“Canada prides itself as being a leader in refugee protection. If you want to present yourself to one of our offices, please consult the following hyperlink for addresses: http://www.cas-satj.gc.ca/en/operations/locations.shtml. Members of the public and media seeking access to a remote hearing should write to Information@fca-caf.gc.ca and provide the following information in relation to the hearing that they would like to gain access to: case name, case number and hearing date. This report by The Canadian Press was first published Oct. 27, 2020. Advocates for refugees said they were disappointed with the appeal court decision. Note, however, that the prescribed security interest carve-out is rather convoluted and hard to apply. For general enquiries and for any question regarding Federal Court of Appeal practice, procedure and forms, please contact the Registry office in Ottawa: 613-996-67951-800-565-0541TDD: 613-995-4640. For general enquiries and for any question regarding Federal Court of Appeal practice, procedure and forms, please contact the Registry office in Ottawa:. By checking this box, I agree to the terms of service and privacy policy of Rogers Media. {* legalAcceptanceAcceptButton *}, {* backButton *} Chad Sullivan and Kathleen Nash In late June 2020, the Federal Government released the official version of the new Work Place Harassment and Violence Prevention Regulations¹ (“Regulations”) along with Bill C-65, the federal anti-harassment and…, Sara Espinal Henao Canada wants entrepreneurs. TD Bank was trying to equate the deemed trust with a floating charge based in part of the Supreme Court of Canada’s reasoning in the. The merits of the government appeal can be heard in a full hearing a month later in February. | Cover 4, World Series sets another low for television viewers, Review: In 'His House,' nightmares from the migrant crisis, T-Mobile offers up yet another TV streaming service, Reimagining ‘The Craft’ for a new batch of aspiring witches, 5 video games for kids to while away the fall hours - that parents might like, too. The Federal Court of Appeal has original jurisdiction over applications for judicial review and appeals in respect certain federal tribunals. As of 2020, the Chief Justice's salary is $344,400 and the other judges, including the supernumerary judges, earn $314,100 annually. The Federal Court of Appeal has jurisdiction to hear appeals from judgments of the Federal Court and the Tax Court of Canada. Finally, TD Bank argued that the Court failed to consider that TD Bank did not advance funds for the debtor’s business but rather secured against a personal residence. There is some suggestion that the CRA’s position is that it would not likely go behind a comfort letter even where a subsequent audit may give it grounds to do so except, for example, in the circumstance where the lender has actual knowledge of pending HST issues. You have activated your account, please feel free to browse our exclusive contests, videos and content. With a strong and stable economy, world leading growth opportunities across industries, and a highly educated workforce, it is a great place to build a dynamic business that can…, Killian McParland Earlier today, the Supreme Court of Canada released a new decision with significant implications for employers in Matthews v. Ocean Nutrition Canada Ltd. Subsequent to this, The Toronto-Dominion Bank (“TD Bank”) provided loans to the debtor secured by mortgages against his personal residence. [2], Salaries are determined annually by the Judicial Compensation and Benefits Commission.

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