", Cons: "The crew was not very helpful with my concerns. I had to purchase a one way ticket on United to fly back 2 days early because I WAS NOT ABOUT TO pay $285 for a change fee. ", Pros: "I got where I wanted to go for a reasonable price." Poor customer service. It’s generally more expensive to depart on a Friday, if you have to leave on this day you can still search on Cheapflights to find great options that meet your needs. I will never fly Frontier again. Flight was on time, smooth flight. I will never fly frontier again. After a 8 hour red-eye, it was brutal. ", Cons: "My flight email itenerary was about 45 late So when I got to the airport my flight had already left. Cons: "Bathrooms were in rough shape, would have liked to see those serviced in-flight so those of us using the space to do night-time routines like brushing our teeth and washing faces didn't have to deal with someone else's mess. Cons: "There was no Stroopwafels for snack", Cons: "From ATL to Chicago the boarding crew was very rude. Poor timeliness of flight and baggage delivery. Most other airlines allow up to 50lbs. Cons: "No complaints", Cons: "The gate attendant did not give proper updates when delay was occurring. There are 16 flights daily from Atlanta to Chicago (Midway) on Southwest Airlines. IT IS NOT WORTH IT. Will never fly or recommend to anyone ever. ", Pros: "The price was excellent. ", Cons: "Frontier airlines. Yes! When I put my bags through the check out they stopped me and said I had to throw away my cologne because it was too large. I WAS STUCK AT THE CHICAGO AIRPORT WITHOUT A PHONE OR ANYWAY OF TELLING MY FAMILY WHAT WAS HAPPENING. Crew was efficient and very friendly." ", Pros: "I WAS NO TOLD ABOUT YOUR BAGGAGE FEE AND WAS VERY UPSET THAT I CHOSE TO BRING TWO BAGS WHEN I COULD HAVE JUST BROUGHT ONE BIG SUITCASE AND PAID HALF AS MUCH. Also, no wifi at all (even for sale) and you can't even get a glass of water without paying for it. ", Pros: "Everything" No sodas, water, nuts, etc. However, the charge you for everything else (seats, bags, food, etc). The other 150 plus, you are on your own, go. Cons: "The check in. I will NEVER fly this crappy airline again. Loading of front of plane first. We arrived about 45 minutes late, and that was a problem because our connecting flight was due to depart now in 15 minutes. ", Pros: "all was good - loved the affordable prices. I was thrilled with the movie selections and the food was better than average plane food." Perhaps if the Spirit airlines team was better at checking people in at the terminal, instead of having a 'who cares' mentality and allowing a 35 person line to be AT A STAND STILL, perhaps we could have made the plane, and I currently could have been writing an amazing review in Florida right now, but I'm not. Poor seats, particularly considering I paid for the best. Waiting 20 days out may not be for everyone, so we have options available for flights within the next two weeks, with the lowest price starting at $164. I know this is not Delta's fault, but they did arrive quite late on a flight that, according to them, would be early. In the past 3 days, the cheapest round-trip tickets were found on Spirit Airlines ($49), Multiple Airlines ($63) and United Airlines ($75). However, on the Spirit Airlines I had no problem whatsoever. Using their app and on board wifi we have access to a very large collection of free movies and tv shows that kept me entertained" Cons: "Seating is still too crowded for real comfort", Cons: "Plane was delayed 4 hours and was unable to make my connection. That's an additional charge, even for a carry on. I appreciate the rates that frontier offers. (Spirit) Your customer service is horrible, the young lady even hung up on me went I ask to speak to a supervisors! The only thing that saved it was that our new flight was the new airbus, and although it left an hour and a half later, the comfort level was phenomenal. ", Cons: "Lost my luggage and people at check in were rude", Cons: "Frontier delayed our flight due to a mechanical problem for over twelve hours. Friendly but no nonsense crew." Snacks only on the flight. Almost 2 hrs delay leaving Chicago forced us to miss train connection in Paris. It was my first time flying with Frontier, and I will not fly with them again. Cons: "Seats felt awful Fees brought price to more expensive than Southwest Plane departed 45 minutes late", Pros: "Despite technical issues and a delay in boarding, they got us to the destination on time. And that the carry-on would cost more than a checked bag. Kayak sold me the tickets for a certain price and when I started to check in for my flight I had to pay additional for seats and carry on luggage. ", Cons: "It was a lot of turbulences, The plane kept dropping scared me shitless..The seats were real low and the leg room was tight...", Pros: "I made it to my destination and was offered a beverage" According to our data, you can fly for as low as $24. If you gave no intention to achieve quality customer service, why pay for the department? Hacker Fares allow you to combine one-way tickets in order to save you money over a traditional round-trip ticket. Cons: "I did not calculate for the extra fee for a carry-on. IT IS NOT WORTH IT." When you are booking flights from Chicago to Atlanta, you will have