The image that was being depicted at the time was cold-hearted and unjust, and he was designed with a calculating and intellectual image, but I am taking my hat off to Mr. [2], Empty House allows Holmes to disguise himself as another person, even another Heroic Spirit, though his disguised Parameters cannot exceed his own and he cannot use any Skills or Noble Phantasms that the individual possesses.[1][7][8]. Even though he was summoned as a Servant, due to “The End of the Spider Thread” Skill, he has become a being that one must always be careful around.[2]. According to Bedivere, Sherlock gives off the same odor as Merlin. C[1][2] Rank: A+ ○天賦の見識:A++ However, he also says there is no physical evidence of any of their existences either through historical records, cultural anthropology, or archaeology. C[1] Or so it is said. 天賦の見識 A++ Agility: B+ F/GO Stage 2 He feels as if the World is tell him that not all illusions and dreams need to be laid bare. End of the Spider Thread [2], Moriarty's Class Skills are Independent Action (A+) and Magic Resistance (D). Deal significant damage to a single enemy. English VA: 物事の本質を捉える能力。鋭い観察眼はあらゆる情報を見逃すことがない。 His Noble Phantasms are Absolute Reasoning (絶対推理, Zettai Suiri?) TYPE-MOON Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Noble Phantasm: B [2] His greatest Nemesis was James Moriarty. Servants of Fate/Grand Order x Himuro's World, (1 turn), Increase your NP Strength by 20% (3 turns), Reduces Critical Stars by 10 on use. Archer has the body of a 55 years old man. (ただし、さすがに手の中に突然発生したりはしない。どこかに在るそれを、ホームズないし協力者が発見せねばならない) [1], In addition, although the Holmes Series itself is a collection of works that should be called the pioneer of every “mystery”, it could perhaps be said that Moriarty is also the fundamental being for a charismatic criminal that “plans crimes without receiving any wrongdoing for that”. Prior to the events of Sherlock Moriarty's earliest known crime was when he killed a schoolboy in his year known as Carl Powers, who Moriarty claimed \"laughed at him\" so stopped him laughing. Holmes once said that he was the "Napoleon of the Criminal World“ - despite being a simple mathematics professor, his organization web supposedly spread all over Europe. A+[1] Agility: Region: England Holmes once said that he was the 「Napoleon of the criminal world」 despite being a simple mathematics professor, his organization web supposedly spread all over Europe. And also a calm and composed man. Assuming that he is born from stories, then the stories mi… Bold and yet precise. Dislikes: Servant, Human They enter the simulator, but the environment isn't a recreation of one Ritsuka rayshifted. Instead it is cyberspace thanks to Babbage's program transporting Ritsuka and Sherlock into Chaldea's computer system. But is that really the truth? 世界最高にして唯一の顧問探偵。 His Noble Phantasm's name refers to the fictional book he authors in the novel "The Valley of Fear", as well as the Isaac Asimov story "The Ultimate Crime.". He lent his aid to the staff to remove the data, but he was forced to ask Babbage for help. Ritsuka and Mash then ask him if he's a historical figure or fictional character. Sherlock explains the simulator normally used to train contained an unsual mass of data within the mainframe's internal memory. クラス別能力 At the very least, Holmes himself should know the answer, but it's not a topic he brings up himself, and when the issue does come up in conversation, he always deftly evades the question. [1], Der Freischütz (EX) (魔弾の射手, Madan no Shashu? F/GO Stage 2 Sherlock Holmes Not. The ultimate destruction that Moriarty has set as his objective. F/GO Stage 1 His sharp eyes for observation will not overlook any sort of information. Writer who broke through that stereotype and obliged to write him as who he is now fascinatingly! [6], Elementary, My Dear is Holmes's Origin of "Elucidation" sublimated as a Noble Phantasm. [2], « My name is Sherlock Holmes. A[1] Rank: B  Type: Anti-Unit/Anti-World Also known as: This page was last modified on 12 June 2020, at 01:13. Servants of Fate/Grand Order x Himuro's World, The crystallization of the concept of detective; the representative of “those who reveal”. Source: r/FGOcomics: A place for Comics, Fanarts, Doujins, Cosplays, Animations and other fanmade FGO content. Its ammunition is infinite as well, but the drawbacks are that it is massive and it has an effect on his back. Holmes and the group become increasingly suspicious of Romani, as there is no other information about him before that point. Magic Resistance According to the setting revealed within the story, he engaged in a job that was like a criminal consultant so to speak or something. Takaya Hashi Anti-Unit/Anti-World[1][2] Though he is aware of its existence and has prepared plans against it, he does not tread too far into magecraft itself. Character type: Type: Anti-Army London: The Death World in the City of Demonic Fog, Shinjuku Phantom Spirit Incident: The Malignant Quarantined Demonic Realm, Agartha: The Mythical Subterranean Society, Götterdämmerung: The Eternal Ice-Flame Century. 