Some of these are peaceful homesteaders, just trying to make their way in the world. Is that better? Unfortunately, this means that none of the choices ever feel too meaningful. In baseline Fallout 76, I observed that gunfire felt like throwing packing peanuts at Jason Momoa. Here is one of those NPCs, looking faintly mournful that vidbud Matthew, who I played with, has barged halfway through their ribcage in his gigantic wearable JCB digger. It's here where I feel Wastelanders most obviously squanders away most of its potential. Character models will still sleep standing up, t-pose inside of other equipment, and clip through the environment. Alas, they stay put in your camp, but as well as helping to defend it, they occasionally offer story quests, and little bits of conversation. For devotees of the Fallout series, it’s probably upgraded to “pretty decent”. For instance, if I didn't have a high enough Intelligence stat to comment on a technical detail in a given situation, usually that same detail would just be parroted back at me later in the dialogue. Please enable Javascript to view comments. It was actually fun. A super mutant named Gail acting as an adoptive mother for a young human child named Ra-Ra and a charismatic charmer named Johnny are fun enough on their own, but the highlight has to be a crass woman named Weasel, a raider who's lost the ability to speak and must now communicate through a voiced collar (think of Dug in Pixar's Up). If you click our links to online stores and make a purchase we may receive a few pennies. These missions stretch out to a good few hours of play time, and are enough to get you to level six or seven without stopping to smell the mutants. By adding these characters and reducing them to simply a starting line for over a dozen fetch quests that have the same bland, unimaginative design as the base game, it comes across as though the root issue that often made the quests of the original game so incredibly boring remained completely unaddressed. There are two raggedy wanderers lurking around right as you leave Vault 76, and they soon direct you to a pub called the Wayward, which has sprung up to cater to all the newcomers to the area. Of all the gripes players (including this guy) had with baseline F76, by far the most prevalent was that it felt abandoned at launch. It was in these aspects where I hoped Wastelanders could provide a marked improvement. Fallout 76's notoriety is well known. As I’ve already suggested, you can get to a surprisingly high XP level with limited exposure to the original Fallout 76 storyline. Others are classic pipe-wielding maniacs, and serve as a palate cleanser in between jobbing masses of ghouls and the like. But then, Rome wasn’t hastily reconstructed from an out-of-season caravan park in Skegness either, which is kind of what it felt like Wastelanders had to do with the base game. There are still so, so, so many key bindings to keep track of. After being bombed to oblivion, Fallout 76 is finally crawling out of the ashes, and offering hope to the hardboiled souls who’ve stuck it out through the long, depressing winter. If the quests involved things like, to take an example from Wastelanders, a decision over whether to kill or spare a human NPC, it would have gotten awkward quickly. But that’s the path that’s been taken, and so here we are. The fact that I had to turn down romantic advances at the end despite avoiding the flirtatious line at every turn is just the icing on the cake for showcasing how stapled-on this particular aspect of Wastelanders feels. So is Fallout 76 a better game now than it was then? As a pure gameplay system, this was equally boring, diluting down the RPG experience down to mostly killing, looting, and repeating. Now it feels like trying to fend off an angry builder by whipping them with toilet paper. The Settler faction also has some strong character work with Jen, the daughter of a Chinese immigrant who feels as though she must constantly prove herself in an environment where many sneer at her heritage. And then, just when you’re starting to run out of Wastelanders-specific things to do, it throws the faction stuff at you. by Bryan Vitale on 20 April, 2020. I thought it was pretty cleverly done, and if you completed broad swathes of the main quest prior to playing through Wastelanders, it unlocks new dialogue options due if you’ve seen impressive things. I was hoping they’d be like the companions in Skyrim, carrying my burdens and the like (because good lord, there’s still a lot of fucking ball peen hammers to lug around in Fallout 76). Riot rewind today's "technical nightmare" of a Valorant update, Grounded swims with the fishes in the Koi Pond update, Co-op rat-basher Warhammer: Vermintide 2 is free to play this week, Destiny 2's next season brings back Uldren Sov as an ally, and I feel hope for its future. From: Steam, Bethesda In these little pocket dimensions, you can choose how to tackle problems, for example, a git trying to rob a bar at gunpoint, and make a whole load more choices than Fallout 76 previously allowed. Bethesda is hoping to turn the ship upright again with Fallout 76: Wastelanders, a free DLC add on that adds factions, a new storyline, and most bafflingly critically, NPCs. Without being able to reload and examine the extent of the different choices, it became a difficult thing to fully judge. There is still too much time spent in menus.

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