Because of this, she made a mark in the world of science and became the very first woman to bag a, 120 Surprising Facts About Norway The Land Of The Midnight Sun, This was also around the time that the Polish troops fought beside Napoleon Bonaparte in, From 1240 to  1241, the invasion of the Mongols in Poland came to an end after the Battle of Legnica. Aside from being a mayor and councilor in Danzig, Poland, Johannes Hevelius  founded Lunar Topography and became the first to describe and name ten kinds of new constellations. In total, the country has 17. laureates, which include five for Literature and four Peace Prizes. Together, the two discovered radium and polonium. Made of fossilized tree resin, Poland is the world’s biggest exporter of this precious material. After straining it out, the dumplings are pan-fried before it gets served. He started out by selling household goods in an open market in Leeds’ Kirkgate. :-).,,,, One of the hottest issues is the president’s recent hostile comments against the (LGBTQ) community. Forests in Poland take up at least 30% of the land area of the country. In fact, ⅓  of Poles can speak English to some degree. To his day, Polish cooking still references this cookbook. Adding insult to injury, the Mongols. For 45 years, the Poles lived under a Communist government where all the country’s key decisions were dependent on Moscow. Zapiekanka is Poland’s version of pizza. 2) The name "Poland" originates from the name of the tribe "Polanie" which means "people living in open fields". It has a long history of its formation and consists of sixteen voivodeships. For this democratic republic, the Prime Minister serves as the government’s head, while the President serves as the head of the state. Polish Catholics saved about 50 000 Jews, the rest (400 000) survived because they escaped to Soviet Union. There are at least 2,000 lakes in Poland. That said, this makes her the world’s 149th richest person. UNESCO World Heritage Sites are important places that have a natural and cultural heritage. The European Union is an economic and political union of 27 members. It’s a sweet and carbonated drink with a kick of orange flavor. Overall, it aims to ensure a free movement of goods, services, and people within the internal market in the Union. My husband is Polish and I really enjoyed reading so many interesting facts about his country. Here are 25+ interesting Poland facts to know: Here are some basic facts about Poland (population facts, size statistics, etc. Two days after the start of the invasion, France and Britain declared war with Germany – essentially starting World War II. In fact, it’s the fourth country with the most forests in Europe. Completed on November 6th, 2010, the statue stands 108 feet tall with its crown at 9.8 feet. Among the main purposes of the constitution was to protect the nation’s laborers and establish political equality between members of the noble classes and the Bourgeoisie. 10 Interesting Facts About Poland. Known as the country’s artistic capital, Krakow holds around 28 museums including many public art galleries and art collections. Unfortunately, the tower got torn down on August 8, 1991. The export of amber plays an important part in Poland’s economy. Curious to learn some Poland facts? Photograph by Smellme, Dreamstime The activists placed rainbow flags in the country’s public monuments. Poland comes from the tribe name “Polanie: which translates to “people living in open fields”. The highest peak in Poland is the mountain Rysy (8,199 ft) in the High Tatras. It is very nice list, thank you, but are some small mistakes. What’s more amazing is that Poland has also birthed many popular scientists and people thriving in their field of expertise. For many centuries, the history of Poland was very difficult and complicated, and the country vanished from the map of Europe by the end of the 18th century, divided by the neighboring countries. The Poland of today continues the traditions and customs of this history with origins in the Slavic culture. Following the Czech Republic and Germany, Poland consumes an average of 92 liters of beer annually. On November 11, Poland commemorates its Independence. The majority of Poland’s 38,433,600 residents have graduated from a post-secondary educational institution. Similarly, the Polish flag features an inverse of both colors, which draws inspiration from the Polish emblem of a white eagle on a red field.

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