The program links primary production certification to food manufacturing, distribution and agent/broker management certification. The scheme is endorsed by over 7,000 organizations and provides total produce supply chain coverage. This should include continuous audit preparedness, vendor management, scheduling and monitoring required activities, and performance trending for ongoing improvement. Its purpose is also to create competencies in food safety to maintain consistent, effective global food systems. Primarily Benchmarking – Within GFSI, benchmarking is a “procedure by which a food safety-related scheme is compared to the GFSI Guidance Document,” a copy of which can be found on Of course, the process of becoming certified is only the first step in developing a robust GFSI program. With fewer redundancies in audits, for instance, you can focus your company’s time and efforts on more strategic initiatives. It wasn’t until 2003 that the first four recognized schemes (EFSIS, BRC, IFS, and Dutch HACCP) became accepted. According to their website, their certifications have made them the leading standards-setting organization for aquaculture seafood. Fortunately, technology can help you streamline compliance, automating key tasks such as audit prep. QIMA-WQS currently offers certification under the following IFS standards: Find out more about IFS Food Standard and certification. While the schemes have the same overarching content, specific requirements vary from one to the next. The following are the main areas upon which GFSI schemes most commonly focus. GSFI is in place to make sure establishments and employees use safe practices to ensure the well being of themselves and their customers for the long term. You can also use equipment data extraction to ensure efficiency and accuracy. While pursuing GFSI certification is a voluntary practice, many food and beverage companies seek the accreditation as a demonstration of their commitment to proactive risk mitigation. The development of GFSI was also brought on by audit fatigue: throughout the food industry, retailers would perform inspections or audits themselves or by hiring a third party. Of course, ensuring your operations are consistently up to GFSI standards is no easy feat. Within each of these categories, the main requirements focus on sanitation, workability, and employee welfare. NSF Canada Agricultural Certification Company is one of only a few organizations accredited to certify to CanadaGAP, a national program consisting of food safety standards and a certification system for the safe production, storage, packing, repacking, wholesale and brokerage of fresh fruits and vegetables. You can also research the scheme further to find out which documents will apply specifically to your business. Each scheme has now aligned itself with common criteria defined by, While GFSI encourages businesses within the retail, food service and manufacturing sectors to choose GFSI recognized schemes, these businesses can make individual choices whether or not to implement the program. GFSI does not certify organizations, but has determined which food safety certifications it accepts or recognizes. While becoming GFSI certified requires an initial investment of time and labor, the benefits of certification have a profound impact. To be certified through the Safe Quality Food (SQF) Institute, food companies must go through a three-step process to ultimately demonstrate comprehensive implementation of food safety and quality management systems. You can then request a list of approved certification bodies that perform audits against their program, or skip directly to contacting the certification body to request an a… Today, a number of food safety programs, standards and initiatives are recognized by the GFSI as meeting the requirements of its Benchmarking Requirements. GFSI schemes are a universally-recognized standard by which food companies are judged for food safety during third-party inspections. GFSI standards also support safer products. GFSI Extends Measures for Food Businesses Facing Ongoing Certification Disruption. Third-party cookies are not installed and operated by The Consumer Goods Forum. scheme for farmers and food producers in the following areas: Find out more about GlobalG.A.P. It stores an updated page share count. QIMA-WQS offers SQF certification for all members of the food supply chain, under the following scopes: Find out more about Safe Quality Food Program and certification. Can Phage Therapy Replace Antibiotics in Growth Promotion? As a result, many food manufacturers, feed and primary producers, transportation and storage companies, retailers, food service providers, as well as those involved in food packaging, cleaning equipment and providing cleaning agents, additives and ingredients within the food supply chain, need to consider implementing globally recognized GFSI, food safety, and quality assurance schemes to ensure brand protection, and strengthen consumer confidence.

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