To unlock it, complete the following prerequisites. Final Fantasy 7 Remake Part 1 has 18 Main Chapters and 26 Side Missions (Odd Jobs). "A girl!! :(. That has to count for something -- it is, after all, what made so many video game characters famous in the 90s. and when you gain control, go off to the east to find an [ETHER] in a barrel. Try to slice and dice with Cloud, clearing as many as you can, but these bugger bandits have sleep. Take the Shortcut You expect me to … I'll be back in a while." You can also use the vending machine to buy some tunes and other items. Lower the arm, grab the container, and drop it on the rightmost yellow marker. Climb the ladder for a new objective. The dress Aerith wears is instead determined by the number of Side Quests completed in Chapter 8, the one where you officially meet her. Mom! I'm taking Cloud to Sector 7. When you are ready, speak to the Gatekeeper for your last brawl. Completing one questline will lock the other one. This walkthrough will guide you through all objectives of The Town That Never Sleeps Main Mission. What do you mean by that!? The first is your encounter with Johnny after seeing him sprint past you as you’re heading towards Don Corneo’s mansion, the second is the coin toss with Chocobo Sam, … Chapter 1: The Destruction of Mako Reactor 1. Then exit to the main menu. Go east, bash the crates for items, and open the barrel for [1000 GIL], a real reward! To begin, move forward down the linear-themed pathway to a cutscene of Wall Market. Drop any Summons to help, and control Cloud here and stay to the side so you don't get locked in. :). Boss Battle: Beck, Butch, and Burke194 EXP / 9 AP / 240 Gil / Potion. If you’d like to choose between the three, here are images of each. There is a cutscene after the fight, then you should heal at the blue bench. Back at the center area, take the south door this time leading to the waypoint. Upon starting this chapter, you’ll be surprised that Aerith knew what Cloud was up to and decides to join the party to help you reach Sector 7. After the heartfelt moment on the playset (doesn't Aerith know Cloud already has Jessie and Tifa giving him their numbers?) You can buy new items, equipment, and materia from the stores, but otherwise, head to the waypoint on your map to continue the story. Follow Aerith -- who is Usain Bolt in high heels -- to reach the Honeybee Inn. So in the beginning of FF7 Remake Chapter 9, Aerith will be there to stop you every time you leave the room. Colosseum Fight: Hell House650 XP / 10 AP / 650 Gil / Fuzzy Wuzzy. Prepare for some very rough waters! You find Cloud macking on Don Juan. After the scene, head through the doors and talk to Queen Bee in the center of the trio. Simply attack away with Cloud and Aerith, avoiding being in front of it, while you fill up the Stagger bar. The Town That Never Sleeps starts when you complete Budding Bodyguard. At the waypoint, talk to the guy outside, then enter the place for a cutscene. Final Fantasy VII Remake is, at times, more than an action-adventure title where you slice monsters with a massive blade, but an important section in the middle of the game also has to carefully select a dress for each of the main characters to wear. Generally, the strategy is to control both characters so they don't get hit too hard, focus on one, stay above half health, and survive while giving your best attacks and magic. Here are the three dress options to provide you with space to make an informed decision. After the fight, talk to the Gatekeeper (Stetson Cowboy Hat and Ray-Ban Sunglasses) to continue with these gladiator matches. I guess Cloud missed prom because he was playing too much FF7, too. You have to Russell Crowe for four fights. Final Fantasy VII Remake is currently available for PlayStation 4. Aerith asks if there is anyone around but doesn't think so. And clear the bandits first since the filthy thieves want your gil. Upon starting this chapter, you’ll be surprised that Aerith knew what Cloud was up to and decides to join the party to help you reach Sector 7. To the left, destroy the crates for items, then move forward to find a Sweeper Prototype. After the cutscene, you have a dialogue choice and then a Shinra cutscene. Final Fantasy 7 Remake Chapter 9 Side Quests. Pause and equip Tifa with any new equipment or materia you've acquired since you last saw her eons ago, then open the barrel for a [TURBO ETHER]. Use the console to play with the robot arm again. Inside, follow the lackey's orders: ascend the stairs, loop around to the other side, and open the door near the waypoint. This is what the game says about Hell House: "When it shifts barriers, hit it with the opposing element, such as ice to fire or lightning to wind, to rapidly fill its stagger gauge. Reward: 3 Mega-Potions, HP and MP restored. I also recommend using a Summon here, as this fight is actually hard enough to warrant a Summon. "A girl!! It's best to be defensive here because the Hell House can deal major damage. Talk to him for a cutscene. Afterward, head through the gate to reach Wall Market!

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