Dr. Abraham Cohen Gittin (Bills of Divorcement: 9 chapters, 90 folios, 439 pages) Gittin.PDF Introduction to Gittin — Maurice Simon Kiddushin (Consecrations: 4 chapters, 82 folios, 425 pages) Kiddushin.PDF. In connection with this it is related how King Agrippa, who was partly of Edomite descent, wept when he read the sentence "thou mayest not put a foreigner over thee," but the people encouraged him, exclaiming: "Thou art our brother!" סוֹטָה; "Errant Wife"), the fifth tractate in the current edition of the Mishnah order of Nashim, with Tosefta and Gemara in the Babylonian and Jerusalem Talmuds. Sotah (Wayward Wife) belongs to the third order, Nashim (Women) and discusses the ritual of the Sotah – the woman suspected of adultery (Num 5) as well as other rituals involving a spoken formula (such as breaking the heifer's neck, the King's septa-annual public Torah reading, the Blessings and Curses of Mount Gerizim and Mount Ebal, etc...). 20:1–9; 24:5). Chapter 6 is concerned with the question of the "minimum evidence" necessary to decide the woman's guilt without her having to undergo the ordeal. The Mishnah of Sotah was taught at the end of the Temple era. © 2008 The Gale Group. Welcome to YUTorah, home to 234,256 shiurim and counting! Jul. 3a; TJ 1:5, 17a). Incidentally, the question of whether daughters should be taught Torah is considered, and information is given on the differences between men and women in respect of various halakhot. Download our mobile app for on-the-go access to the Jewish Virtual Library, © 1998 - 2020 American-Israeli Cooperative Enterprise. Other differences are reflected in various books of Philo, and some of them are alluded to in early beraitot and fragments of them (see Epstein in bibliography). Click here to see some more lectures within your topic. In 49b there is a description of the struggle between Aristobulus and Hyrcanus; an interesting distinction is made in this context between the Greek language and Greek wisdom. *Gemora-Rashi and Tosfos typset with nekudos(vowels) The name of the Tractate, Sotah, is derived from the verb satah in Numbers V, 12, If any man's wife go aside (sisteh). The unique quality of the Gemara Menukad is that it includes the vowels allowing one to learn the Talmud with ease. Chapter 5 is dedicated to the halakhot which were taught bo va-yom ("on the very same day"), i.e., when Rabban Gamaliel was deposed and R. Eleazar b. Azariah was made nasi. GEMARA MENUKAD (with vowels) Follows Tzuras Hadaf Unaltered From the Original Text. The last passages of this chapter are of aggadic nature, debating the principle of measure for measure in divine justice. *Tzuras Hadaf unaltered from the original Vilna text Welcome to the new landing pages for categories on YUTorah. The "bitter water" is discussed in chapter 4, mainly those cases exempted from this ordeal. SOTAH (Heb. Basing himself on this, Epstein believes that the main part of chapters 8 and 9 is from the Mishnah of Johanan b. Zakkai. All Rights Reserved. Sotah (Suspected Adulteress: 9 chapters, 49 folios, 271 pages) Sotah.PDF Introduction to Sotah — Rev. Find the right masechta and size with 2 clicks! Dealing mainly with the laws concerning a woman suspected of adultery (Num. It offers more than 185,000 shiurim via webcast in audio, video and text formats by our Roshei Yeshiva and other YU luminaries. The contents of the nine chapters of this tractate are as follows: Chapter 1 discusses the form in which the husband has to manifest his jealousy and how the Sanhedrin urges the woman to admit her guilt rather than undergo the ordeal; the first stages of the ordeal are also discussed. The second half of chapter 9, which deals with eglah arufah, is of a general aggadic nature, which is introduced by the observation that with the great increase in murders (the reference is to a time of civil disorder preceding the destruction of the Temple) the rite of breaking the heifer's neck was discontinued, and with the increase of immorality the ordeal of bitter water was abolished.

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