For this purpose, the scene was rebuilt on the Source game engine. [38] Reviewing Firewatch, Game Informer's Jeff Cork wrote, "I was immediately drawn into the game's world, partly because of the power of its simple text intro, and also because of the novelty of taking part in something so mundane". The sound design was lauded to have evoked a Hitchcockian sense of fear. Nintendo Switch is a trademark of Nintendo. Please visit our Support section for more information. Abenteuer mit Indie-Flair - leider erst 2019. Mehr zum Spiel: Infos; News; Bilder; Besitzer; Konsole. The game was released in February 2016 for Microsoft Windows, OS X, Linux, and PlayStation 4, for Xbox One in September 2016, and for Nintendo Switch in December 2018. On his way home he comes across a locked cave, and spots a shadowy figure watching him before disappearing. The next day, Henry uses the tracking device to find a backpack with a key to the locked cave. [2] Moss, who had previously been known primarily for his graphic design work, had joined Vanaman and Rodkin to found Campo Santo after spending many years working on the periphery of game development. Taylor Dayne's "Tell It to My Heart" was used as a placeholder in the scene, but Vanaman conceded that the song was too overwhelming, and would cost too much to license. The next day, an evacuation order is given for all the lookouts, as the wildfire that Henry had spotted and named earlier has grown out of control. narrative adventure available soon for your Nintendo Switch™. For pre-orders, payments will be taken automatically starting from 7 days before the release date. Firewatch System: Nintendo Switch Release date: 17/12/2018 Firewatch is a single-player first-person mystery set in the Wyoming wilderness. Frühjahr 2018 USK. He enjoyed exploring the forest environment, yet felt the ending was unsatisfactory. Xbox One: 21.09.2016, Firewatch: PS4-Patch 1.02 verbessert Framerate und Draw Distance, Video: Seht über eine Stunde Gameplay aus Firewatch. In a meadow referred to on the clipboard letterhead, he finds a fenced-off government research area. [40] GamesRadar's Justin Towell described Firewatch as "one of the most enthralling slices of entertainment I've ever experienced". [2] Jane Ng, lead environmental artist at Campo Santo, was tasked with translating Moss' work into 3D environments while maintaining his stylized artistic vision. 'Firewatch' is trademark and copyright Campo Santo 2016, Handheld mode, Tabletop mode, TV mode, Save Data Cloud, German, English, Spanish, French, Japanese, Russian, Chinese. Unmöglich…. [20] In June 2015, the team visited E3. [6] Objects found in the wilderness can be kept in the inventory for later use.[7]. Firewatch is an award-winning first-person narrative adventure available soon for your Nintendo Switch ™. Firewatch is a mystery set in the Wyoming wilderness, where your only emotional lifeline is the person on the other end of a handheld radio. Firewatch is a single-player first-person mystery set in the Wyoming wilderness. Ned claims that Brian's death was accidental, and that the boy fell due to climbing inexperience. And in your hands, your trusty Nintendo Switch. Choosing to venture deeper into the wilderness, Ned warns Henry not to look for him. The actors made a decision not to meet during production to maintain the distance between their characters. He also discovers a tracking device which he takes with him. [19] The score features a combination of electric and acoustic guitar, bass and electric piano, with samples of Fender Rhodes as a substitute for the actual piano. Super Smash Bros. nicht geprüft Multiplayer. The design draws inspiration from New Deal advertisements by the National Park Service and field research conducted in Yosemite National Park. By taking a few minutes to share your thoughts and opinions, you will be helping us to improve our website. He is knocked unconscious by an unseen assailant and wakes up to find the clipboard and radio gone. He returns to his watchtower to find it ransacked. Die zehn populärsten Artikel der Woche, immer freitags zur Mittagspause! [8] Chris Remo was involved in many aspects of the design, and also composed the score. If the country setting of a Nintendo Account is different, the details of this offer may be adjusted (for example, the price will be displayed in the respective local currency). To start the purchasing process, it is necessary to sign in with the Nintendo Account and the Nintendo Network ID. A custom shader was also employed to produce more stylized and simplified foliage. Definitely, especially since Unity supports building to the Switch now. Depending on the system/console/hardware model you own and your use of it, an additional storage device may be required to download software from Nintendo eShop. [3] Through exploration of the surrounding area, Henry uncovers clues about mysterious occurrences in the vicinity that are related to the ransacking of his tower while out on a routine patrol and a shadowy figure that occasionally appears watching him from afar. Delilah is upset by the news. Nein Online. Upon the realization that it would also be too costly to commission a song, Remo sought a song in the style of the 1980s by an unsigned, independent artist, leading to the use of "Push Play". Although it could probably be converted into a point and click game with illustrations pretty easy... After how bad the Xbox port is, I can only imagine how badly they would mess up the Switch port, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. A tailor-made story: the choices you make shape the narrative and build relationships. [1][2] Players take on the role of Henry, a fire lookout who is assigned to his own tower in Shoshone National Forest. The government camp was simply studying wildlife; Ned had been using its radio equipment to ensure no one was looking for him and to create transcripts to scare Henry away. Campo Santo arbeitet für zukünftige Filme und Spiele mit Produktionsfirma zusammen. The details of the offer are displayed based on the country settings of your Nintendo Account. You are a man named Henry who has retreated from his messy life to work as a fire lookout in the Wyoming wilderness. Fearing an inquiry, Delilah falsifies reports to say that neither she nor Henry encountered the girls. As a port, Firewatch on Nintendo Switch is actually a lot smoother and far less choppy than the versions that appeared on PC and other consoles over two years ago. [6] The developers cast Cissy Jones, who appeared in The Walking Dead, as the voice of Delilah in 2014. 'Firewatch' is trademark and copyright Campo Santo 2016 Age Verification {{ regularPrice }}{{ lowestPrice }}, @AC_Isabelle from Animal Crossing: New Leaf. Hat keine Auswirkungen auf In the Valley of Gods. Adventure Termin. Obviously FW wouldn't benefit much, if at all from being available portable, but the Switch is heavily marketed towards older gamers, who are much more likely to be the demographic Firewatch aims at, and theres a lot of Nintendo only gamers, so another console to sell your game on is still going to generate sales.

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+ How we made $200K with 4M downloads.

How we made $200K with 4M downloads.