身長/体重:183cm・65kg Max Targets: 100 ランク:B+ Behind the Scenes Height: EX[1][2] Any kind of mystery, crime, and scheme cannot run from Holmes' eyes. Male[1] F/GO Stage 3 He manifest as the protagonist of a novel series (or so we are lead to believe by his behavior). However, the story goes that the seventh shot alone was fired towards someone the demon wanted - in other words, someone who would bring despair to the contractor. According to the setting revealed within the story, he engaged in a job that was like a criminal consultant so to speak - or something. He is fine with this though since reality like a fleeting dream to them, one that would end if Rhongomyniad, which secures the current reality, was removed. Height: 175cm In the story, a huntsman obtains magic bullets that always bring down the targeted prey by selling his soul to a demon. Ruler はたしてシャーロック・ホームズの物語はサー・ドイルが生み出した完全な創作なのか、あるいは実在したホームズの伝奇物語としてジョン・H・ワトソン医師が記したものなのか、それともその折衷か? (although he would later be revived......). Normal classes: Andersen mentioned that someone had already organized everything before he started his research. (1 turn), Apply Ignore Invincible to yourself. is an Archer-class Servant summoned by Ritsuka Fujimaru in the Grand Orders of Fate/Grand Order. Attention: This content is currently only available in the JP version of the game. Heroic Spirit The Old Spider Spins Its Web with Nostalgia,, Increase your Critical Star Gather Rate. Elementary, My Dear Star His desire to defeat Holmes also motivated many of his actions, including the aforementioned plan. アンロック条件:絆レベルを3にすると開放 True Name: At the very least, Holmes himself should know this. 出典:シャーロック・ホームズシリーズ Personal skills Gender: Male. It has been confined at 「Anti-Army」 due him being summoned as a Servant, but should his powers be amplified, the range would spread to 「Anti-City」, 「Anti-Country」. 『初歩的なことだ、友よ』 ルーラー Holmes also reveals that the Heroic Spirit inside Mash is, in fact, Galahad. モリアーティが目指す「惑星破壊」を具現化した宝具。 Level 3 Bond. Voiced by Hashi Takaya, Art by Honjou Raita. They use Trihermes to research about a certain incident. In the end, is the story of Sherlock Holmes a literary creation invented by Sir Doyle, or something written down by Dr. John H. Watson as a romantic tale about the real Holmes, or maybe even a blend between these two? 作中で明かされた設定によると、いわゆる犯罪コンサルタントのような仕事に携わっていたとか。, 『終局的犯罪』 [6], His primary weapon is his variable combat coffin, displaying usage of a chainsaw, machine gun, and rocket launcher, as well as simply swinging and hitting people with it via a chain attached to it. Chaotic Evil[1] Height: Holmes received a letter prior from his death, the letter explaining about his failed experiment and his Hyde persona. With Moriarty’s evil Charisma at the Rank of A, it is even feasible for him to control not just the United Kingdom, but the whole world from the shadows. I can say it at last, but I came up with and depicted the orientation and pose in the drawings of Moriarty’s standing pose so that it turns out the opposite to Holmes’. It has been said that Doyle praised the Holmes played by Gillete as “surpassing my novels”. その実態は如何に? While normally the data would be deleted after every session, but some fragments remained in the registry. Characteristics The records also tell that Romani Archaman was brought with Marisbilly into he war and a year later into Chaldea. [5], Moriarty boasts that “Because he died at that place, it is fitting to drag this coffin along.” Unexpectedly, it is a formidable weapon equipped with multiple heavy weapons such as a missile launcher and a light machine gun. その在り方は最早、人の域を超えて、“賢き者”“明かす者”の具現でさえある。 HiddenAttribute: That way of being has already exceeded the realms of men, and is already the embodiment of a “wise one”, “one who reveals”. Archer of ShinjukuProfessor MoriartyThe Napoleon of CrimeEmperor of the Criminal World

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