A native of Tuscany, Leonardo da Vinci, was born April 15, 1452. The Italian film actress performed in well over 30 films, with a few of the most notable being Houseboat, The Pride and the Passion, Ready to Wear, Grumpier Old Men, and It Started in Naples. Italians have had their fair share of famous people and today we want to celebrate them. Frank Sinatra was born to the Italian immigrants Natalie Della Garaventa and Antonino Sinatra on December 12th, 1915 in Hoboken, New Jersey. He is a famous actor, director, screenwriter and producer. Federico Fellini’s number one actor, the man that pops up in anyone’s mind when they think about the real Italian man. Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta  commonly known as Lady Gaga was born to Cynthia and Joseph Germanotta descending from Italian and remote French-Canadian roots. [12], The Philadelphia area has a large number of Italian restaurants. Famous Italians in America May 8, 2012, DE, 1 Comment Near the end of the nineteenth century in Italy, most of the agricultural land was owned by the noble class. Born in either 1181 or 1182 in Assisi, a province of Perugia in the Umbria region of Italy, St. Francis of Assisi was a Roman Catholic friar.
Madona was educated a St.Frederick’s and St. Andrew’s elementary schools and then at West Middle School. In 1923 she was the first woman, and the first Italian, to be featured on the cover of Time magazine. 10 Steps To Making Espresso In A Moka, The Italian Coffee... Best Street Markets in Florence the complete list. Italian immigrants from this period predominantly originated from towns within Genoa Province, Liguria,[2] including Genoa and Chiavari, while only a small number came from Veneto. She was born in New York on March 28, 1986. Di Giacomo, author of Italians in Philadelphia, wrote that the first population was "in much smaller numbers" than the mass immigrant groups of the late 19th Century. [13], Historically the Italian newspapers in Philadelphia included La Libera Parola, L'Opinione, and Il Popolo Italiano. If you think about the 60s in Italy, actually the 60s in the world, you can’t forget about the one and only Sophia Loren. He played a Heroine addict’s role in The Panic in Needle Parkland. Do I really need to sit here and talk about Leonardo some more? , mason Alfredo James Pacino was born in East Harlem, New York City, New York, US on April 25, 1940. She has been nominated 292 times and has won 150 awards. [12] In 2007 Di Giacomo wrote in 2007 that "the Germantown settlement is 98 percent gone today". September 20, 2016 [6], In the end of the 19th Century Italians immigrating to Philadelphia mainly came from peasant villages in the south of Italy and were from lower socioeconomic backgrounds. He worked for 24 years in the region Pimeria Alta which is modern Sonora Mexico and Southern Arizona. Pacino received his early education from Fiorello H. LaGuardia High School, New York.In his early life, during the period of unemployment, he had at times to sleep in streets, theaters or at friend’s houses.
The Italians are well-known for their love of arts and culture and there are many famous Italians in all spheres of life.

[3], Italians coming to Philadelphia were predominantly Catholic. What about the famous Italians in history?

He was a merchant traveler whose travelogues, such as Il Milione (English title: The Travels of Marco Polo), telling the tales of his journey from the Silk Road to China, etc., are popular all over the world. During the 18th Century Colonial Era of the United States, Italian migrants to Philadelphia came from higher class backgrounds and were considered to be accomplished in business, art, and music. Famous Italian Artists. Here are a few wise words from some of Italy's finest natives! His artwork is world renowned and featured in famous museums across the global. So, let’s go on and celebrate the famous Italian people, great italian people that made this country even more famous in the whole world ( discover more on how to be italian). He is one of Hollywood’s most influential and innovative directors. Apartments in Italy for rent: a full guide for your travels, Italian Holidays and traditions and how much gain you’re gonna put on, 10 Rules For Eating in Italy Without Scaring the Italians, 10 Italian Slang Expressions You Can’t Live Without. Frank Sinatra received 11 Grammy Awards which included; Grammy Trustees Award, Grammy Legend and Grammy Lifetime Achievement award. "[11] Some Italians were Protestant. I mean you can’t go on thinking about a variety of famous Italians in different fields, like art, music, cinema, sport, journalism, science and many more. His middle name is to honor Henry Ford Hospital, where he was born. , mason A great talent that should be out there more and more. Madona has sold more than 300 million records worldwide and has been recorded in the Guinness world Records as the ‘World’s Top Selling Female Recording Artist of All Time’. Amadeo Giannini was born to Italian Immigrant parents, in San Jose, California on May 6, 1870 and died on June 3, 1949.He was educated at Heald College, San Francisco, California.

During his interaction with the Native Americans, he found two native flutes which are now preserved in Museo Civico di Scienze Naturali, Bergamo, Italy. In 1928 Giannini and Orra E.Monnette agreed upon the merger known as, Bank of America’ the largest bank of the country.

An astronomer, physicist, engineer, philosopher, and mathmetician, we can thank Galileo for a large majority of our scientific knowledge still to this day. He was a priest, Missionary and Explorer. You have entered an incorrect email address! [4], In the community's initial history (circa prior to the 1850s-1860s) about 67% of the residents were male, and about 67% were ages 15–44. Dante, Boccaccio, Petrarca are certainly the most famous writers, but many others influenced the world like Machiavelli or contempory writers like Luigi Pirandello or Umberto Eco.

Synonymous with the word "speed", Mario Andretti is one of only two racecar drivers who have won races in Formula One, World Sportscar Championship, IndyCar, and NASCAR. He received his early education at Innsbruck, Austria and got his religious training at Freiburg, Ingolstadt and Landberg, Bavaria. List of famous Italian men with their biographies that include trivia, interesting facts, timeline and life history. Camillo Benso Conte di Cavour (1810 – 1861) Contributed to the unification of Italy.

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