what a stunner! On November 3, 1970, actress and political activist Jane Fonda was arrested at an airport in Cleveland for possession of drugs.

The mugshot below is of the man, the myth, the infamous legend, Charles Ponzi, the inventor of the Ponzi scheme. If you have the time, also see Russian Ark, a 99 minute Steadicam shot.
Of course, the civil rights leader was a target for the police, like the time he was taken to jail an Alabama jail for driving 30 mph in a 25 mph zone.

When he was arrested, Escobar gave the officers a choice: “plata o plomo.” It means “silver or lead,” and in this case, the officers chose the lead. 4 legends of lost or hidden treasure in Arizona, World War I’s famous legend: The Angels of Mons, Papin Sisters and the murders that haunt France, The spooky tale of Indiana’s ‘Witches’ Castle’, Lady Dai: The 2,000+ year old, beautifully preserved mummy, Copyright © 2020 Novelty Magazines Inc. DBA 101 Network, alliance between the mafia and US government during WWII.

Now the only reason these shots are recommended for women is some have funny names, a few are creamy and sweet, and the rest have just enough of fruity kick, but may leave you dancing with a strange guy, or waking up on the bathroom floor. Example: Every shot of an animal in a black and white Tarzan movie. A shot where the camera is fixed in one position while the action continues off-screen. Jan 22, 2019 - Explore Ody45's board "VINTAGE FAMOUS FACES AND CANDID SHOTS 2", followed by 735 people on Pinterest.
Not the first but the best. Think the Raiders warehouse or the Ewok village or Chris Hewitt's house.

Boston gangster “Whitey” Bulger was arrested in 1956 for hijacking and armed robbery, but this mugshot was taken upon his admittance to Alcatraz Prison in 1959.

Example: Andy Dufresne throwing his hands up into the rain having finally escaped from Shawshank prison in The Shawshank Redemption (1994). Beloved by Busby Berkeley to shoot dance numbers in patterns resembling snowflakes. Ponzi arrived from Italy in the United States with just $2.50 in his pocket, and sixteen years later he would be a millionaire. He was charged with lewd and lascivious behavior, indecent exposure, profanity, and public drunkenness.

This mugshot became a symbol of defiance, notably for her raised fist and “punk-style” haircut. Two-Shot. Thanks for making my life special. Beloved by directors of musicals. Hearst was finally captured by the FBI in September 1975, and despite the fact that she argued during her trial that she was brainwashed by her captors, the jury found her guilty. He obly served 10 years of his 50-year sentence, because he was released after securing an alliance between the mafia and US government during WWII. His music would suggest that he spent a great deal of time in prison, but despite being arrested so many times, he only spent one night in jail his whole life.

After 16 hours in jail, he was released on bond. Whether it’s a civil rights leader like Martin Luther King, or a career criminal like Pablo Escobar, we have the stories of how some of the most famous people ever were arrested. Aka a wide shot.

From Coraline to ParaNorman check out some of our favorite family-friendly movie picks to watch this Halloween.

His personality has always been a little out there, but most remember the three times he was arrested after becoming “Heavy Weight Champion of the World.” You would also be surprised to learn that he was arrested 38 times by the time he was 13 years old! Example: The dolly shots in the trenches during Stanley Kubrick's Paths Of Glory (1957).

Example: Henry Hill (Ray Liotta) taking his new girl (Lorraine Braco) through the Copa by the back entrance in Goodfellas (1990). Was this review helpful to you? Vladimir Lenin became the first Premier of the Soviet Union in 1917, but prior to that, he was a revolutionary and all-around nuisance to the Russian monarchy. A remarkable archive of photos uncovered in America shows how some of the biggest names went personally to the factory to collect their Cadillacs. They go down quickly.

The CIA wants him to lead a rescue mission into Iraq, to rescue the last rescue team, who went in to rescue the last rescue team who... who went in to rescue hostages left behind after Desert Storm.

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