The Cart Gundidj would not allow any member of the clan to go near the settlement of Portland following the massacre, although in May 1842 Cart Gundidj resistance leader Partpoaermin was captured at the Convincing Ground after a violent struggle.[4]. He later transferred to the 12th Battalion. [12], "Victoria to introduce Australia's first truth-telling process to address Indigenous injustices", "Victoria to establish truth and justice process as part of Aboriginal treaty process", Victorian Heritage Register: PROV H2079: Convincing Ground, Museum Victoria: Encounters: Convincing Ground, Anger over plans to build on massacre site, "The Convincing Ground Aboriginal massacre at Portland Bay, Victoria: fact or fiction? He was a Corporal and served in the Australian Army Catering Corps as a cook. Thanks to House of Marley, David Zaharakis chats to 2020 debutant Sam Draper and…. He returned to Australia in March 1918 and was discharged in June that same year. As a civilian, Alfred worked as a horse breaker and trainer near Casterton. No mention was made in the conversation as to casualties. He was a Trooper with the 4th Light Horse Regiment and the 13th Light Horse Regiment that patrolled the Western Front. After training in the Middle East from October 1915 to March 1916, he fought with the 26th Battalion. The fighting Gunditjmara: from frontier conflicts to world wars He returned to Australia in May 1919 and was awarded two service medals. He was also the choirmaster and worked in the timber industry. He married Elsie Maude Clark, with whom he had seven children. In August 1940, Herbert re-enlisted as a Private. A renowned traditional Aboriginal Dance Group, the Fighting Gunditjmara provides powerful and dynamic performances through traditional methods and modern technology. Kilcarer clan traditional owner Walter Saunders, a descendant of one of the two massacre survivors, explained the cultural importance of the site on ABC Local Radio: It stands on the same level as the Eureka Stockade and Gallipoli from our perspective. Edward re-enlisted in 1940 and served as a Corporal at the number 12 Garrison Battalion until 1943. It is thought that he picked up the language while working around Tarrington, near Hamilton, which was settled by German-speaking pioneers. Function attendees will receive an exciting and memorable cultural experience. The Essendon family is mourning the loss of club legend Dr Bruce Reid. [4], A fourth account - the oral tradition and reports by the Gunditjmara people - was that a massacre took place almost wiping out an entire clan to "convince them" of white rights to the land."[6]. The stories of the Lovett family contain pain and suffering but also highlight the courage, bravery and resistance of Aboriginal people. The circumstances in which the Lovett brothers and many other Aboriginal people signed up to fight for Australia were extremely complicated and challenging. Herbert, the youngest of the brothers to serve in WWI, enlisted in 1917. His daughter, Alice, served with the Women's Auxiliary Australian Air Force in WWII and his son, also named Leonard Charles, served in the Korean War. Frederick's grandson, Sergeant Ricky Morris, has recently served in the army with the International Force for East Timor and in Afghanistan. The Lovett family belong to the ‘fighting Gunditjmara.’ Gunditjmara people from South West Victoria earned this title in the 1800s because of their strong resistance to invasion of their Country. As he was only 19 years old, his parents were required to give special permission for him to join. He fought on the Western Front, including significant campaigns at Passchendaele in 1917 and Amiens in 1918. He returned to Australia in 1919 and was awarded two service medals. We are ‘The Fighting Gunditjmara’ Traditional Aboriginal Dance Group who promote the existence of a living culture in the 21st century. He was awarded three service medals. Midfielder Dylan Shiel's appearance on 3AW from Wednesday October 21. However, after the First and Second World War, Aboriginal service people returned to the same situation of colonisation and discrimination and were not respected as veterans. Highly rated assistant coach Daniel Giansiracusa joins the Bombers from the Bulldogs. Historian Richard Broome estimated that about 60 were killed at the Convincing Ground massacre. ‘Fighting Gunditjmara’ spirit prevails in Stolen court case. The club will formally welcome four new Legends to its Hall of Fame in 2021. Firstly this video looks at the impact of the arrival of the white settlers on the Gunditjmara Aborigines, and the fighting that followed once the Gunditjmara people realised they were loosing their land to the settlers. Caroline Overington. Leonard re-enlisted during WWII. ↑ "The frequently used name 'the fighting Gunditjmara' resists this culture of forgetting. A single labourer when he joined, Edward married Rose Ann Heron before he shipped out in 1915. This involved subdividing large rural estates into smaller farming blocks and leasing them back to returned service-people. Five Lovett brothers left Lake Condah Mission to fight in World War I (1914-1918). It was part of the wider Eumeralla Wars between the British colonisers and Gunditjmara. They, however, did not much molest them after that." "[2] The Convincing Ground, site of the massacre, which lies in Portland Bay close to the town in the Shire of Glenelg has been listed on the Victorian Heritage Register.[3]. Gunditjmara Aboriginal Cooperative provides holistic health and community-based services in the Warrnambool and surrounding areas. He married Sarah Spring, from Hamilton, with whom he had two sons. Historian Professor Ian D. Clark wrote that the account by Henty and Blair as told to Robinson is the most likely source of origin. The Convincing Ground Massacre was a massacre of the Indigenous Gunditjmara people Kilcarer gundidj clan by British settler whalers based at Portland Bay in South-Eastern Australia. Aboriginal Victoria - The Lovett brothers, Aboriginal Victoria - The Lovett Brothers, Herald Sun - Five brave Lovett brothers among the WWI diggers to be commemorated for centenary celebrations, The Age - Lovett family war effort comes of age, ABC News - Aboriginal brothers recognised for unprecedented military service, ABC News - Fight for compensation over land Aboriginal war veteran Herbert Lovett was refused, ABC Ballarat - Aboriginal digger's son prepared to take justice fight to Canberra, The Standard - Fighting for a shot at a better life, a trait of the Lovett family, Aboriginal soldiers: rewarded with racism and discrimination, The Conversation - The detective work behind the Budj Bim eel traps World Heritage bid, Discovering Anzacs - Edward McDonald Lovett courtesy of Alison Bond, Wendy Lear and Chery Bulter. Alfred participated in the battle of the Somme in France, including battles for Poziéres and Mouquet Farm. [1], The massacre has been recognised by academics and state officials as a significant event in the state's history, with Professor Lynette Russell from Australian Indigenous Studies at Monash University saying that the "Convincing Ground is probably the first recorded massacre site for Victoria. He was also a well-known jockey. Leonard, commonly known as Charlie, enlisted on 27 May 1916 and served as a Private in the 39th Battalion of the 3rd Division. The Lovett family have continued this legacy through military service. The Fighting Gunditjmara were back on country to gather inspiration from the land and the spirit of their Ancestors. Click here to register a team. Between 1941–42, he was stationed in Australia as a Private with the 3rd Garrison Battalion. Jill Bott, at home in Bilgola, in Sydney’s northern beaches. He fought on the Western Front as a Private in the 15th Machine Gun Company and participated in the attack that broke the Hindenburg Line in 1918, the last and strongest of the German army's defence.

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