decide which airport is most convenient for you to depart from. Cons: "You end up paying an additional $30-35 to check a bag or carry on-board, you also end up paying $15-20 to reserve a seat. Cons: "My flight from Atlanta to Chicago was limited in space, uncomfortable, and overall not the best. No one greeted me. The United States has restricted the entry of all foreign nationals who have passed through or have been in China, Iran, European Schengen Area, UK, Ireland and Brazil in the past 14 days. They can be accessed by military members and their families for free, and they contain rest areas, board games, showers, and complimentary snacks. I was only 5 min late to drop my bag off, and because of bad traffic. Would liked to have had temperature at destination announced. Free carry on and seat." The price of the ticket is why I selected this flight and why I would go with Spirit airlines/kayak.com again." ", Pros: "Flight attendants were very nice" This came after a 2 1/2 hour wait due to a different maintenance issue with the plane. I had to confront the lady that was checking my bag and I told her she needed to adjust her attitude.... That's why your airline losses so many passengers. Poor baggage handling. Cons: "Waiting.. but better to be early than late", Pros: "Everything was pretty decent.. Best part was the price.. Boarding was good staff was good" We were told that an employee went home with the key", Pros: "Ticket price; on-time flight" And as we didn't leave "on time" it was t very clear when we would land", Pros: "I paid for more leg room and got it." Some of the new policies that have been implemented to accommodate travelers flying from Chicago to Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson are improved sanitation, HEPA filters, mask requirements, social distance seating (for a limited time), and pre-flight testing for antibodies and symptoms. ", Pros: "The empty sit next to me" Cons: "All the hidden costs", Cons: "Don't fly, they charge you for everything ,even a carry-on $65 and they are super rude. Cons: "The plane had a malfunction of the lights. On time departure and arrival." Cons: "They charged me for my seat, to have a carry-on, to check-in a bag, none of this was disclosed when I was purchasing thru Kayak. Cons: "The food", Cons: "The comfort of the seat, the food", Pros: "Nice crew, clean plane" Cons: "Crowded cramped", Pros: "Should have switched planes sooner" I was exhausted and beside myself with frustration. Cons: "Slight delay, but over Holiday, so expected", Cons: "The flight was late due to the weather in Chicago but spirits were good", Pros: "Very nice flight" I couldn't sleep a wink due to how uncomfortable I was. Stay away from them!!! Very much unlike the Atlanta team. At this time, smoking is strictly forbidden in all buildings of Chicago Midway International Airport. I WILL FLY DELTA OR ANY OTHER AIRLINE FROM NOW ON. The seating is rather cramped. Cons: "We couldn't hear the overhead announcements at all. Cons: "Seat very uncomfortable. Seated right next to the turbine intake on the wing made the amount of ambient noise especially high, so all the in-flight announcements were pretty much unintelligible. At this time, Cheapflights has noticed price decreases for many domestic flights due to COVID-19. Confirm policies on booking site. Cons: "Why do passengers have to take their luggage themselves to another conveyor belt after checking it in at LGA? There was no entertainment, not even a magazine like Sky Mall, and the seat didn't recline, and the tray wasn't big enough for my two snacks and a soda... why did I have to pay for a seat, and then for my bag? Cons: "Nothing. High demand for flights, 21% potential price rise, Best time to find cheap flights, 40% potential price drop. The price shown for each flight will be the average for all passengers including any infants. ", Cons: "45 dollars for each carry on . There are several companies that offer nonstop flights from Chicago to Atlanta. Good Food. Round trip / Economy $ 101 * Price subject to changes. Cons: "Seats to small, not enough leg room", Pros: "The flight was 40 minutes early!" Morning departure is around 18% cheaper than an evening flight, on average*. This is the version of our website addressed to speakers of English in the United States. THE STAFF I SPOKE TO WAS RUDE. ", Pros: "The Chicago Spirit team was far and away BETTER than the Atlanta crew. April can be a great time to fly to Atlanta from Chicago with a flight ticket averaging about $175. On top of everything else, the flight was delayed! Early Morning (Midnight to 6am) - 5% of flight departures Morning (6am - Noon) - 33% of flight departures Afternoon (Noon - 6pm) - 35% of flight departures Evening (6pm - Midnight) - 28% of flight departures. It got delayed, and delayed and delayed until all the other flights to SFO had left and there was no other option but to pray we got home. But this has nothing to do with Spirit - simply their ignorance and lack of consideration and my being unwilling to speak with them about it. Cons: "Little guidelines for new comers especially while changing the flights. 3 hours delayed for an 1 HR flight. Thank you. Cons: "Very crowded flight - almost overbooked!

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How we made $200K with 4M downloads.