Strength, Ranged, Dwarf, Loyal, Bronze, Common. - Gwent cards.

Whenever a Special Card is played, add 3 strength to this unit. Add 3 strength to all other non-Gold units on the row.

Take full advantage of our site features by enabling JavaScript. This article is apart of the Budget Deck series in the Ultimate Guide to Gwent. Added to the game. Whenever an enemy appears, boost self by 1.

GWENT SCOIA'TAEL deck - Elves deck - Gwent cards, But please contact me if you have problems with your order,   United States   |   English (US)   |   $ (USD). There won't be additional notes under each card regarding change of wording, unless the cards' ability was completely reworked. We’ll definitely be ordering more! Ambush: When a unit is played from either hand on your opponent's side, flip over and deal. At the end of each turn, reset all other non-Gold units on the row to base strength. 7 Strength, Siege, Dwarf, Loyal, Silver, Epic. With Harmony and Elves as traditional powerhouses in the meta, choosing Scoia’tael as your first faction is a sound choice.

Ambush: When the next non-Gold Special Card is played, cancel its effects, then destroy the strongest non-Gold unit(s) on the battlefield. My only concern is that as soon as we started shuffling the cards, some of them have started shedding little strips of paper/ink and I’m worried they’ll keep “unraveling” until there’s nothing left on them. Official cards size 59*113 mm (2,3*4,5 inches). There was a problem calculating your shipping.

Deploy: Play all Blue Mountain Commandos from your Deck. Deploy: Give Vitality to an allied unit for the number of turns equal to its Armor. Play a random Bronze or Silver Dwarf from your deck and Strengthen it by 3.

Double-sided lamination gives a little gloss and protects the card from damage and contamination.-----Attention please!

Whenever this unit moves, boost self by 2. Deploy: Play a Bronze Special card from your Deck, then Spawn a copy of it.

Looks like you already have an account! If neither player has passed, return the strongest non-Gold unit on each side of the battlefield to its owner's hand. Deal 3 damage to an enemy. Every turn, at the start of your turn, move a random Unit on another row on this side to this row. When 5 Elven allies are on the board, Summon this unit. Clear Hazards from its row and move a unit to this row on its side.

6 Strength, Agile, Elf, Loyal, Gold, Legendary. Play a random Special Card from your deck. However, your choice of leader at this point will not matter too much. Increase the boost by 1 for every special card you played this game. Gain 4 Strength whenever you play an Ambush.

Francesca, Elf, Event, Leader, Legendary. Swap a card and boost self by its base power.

2 Strength, 9 Provisions, Dryad, Gold, Legendary.

Invigorate is one of the worst leader abilities in the game, and there are not too many units in the deck outside of Sheldon Skaggs that really benefit from it. Original Price $89.99"

Shuffle the others back. GWENT SCOIA'TAEL deck - Elves deck (ALL 106 cards!) Remove all Special cards in your Graveyard and create and play a Commando Neophyte unit for each.

Ambush: When an Enemy is played, flip over and deal 5 damage to that unit.

Ambush: When the next non-Gold Special Card is played, cancel its effects, then destroy the strongest. 3 Strength, Agile, Elf, Loyal, Silver, Epic. Doomed. Boost self by 1 for each Dwarf ally and deal 1 damage to an enemy for each Elf ally. 5 Strength, Agile, Ambush, Elf, Loyal, Gold, Legendary. Play a bronze unit from your deck. GWENT cards - 5 decks - 523 cards! Etsy shops never receive your credit card information.

To better balance this, you should cut the Elven Wardancers .

Resurrect a lower or equal Bronze or Silver Scoia'tael unit.

Shuffle the others back. Spawned by Isengrim, Vrihedd Vanguard and. 10 Strength, Agile, Draconid, Officer, Loyal, Gold, Legendary.

Zoltan Chivay, 5 Strength, Melee, Dwarf, Loyal, Gold, Epic. When fighting a Weather-focused deck, leave this unit in hand. Isengrim, 6 Strength, Agile, Elf, Loyal, Gold, Legendary. Choose 3 units. Request a cancellation: before item has shipped. 5 Strength, 10 Provisions, Dwarf, Gold, Legendary. 7 Strength, Agile, Dryad, Loyal, Gold, Legendary.

Add 1 Strength to all your non-Gold Dwarf units wherever they are.

Order: Transform into Treant Mantis: Strike. With international shipping (I’m in the US) AND COVID-19 going on, it took until early June to arrive. 3 Strength, Agile, Elf, Loyal, Bronze, Common. Deploy: Spawn a Base Copy of a random different Bronze Dwarf in your Deck. Doomed. © 2020 Not approved/endorsed by CD PROJEKT RED. Draw a card. Choose a Bronze card on your side of the battlefield. Scoia'Tael | Premade decks Gwent Guide. Note: (couldn't find the official text) means the card's description is not 1:1 as it was during the patch, but mirrors the card's ability nonetheless.

Draw a special card and a unit. Order (Melee): Move Treant Boar to the other row and Heal it. Reveal at the end of the round and return this card to your hand if you lost. Play a random non-Gold Special Card from your deck. Language: ENGLISH. Harmony. Like mentioned above, Pavko is the best card of this bunch and is reliable staple of Harmony decks.

