- Northern Accessed 25th April 2010. Venera 1965A - 23 November 1965 - Attempted Venus Flyby (Launch Failure) Luna 8 - 3 December 1965 - Lunar Impact (Attempted Soft Landing?) Here's the second part of our 100-year forecast of future space exploration. The ships X-ray Observatory, 2022 NASA/JHUAPL. BepiColombo at full stack after testing. The first age of space exploration has come and go, since the launch of Sputnik 1, the first artificial satellite, 60 years ago…. In this infographic, a timeline of what to expect in space by 2116. The craft will make repeated flybys (up to 45 total) of the icy moon to investigate the surface and interior structure of this ocean world. Our unquenchable thirst for space exploration and pushing the boundaries of science will see us going deeper into our Solar System and beyond for as long as humanity exists. VanguardIndustries Space Exploration Timeline & Future Missions For Kids! Photo credit: NASA. NASA will travel back to the moon and this time; show the world it is definitely not fake. Luna 10 - 31 March 1966 - Lunar Orbiter Luna 1966A - 30 April 1966 - Attempted Lunar Orbiter? //-->, The (Launch Failure) Pioneer 2 - 8 November 1958 - Attempted Lunar Orbit (Launch Failure) Luna 1958C - 4 December 1958 - Attempted Lunar Impact? Above: SpaceShipTwo, in operation from 2011. Photo Credit: ESA, Artist rendition an orbiter and 16 Psyche, a massive asteroid in the Kuiper Belt, believed to be once be the nickel-iron core of a planet. The JUICE mission — a jumbled acronym meaning JUpiter ICy moons Explorer — will arrive at Jupiter in 2030. new ground-based telescope has the aim of observing the Universe in , I Photo Credit: Chinese Academy of Sciences/NAOC, Artist rendition of Hayabusa 2 approaching. To date five spacecraft (Voyager 1, Voyager 2, Pioneer … Antimatter spacecraft, missions to Saturn, and interstellar voyages.

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How we made $200K with 4M downloads.