More common was the reversion of former ‘Union players’ who had previously chosen to become Rugby League professionals—Jonathan Davies, Scott Quinnell, Alan Tait, John Bentley were among them—to their erstwhile code (Malcolm, Sheard and White, 2000), Afterword 219 while several high profile Rugby League players opted for the Rugby Union game, attracted no doubt by the lucrative signing-on fees and wages on offer. In order to remain members of their county unions and, hence, of the RFU, clubs in the North were forced to cover up the fact that payments were being made. It had, apparently, been a Shrove Tuesday custom in that city, ‘time out of man’s remembrance’, for a football worth 3s.4d. It is possible that one reason why the historical sources refer by different names to what appear, to modern eyes, to be similar games is the fact that they were played with different implements. Firstly, limited company status, either by guarantee or by shares, indemnifies the membership and managing committee from claims against them should the club make a loss. Therefore, in the stabler climate established by Arnold’s reforms, they could devote more time and attention to matters such as football. Indeed the reason why Rugby remained an amateur game so much longer than ‘soccer’ is that it was always preferred by the better class of athletes… Association has touched pitch and been shockingly defiled. Moreover, the spectator-orientation of the latter was reinforced by the fact that, once organized on a professional basis, it had to compete with soccer for spectator support. Rugby was less compatible with the dominant trends in a society where the most powerful and prestigious groups were coming to regard as odious and distasteful forms of violence accepted by earlier generations as normal. The urgency of their task was increased by the fact that Northern Union clubs had, to some extent, to rebuild their support after the split with Rugby Union. 3–4). Such ideas are indicative of the way in which our individualistic values tend to blur the perception of social structure and social process, for it is clear that a complex game such as Rugby could not have developed simply as a result of a single deviant act by a specific individual. Whatever the context, they knew who was master and so did everybody else. However, the latter name came into informal usage prior to that date. Other (19%) Not known 41 (28%) 12 (21%) TOTALS 147 55 28 63(57%) 35 (51%) (49%) Totals 27 (39%) 30 (40%) 27 272(43%) (26%) 9 (13%) 19 (25%) 36 (35%) 88(14%) 0 (0%) 2 (3%) 4 (6%) 2 (3%) 5 (5%) 18 (3%) 11 (20%) 16 (14%) 9 (13%) 18 (26%) 12 22 (21%) 116(18%) (16%) 31 (28%) 18 (25%) 12 (17%) 12 (16%) 13 139(22%) (13%) 72 70 75 103 111 633 * This table is based on information contained in the biographical section of Titley and McWhirter, op.

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