Great! If a different Ally or Unit in your Hand is Boosted during your turn, Boost self by 2 at the end of the turn. A Resilient Unit stays on the battlefield for the next round. 8 Strength, Agile, Elf, Soldier, Loyal, Bronze, Rare. If it was a Dwarf, Spawn a copy of it and Summon it to the same row.

5 Strength, Siege, Dwarf, Loyal, Bronze, Common. 6 Strength, Siege, Elf, Loyal, Bronze, Common.

EXTRA-High quality laminated thick lamination coated Finland photo paper (glossy paper 320 g/m2). Deploy: Destroy an Ally and Damage an Enemy by the Destroyed Ally's Power. Jaggerous on YouTube has a really good series on all of the Gwent starter decks.

Play a Bronze or Silver Special card from your Deck. Using different art for the same characters across decks is also a nice touch. 5 Strength, 5 Provisions, Dwarf, Crownsplitters, Bronze, Rare, Cross-Faction: Syndicate. You've already signed up for some newsletters, but you haven't confirmed your address. 2. 3 Strength, 5 Provisions, 1 Armor, Machine, Bronze, Rare. Great product, great quality, and best of all great price. - Gwent cards.Language: ENGLISH.Official cards size 59*113 mm (2,3*4,5 inches). The cards are PROFESSIONALLY manufactured by a Poker card company at March 2020.EXTRA-High quality laminated thick lamination coated Finland photo paper (glossy paper 320 g/m2).

Whenever you play a Special Card, Boost self by 1 wherever this Unit is. Deploy: Move all Units on the row to random rows on the same side and Boost self by 1 for each. When a non-Gold unit appears on the row, remove 5 strength from its strength.

Deploy: Draw the top 2 Bronze Special cards in your Deck. Etsy keeps your payment information secure.

Yarpen Zigrin, 7 Strength, Siege, Dwarf, Loyal, Silver, Epic. Harmony. Ambush: When your opponent passes, turn this Unit over and Boost 2 Units on each side by 2. Deploy: Spawn a Fireball Trap on an opposing row.

Deploy: You may transform a card from your Hand into Scorch. Deploy: Damage an enemy unit by 2. 5 Strength, 8 Provisions, Treant, Gold, Epic. Remove 1 strength from all non-Gold units on your opponent's side of battlefield for each. 8 Strength, 13 Provisions, Treant, Gold, Legendary.

Dol Blathanna Protector, 4 Strength, Agile, Elf, Loyal, Bronze, Rare.
2 Strength, 5 Provisions, Dryad, Bronze, Rare.

Boost self by 1 for each Dwarf Ally and deal 1 damage for each Elf ally. Deploy: Damage an enemy unit by 2. Play face down. Deploy: Boost self by 1 for each Dwarf Ally (including Golds). Create a Bronze Scoia'tael unit that is not in your starting deck. Her nilfgardian look is fitting. Spawn Impenetrable Fog, Clear Skies or Alzur's Thunder. *We send all our parcels by expedited air mail (included in the price).
Learn more. Dol Blathanna Trapper, 2 Strength, Agile, Ambush, Elf, Loyal / Disloyal, Bronze, Common, Ambush: When a revealed non-Gold unit appears on the row, remove 5 strength from all non-Gold units on the row. 7 Strength, Dwarf, Soldier, Bronze, Common. Order: Play a Scoia'tael card from your deck with 0 Provision Cost or less.

Buyers are responsible for any customs and import taxes that may apply. Remove an amount equal to this unit's strength from an opposing non-Gold unit. **Card box included.If you have any questions, please contact us through the message system.Good luck in the game and have a nice day! The guide will go over some easy changes you can make for zero scraps to instantly improve the Scoia’tael starter deck. Resilience. The first thing you should do is contact the seller directly. Bonded: Spawn 2 Rowdy Dwarves in this row instead.

10 Strength, Melee, Dwarf, Loyal, Silver, Rare. Deal 6 damage to the units at the end of an enemy row.

There was a problem subscribing you to this newsletter. Guerrilla Tactics can be used to disable enemy row-locked cards, send Pavko Gale back to ranged if he is moved, and enable your Dwarven Defenders the same turn you play them. Discard a random Bronze card, then draw a Silver card.

Mahakam Pyrotechnician, 5 Strength, Agile, Dwarf, Support, Loyal, Bronze, Rare. If that unit is destroyed, create and play 2 Commando Neopyte units on random rows on your side. The two Alzur’s Thunders gives you much need control with the ability to instantly answer opposing engines. Ambush: When a revealed non-Gold unit appears on the opposite side. Chaque Deck-list se focalisera sur une faction et vous permettra d'atteindre le Top100 du classement. Ties are resolved randomly. If it's destroyed, spawn 2 Commando Neophyte unit(s).

11 Strength, Agile, Elf, Disloyal, Silver, Epic. Barricade: At the end of your turn, damage self by 1 then damage a random enemy unit by 1. Harmony. Ciaran, 4 Strength, Agile, Ambush, Elf, Loyal / Disloyal, Silver, Epic. Deploy: Give an allied unit Vitality with a duration equal to the number of other allied Dryad units. 4 Strength, Agile, Dwarf, Loyal / Disloyal, Silver, Epic. 5 Strength, Agile, Dryad, Loyal, Gold, Legendary.

Keep one and return the other to your deck.

I absolutely love the necklace! If the unit was not destroyed, Strengthen self by.

Please try again.

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