A German Junkers Ju-88A-17 bomber of KG77, the kind which attacked UGS-38 on the night of 20 April 1944. Battery voltage was 124 Vdc immediately after The propulsive part of the Marder Submarine. For instance, it replaced older Norwegian torpedoes at two shore torpedo batteries on the west coast of Norway during the war (original torpedoes often failed due to conditions at the site, as well as a wish for an increased explosive charge). Considered as replacement for both steam and electric propulsion. Planned torpedo for the "Spezial-Uboote", with development ending as the U-boats were never realized. The increased battery capacity increased the range 50%. Luftwaffe also used the "LT" designation (= Lufttorpedo), but not limited to operational torpedoes. When the torpedo reached production status and was fielded (i.e. The forward battery was eliminated and cavitation noise of around 24.5 kHz which was equivalent to propellers on an escort traveling two-bladed propellers. The standard warhead contained a main charge of 300 kg (660 lb) of Schießwolle 36[1], a mixture of dipicrylamine and TNT. Launched from S-Boote and barges (it saw operational use against the allied invasion-fleet in Normandy). Only theoretic planning. These batteries varied from single to multiple tube launchers placed on quay/pier/suitable spot-on-the-ground or on small anchored boats/barges (. U-boats also had to come to very shallow depths to use their periscopes, generally about 15 m (50 ft), leaving them greatly exposed to bombing, depth charging, and even gunfire. Lut II: Warhead weight for these torpedoes conflicts in many references. Nicknamed "eto" (electric torpedo) by German crews for easy distinguishing from the G7a ("ato" air-driven torpedo). About 300 were Falke worked much like a normal straight-running torpedo for the first 400 m (440 yd) of its run, after which its acoustic sensors became active and searched for a target. very reliable. Was intended as a temporary solution until the ingolin-torpedoes were ready for operational use, but never fielded. Wake-homing torpedo with acoustic/pressure seeker. As development of the U-boat ended, so did the program for the TIX. The Kriegsmarine Submarine Arms Research Centre dates back to WWII – a German centre testing the torpedoes fired at Jastarnia and Jurata on the Hel Peninsula. Standard TI with Lut program-control type II. Torpedo dedicated for educational/training purposes with Schulboote at U-Flotillen. It was developed almost directly from the 50 cm (20") G7 of World War I and differed from those of other nations by using Decalin (decahydronaphthalene) instead of kerosene for fuel. The 44 knot speed was found to overload the engine and was not used during the early years FIDO was not a mine, but a passive, acoustic-homing torpedo designed for use by long-range patrol aircraft. Both the contact and magnetic detonators were unreliable, major flaws that also afflicted the United States Navy's standard Mark 14 anti-submarine and anti-ship torpedo. Never finished testing (development-program ended due to limited resources). Code names were intended to be used only through the development period for security measures. Combined Intelligence Objectives Subcommittee: Kriegsmarine: Various handbooks and regulations (, Various allied reports and captured German documents from Kriegsmarine records kept at the US National Archives/NARA (mainly RG38 and RG242/T-1022) and the British National Archives/TNA (mainly ADM 213, ADM 290 and ADM 292), This page was last edited on 27 April 2020, at 07:11. However, in some cases they remained after the torpedo was fielded and had been designated with a "T"-number. This was an option primary used by U-boats against attacking surface-ships that ran a zig-zag pattern hunting the U-boat (the goal was to locate the torpedo's circle-run just ahead of the attacking ship, hoping for a "lucky" hit).

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