Behind you, you can find a vending machine and a bench. Destroy the motor of the fan to stop it and head up the ladder. 13 A Broken World. The next area has Varghidpolis that you need to defeat, followed by a Sweeper prototype and a Smogger. Contributions to Fextralife Wikis are licensed under a, Chapter 13: A Broken World - Final Fantasy 7 Remake, Chapter 1: The Destruction of Mako Reactor 1. After the cutscene, Barret joins the party. Head straight and keep on moving. Phil Hornshaw Keep on defeating them, until the boss, Failed Experiment shows up. After climbing the second ladder, go across the narrow path on the left and you’ face multiple Ringmaw. Story Quest are mandatory to complete Final Fantasy 7 Remake. When you're ready, continue forward and you'll encounter a new enemy, swarm of. At the end of the tunnel, break. These guys are pretty weak generally, but can be a problem if they come after you in big numbers. PS5 Console Preview: An Un-PlayStation Look That's Stark And Striking, Top New Games Releasing On Switch, PS4, Xbox One, And PC This Week -- October 25-31, 2020, By You need a javascript enabled browser to watch videos. Go in. Follow the original path, defeat the other Bugaboos and head up the ladder to the next lobby. Keep going down the hall, past the fallen rubble, to find a chest with 2,000 gil inside. Defeat them and head up the ladder. After the cutscene, head up the second floor of the house and head inside the … It utilizes lightning. After the cutscene, you are to head to sector 7. Use the attack with two full charges and you can shoot down lots of Unknown Entities in one go. Successfully defeating it will reward you with 950 Gil, 5 SP, and a new weapon for Tifa, a pair of. At the top of the stairs, turn left and shoot the crane to drop the pathway ahead. Terms of Use and © 2020 CBS Interactive Inc. All rights reserved. Checking on Friends. Inside, there's more Shinra boxes and another chest containing 1x, After grabbing both items, head back outside and make your way up the stairs and you'll find another cage door that you can destroy. Maximum Fury, Focused Shot, and Overcharge are good for dealing a lot of damage to the weak point. At the start, Barret is searching for Marlene in the debris. On the other side, you'll find a chest containing 1x, Once you climb down the ladder, you'll find a hallway at the side where you can find a chest that has 1x, As you continue forward, you'll encounter the, For the second group of enemies, it will be another group of, Before you climb up the ladder, there's a chest on the left side that has 1x, When you reach the top, you'll encounter another group of, You'll find the rest of the survivors and. Before following the stairs, turn left, defeat the Bugaboo and break the mechanical claw to get to another container. You'll now have your team separated, with Tifa dealing with small enemies and Barret stuck closer to the big guy. Go right from the vending machine, and a cutscene will trigger. After the cutscene, head up the second floor of the house and head inside the room where Marlene is resting. Once you're reunited with Tifa, head up the stairs and destroy the Shinra boxes first that's on the left. Tifa walks up to him and informs him that she asked Aerith to … You can shoot the doors open to get a container and materia. You'll encounter more enemies along the way and more Shinra boxes that you can destroy. The middle fan is the path forward. Chapter 13: A Broken World is a Story Quest in Final Fantasy 7 Remake. Shoot the wall ahead to trigger another cutscene. Eventually, after fighting your way through the enemies, you'll reach the top where you'll find a chest and a vending machine. Go through the one on the right to find some crates to smash and the one on the left to get to a chest with an ether inside. You'll reach the facility and find Tifa on the other end fighting some monsters. You take control of Barret. Keep moving down the tunnel, fighting through some bandits, until you can cross onto the other tracks on the north side. Instead, turn and head north, blasting through a barrier to access a chest. You'll start by navigating through wreckage near Evergreen Park. In the middle of the battle, you will automatically switch to Tifa so that you can close the ducts. You want to use Tifa to kill the smaller enemies and try to get the Failed Experiment's attention, while Barret focuses his fire on the "Appendage" target on the Failed Experiment's back. Simply follow Barret through the tunnel until you're back on the surface of the slums section of Sector 7. As the fight ends, a cutscene will trigger and Cloud will join you. Head straight and go down the ladder and under the debris. Cut over to the left into the concrete building to find a Star Pendant accessory inside a chest. Before you reach, For this main scenario, you'll be taking control of. Final Fantasy 7 Remake 's Chapter 13 shakes up your team once again, putting you through your combat paces with a different group of fighters than you're probably used to. Run toward the wall, because the Failed Experiment will start wrecking the walkway while you're on it. When that happens, take control and head to the staircase as quickly as possible to advance the fight to its next phase, when the Failed Experiment appears. At the end of the platforms, you get a vending machine and a bench. Here we have prepared the complete walkthrough for FF7 Remake Chapter 13 A Broken World. Keep going until you hit a defunct subway tunnel with graffiti on the walls; look in the doorway right when you enter the passage to find a chest with a Heavy-Duty Bracer armor. There are multiple cells here. At the same time, keep Barret on the move to avoid the Toxic Volley attack, which will afflict you with Poison. + Show More Final Fantasy 7 Remake News Links (2), Final Fantasy 7 Remake Dress Guide: How To Get Every Dress In Wall Market, What Would Suit Tifa Choices: Final Fantasy 7 Remake Dress Guide, Final Fantasy 7 Remake Guide: Corneo's Secret Stash Locations, Final Fantasy 7 Remake Materia Guide: Essential Materia You Might've Missed, Continue in our Final Fantasy 7 Remake Walkthrough Chapter 14: In Search Of Hope. Before doing so, make sure to check the end of the hallway to find another obstacle that you can destroy. Barret picks up Wedge and you get back to the surface, ending Final Fantasy 7 Remake Chapter 13: A Broken World. Behind the rubble is another chest containing 1x. Final Fantasy 7 Remake Chapter 13: A Broken World At the start, Barret is searching for Marlene in the debris. From there you head to Aerith’s house. Next, proceed to the marked objective and shoot down the large ventilator to reach the next section. Here, first, turn left and clear the debris to get a container, then head left of the main path. Here, Wedge’s cat will come and lead you to Wedge.

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