Florida Jit Lyrics: Me and Ronny threw a million in the vault, yeah (Woo) / She said the coupe look like a cocoon (Cocoon) / VVs dripping off my shirt like a …
Smokepurpp Florida Jit Lyrics [Feat. Pop Shit Lyrics: Lil' Purpp, Ronny J, you know how this shit go (Drop shit) / I'm a Florida Jit, y'all niggas ass (Ass) / I run that shit, hah, ha / Ronny J go stupid (Ooh) / Lil' Purpp drop shit Outside Lyrics: Uh / This shit sound Smokepurpp as fuck / Oh my God, Ronny (Slatt, slatt, slatt, slatt) / Outside with the 672 (Yeah) / Nigga, I was outside / Bitch, since then / Nigga, I was

Yeah, nigga, yeah, nigga.

Ronny J] Me and Ronny threw a million in the vault, yeah She said the coupe look like a cocoon VVs dripping off my shirt like a typhoon Label meeting, I got codeine in the room This a V12, you can hear it in the vroom (Vroom, bi***tch) Soundproof windows, you can hear it in the zoom (Zoom, bi***tch) Oh my God, no, oh my God. Yeah, nigga, that's how we rockin', nigga. [Chorus: Smokepurpp] I had to get this shit off of …

I'm a Florida Jit I, I got raws, lil' bitch I got Glocks, lil' bitch You get popped, lil' bitch You, you get slaughtered, bitch Fuck your taller, bitch I'm a Florida Jit

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