back of the store, go up the stairs. ACT 1 - Living the Coarsegold Dream the top right side of the screen. Next get the Phenodol Oxytriglychlorate and put 15g on the scales. Go to pharmacy. USE the paper Bag on the fire and look at the readout. Kenny will arrive next - shoot him, but he will shoot off your ear. PLAY the Arcade sequence by using the Sword on Penelope. GO to the anthill and take the Ladder. Get an empty bottle and use it on the pill machine 7 times. Go to graveyard, get shovel, dig grave next to shovel. back of the shop. Now put 45mL of water in the cylinder and 5g of Magnesium Sulfate on the scales, and add the water, then the powder to the beaker. Add 5 gm Magnesium Sulfate, Click hand icon on the third hand. ****************************************************************************** A     =ANTHILL Get medallion hanging on wall. When she leaves, in comes Mom. SB    =BLACKSMITH & BANK Go to Mom's Café and give her snail. |    |      |                       GO to the saloon, TALK to everybody, LEAVE through the back door. Home | Sierra Game Help Laughing gas on the red, white and blue cloth. Clean your guns with the kit, then load the bullets. SAVE. Put the ladder on the side of the stand (862) Walk left.                       ACT IV: SHOWDOWN AT THE HALLELUJAH CORRAL Click the Sharp Ear on the rope. Now measure 5mL of Orphenamethihydride and add it to the test tube. TALK to the Sheriff and the other guy. USE the Cleaning Kit on the Pistols, USE (He'll give you Bullets and a Cleaning Kit). TAKE his Exit pharmacy, get pile of horse dung. floor, then on ropes. Because you can't read her prescription GO Use ear on the Cover up grave. (Using your Guide) Penelope comes in, READ the prescription she gives you and walk out to the Get dispensing papers and put 5 gm on each paper, put in box. Go to the saloon, and give your money to the bartender, in exchange for lots of beer. Finally, open the dresser drawer and take the claim check. EXIT the Shop. Go to back of store. USE your Health and Hygiene Guide to make the appropriate medicine. USE the (637) tetrazole, put 40 ml in cylinder, get bottle, put cylinder contents in bottle, put cork on bottle, get bottle. In a mortar, put 15 gm of Bimethylquinoline crystals and 15 gm of powdered metyraphosphate. CLICK the Hand icon on the roof of the schoolhouse. THE MAP USE the Empty Mold on the crucible Listen to sheriff and banker. Climb, get ladder. Now find the Pepticlymacine Tetrazole and put 40mL into the cylinder. USE the Ladder again on the watertower and climb it. GIVE him the Coffee and the Pie. MAKE Sadie's prescription and PUT all the medicine papers in a prescription Pour into bottle, cork bottle. Madame Ovaree will bring in yet another script. Go back west over the bridge and get your ladder. Get (698) PICK up the Child's Slate from the desk and Penelope knocks you down and Get the spatula and use it to put 5g of powder on to each medicine paper. Pick up the ladder again, and lean it against the front. Open the trunk and take the gunslinging outfit, then open the nightstand and get the desk key.             C--CHURCH---WATERTOWER Add water to make 100 ml. Empty out the safe deposit box. GO outside and use the medicine on the horse's water. ************************************** CLIMB the Rope and MOVE to the hatch. Head to the whorehouse (south from the saloon) and you will see the sheriff and banker plotting. CLICK the hand icon on the chair till you fall down. MADE BY HAFEEZ AHMAD After Madam Ovaree gives you her prescription, look at it. When you try to EXIT the saloon, you'll hear gunshots. Turn the lamp off. Now jump to the left side of the see-saw to put out the fire. GO to the anthill. Get sword, corner Penelope. Now lay out 6 medicine papers on the table. the hand icon on the open grave and you'll take a key from the dead body. Charcoal from the forge. Pick up some coal, and take the rope and leather strap from the wall. GO SOUTH to the Church, OPEN the Church door, TAKE some Wax from the candles. make a medicine for Diarrhea. You play as retired gunslinger turned pharmacist Freddy Pharkas. put them on fence posts. to Main Street. Walk east, then south to find the school. TURN the alcohol lamp EXIT the saloon through the back door. Put pile of horse dung on floor, exit café, go to back house and TAKE the Postcards from the table. Go inside and take the postcards on the table, then when the Madame arrives the scene will end. Get lump of clay. READ it. of café and get pie from the window. Climb up half way, then look at the rope you are carrying. the Banker want you dead. pill form, put in box.                       Go to saloon, talk to Chester outside. GO to Chester Field's and TALK to Willy, TAKE the brown Paper Bag from the SAVE. room. Unlock                       PLAY the arcade sequence. See you at another Sierra Adventure  !! While you are here, head upstairs to your bedroom. Use this on yourself every time you are running out of air. PUT the Medallion in a crucible. GO to the Barber and SHOW him your Claim Check for your Boots. Bag on the horse's ass, till you've got his gas. Leave your pharmacy and go right to see the fire.            Ohmstraat 118 Now head north to Main Street to meet the Lever brothers. Place the Bicarbonate Soda on the right side of the see-saw.    A--B--SB---SALM---SBARB--SP---H-SWAMP Now head outside and pour the medicine into the water trough where the horses are drinking. USE the medicine on the hatch. USE the Ice-Pick on the Can of beans, PUT the Charcoal in the Can, USE the When she leaves, in comes the blacksmith. (772) Put the cylinder and the beaker down on the table. Light alcohol lamp, use wax mold on it. Drink the water, and you will discovered it is contaminated. Talk to the guy sitting on the anthill, then use your ladder on him to save him. Go to the bank, give bank the key. ACT III: GUNS AND NEUROSES Go out front Get cylinder, get pepticlymacine Take a cup of coffee from the machine. Walk to gazebo, use gun on can of laughing gas. All Sierra games, artwork and music © Sierra. Collect the Bicarbonate Soda from outside, then go in, and straight back to the lab. CLICK the hand icon on the water tank. Bottles and you'll get some extra points. And now off to the solution!                       In a mortar, put 15 gm of Bimethylquinoline crystals and 15 gm of powdered metyraphosphate. Now everybody is suffering from Diarrhea. Go just outside the brothel.

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How we made $200K with 4M downloads.