(1867-1946), a scientist and President of Poland during 1926-1939. (1566-1636), famous Polish alchemist. He published many works, including his observations on recently discovered planetoids. He was an outstanding astronomer who published the earliest exact maps of the moon. . – This German bridge architect built many impressive pedestrian bridges all Jörg Schlaich are Natchez Trace Parkway Bridge and the Sunshine Skyway Bridge. suspension bridges. , Poland. , 17-century deputy of the Polish Royal Artillery; may be considered a precursor of space flight. Reichtein also worked on glycosides of plants. He also found that the synthesis of urea in the organism takes place in the liver. He developed the theory that Earth and other planets move around the Sun. A group of scientists from the Military Technical Academy headed by Kaliski in collaboration with scientists from the Institute of Nuclear research obtained – with the help of a laser beam and a “Focus’ type system – a plasma temperature of several tens of millions of degrees Centigrade, i.e. Ganter Bridge. He was the creator of original methods of healing. – Famous bridge engineer that managed during his post-World War II career In addition to many other types of He was interested in the theory of relativity. In 1510 he wrote Commentariolus (a summary of his theory), which was not published until 1540. Conde McCullough He developed the most important research into certain fields of electronics and radio-engineering. and Cleveland. In total, he built 14 bridges between 1896 and 1938 and consulted on several more. He was the first to apply mathematical statistics in anthropological and ethnographic research in Central Africa. He was executed by the Nazis in Warsaw in 1943. His company built the Grand Trunk Railway from Toronto to Sarnia (1853-57), and also the international bridge across the Niagara River at Fort Erie in 1873. This pleograph, or apparatus for taking photographs and projecting pictures, was built before the Lumiere Brothers lodged their patent. He set up the ambitious goal of raising $1 million endowment for future generations of Poles to study in the United States and for Americans to study in Poland. The Polish Army was eventually overcome by superior numbers at Maciejowice on October 10, 1794. and segmental concrete construction method. century. Your principles and dispositions were made to be honored, revered and loved. He formulated the “Boguski Rule” concerning the dissolution of solids in liquids. He also devised a theory on the strength of railway tracks. Consider these resume tips to polish this very important document to help you with landing jobs as a civil engineer. (1844-1938), pioneer airplane constructor. His notable claim to fame is Therefore, Ochorowicz can be said to have been one of the first to conceive the idea of television. Its solution opened the road to important results in the new theory of partial differential equations. He was a son of a world famous actress Helena Modjeska (Modrzejewska). He identified the kidney ailment known as “Dietl’s Crisis.” In 1858, at Dietl’ insistence, the Balneological Commission of the Krakow Scientific Association conducted a physical and chemical analysis of the saline springs at Rabka: the springs were found to contain the best concentration of Iodine-bromine salines in Europe. Szczepanik patented many important inventions which were of use in textile machinery, electric television, color photography and films, and devised a method for the optical registration of sound. Unlike many of his contemporaries, Kościuszko’s father was not willing to treat the serfs who worked his farms like slaves. In 1952, he co-discovered with J. Pniewski a new kind of matter, an atom nucleus, which alongside a proton and neutron contains a third particle: the lambda hyperon. The younger brother of Jan, Jedrzej was a chemist, medical doctor, biologist and philosopher. Explorer of Mato Grosso and Gran Chaco. He was devoted to such diverse disciplines as philosophy, mathematics, economics and politics. He made various discoveries in the field of embryology. In 1897, he announced his discovery of a mysterious substance secreted by the adrenal cortex and influencing blood pressure. The plan Orion was proposed by Ulam for nuclear propulsion of space vehicles. (1909-1984), an American nuclear scholar born in Poland; known for his activities in Manhattan Project (1942-1947) that lead to the creation of nuclear weapons in Los Alamos. (1937-), born in Zloczow, Poland. There is even a town in Texas named after him—Kościuszko, Texas. (1768-1838), born in Znina, Poland. […] He succeeded in synthesizing vitamin C (ascorbic acid) in 1933. He tried to explain the aspects of all human activities. (1833-1876), born in Siechnow, Poland. Industrial Revolution. Lord Jesus Christ, eternal and universal King, bring our nation into harmony with your divine will. Francisco. The methods of measurement and typology established by Czekanowski are now used by the majority of anthropologists. He also worked as a professor at Harvard University. (1859-1944), expert on rail communications. He served as a physician, and also worked on the principles of currency reform. Polish Engineer Invented the Modern Kerosene Lamp. © 2020 Polish American Chamber of Commerce Pacific Northwest. He worked in Siberia and Asia where The Mountains of Czekanowski bear his name (long 320 kilometers and high 529 meters). Isambard Kingdom Brunel (1820-1889), physician; established systematic tuberculosis sanatoria in Zakopane in Tatra Mtns. his most famous designs today are most likely Sunniberg Bridge and the In 1927, he built the first welded road bridge in the world. (1903-1973), biologist; pupil of Ivan Pavlov. He designed the stunning Golden Gate Bridge in San Carrie is the co-author with George Weigel of City of Saints: A Pilgrims Guide to John Paul II’s Krakow. Washington Bridge and the Bayonne Bridge in New York City. As an author of “Polish notion,” he became the founder of the “new triple logics” and member of Lvov-Warsaw school of mathematical logic. The phrase “Hail Mary” has long been associated with football, but seldom in such an edifying way as this. He was the Nobel Prize winner in 1950 in Medicine and Physiology for the discoveries relating to the hormones of the adrenal cortex – structure and biological effects. John Roebling EWTN News, Inc. is the world’s largest Catholic news organization, comprised of television, radio, Sendzimir was a recipient of an Honorary Degree from the University of Mining and Metallurgy. (1867-1934), famous physicist, twice a winner of the Nobel Prize in 1903 and in 1911. He introduced a new direction of research and established new theories concerning the physiology of the brain. (1875-1945), inventor. print and digital media outlets, dedicated to reporting the truth in light of the Gospel and the He was awarded an honorary Doctoral Degree from. (1845-1888), physicist; he researched the phenomena of gas diffusion in liquids and solids. Her works include Statistical Mechanics and Elementary Theory of Nuclear Shell Structure. in 1932. developing modern concept of match-casting precast segments. Eventually, the grassroots efforts lead to a city resolution on July 19, 1820, establishing the site as an official memorial. He believed that they were entitled to some autonomy, freedom and happiness. Maria Sklodowska-Curie was the first woman awarded the Nobel Prize for physics; she helped to establish the Radium Institute in. He also explained the mechanism of acquired reflexes, known as secondary conditioned reflexes. (1896-1995), orthopeadic surgeon. He was an organic chemist who pioneered in vegetable dye chemistry. He replaced hand mining with drilling machinery and steam power. This substance, named adrenalin, was the first hormone to be discovered. He was the author of basic methods of welding steel structures. (1946-), astronomer, who first discovered an extrasolar planet. , astronomer. He also advanced a new hypothesis on the structure of galactic clusters. (1866-1911), physician. A chemist educated in the US; the Nobel Prize winner in 1981 for the “application of molecular orbital theory to chemical reactions.” Together with Robert Woodward formulated the Woodward-Hoffman Rules of Orbital Symestry. unique bridge designing style that involved supporting bridge decks using (1884-1914), physicist; student of Maria Sklodowska-Curie. bridges are built by the introduction of new cable-stayed bridge systems Andrew Wiles. He was the first to introduce the isotope method in the study of changes in phosphorus compounds in the organism.

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