>> Cursing 101: Part 1. The evil eye was traditionally a curse cast out of jealousy or envy and was thought to cause bad luck and injury to the recipient. All the player’s equipment glows brightly for 24 hours. Brewminate uses Infolinks and is an Amazon Associate with links to items available there. Character’s known languages are randomly determined after a long rest. This was an especially appalling crime because it erased the person’s memory from his or her final resting place. Reflavour spells and skill checks accordingly. Everytime a player deals damage the same amount is reflected back to a random party member. Irregardless of the cat is successful or not the cat will run away and hide. Every time the search a body they find another wooden spoon. Quick verbal curses are easy and effective, I’m not going to go into a terrible lot of detail on this one as it’s largely self-explanatory but there are a lot of excellent and very creative ideas to be had over at Casual Curses. Spitting is a powerful form of cursing, it takes some effort to work up enough saliva to spit on something while not taking up a terrible lot of time so you can work a lot of intent into one little action. (6). Our logo, banner, and trademark are registered and fully copyright protected (not subject to Creative Commons). Until the curse is lifted the character constantly sniffs and has a runny nose. All of the PC’s armor and clothing teleported off their body and always floats just out of reach. 7 Ancient Roman Curses You Can Work into Modern Life 1. This curse hardens all food this character tries to eat like stone, unless they have the correct eating utensil to eat it. Copper turns into wooden toy coins that children would play with. The same kinds of goods are found in all types of Lydian graves, and most frequent are items of adornment and implements of banqueting. Many of these tombs, therefore (especially of the upper class and nobility) were literal treasure troves and attracted the attention of robbers. (1d20 Amount, Roll 1d6 to determine type) Won’t take long for pockets to become overflowing if character doesn’t spend loose change. The first ritual performed after being cursed succeeds instantly, but when they next sleep the target must save vs. Con. can have a similar result. A perpetually magical darkness surrounds the character for 25 feet. Cybele’s statues were erected between buildings, for example, to make clear that one building’s business was distinct from that of the other and between properties for the same purpose. on a dumpster, toilet seat, a car tire, etc.) "MAY THE WORMS, CANCER, AND MAGGOTS PENETRATE" 4. Automatically fails all swimming checks; it’s as if the character weights 10 times their normal weight while in water. To avoid things going further than you’re comfortable with, it’s always best to be specific in these instances! In the same way that Cybele stood guard over people’s farmlands, homes, and businesses, she watched over their graves and made sure they remained pristine. So far in this series, we’ve been focusing on theoretical aspects of cursing. See "Terms of Service" link for more information. (ie They need a spoon to eat soup, a fork to eat pie, a knife to cut meat, etc). Today we’ll be wrapping up the Cursing 101 series and talking about types of curses. You can feed the mouth but you do not know what it will do. Roll a d100. Scholar Danielle S. Allen writes: The cost of an adult male’s food for a year was, on estimate, 36 drachmae, and the daily wage for an unskilled laborer at the end of the fourth century was 1.5 drachma so the power to fine to the tune of 10 and 50 drachmas was consequential…even a relatively minor court case could carry a penalty of up to 1000 drachmae. If they thought he would be taller, the character would become taller, etc…), The player is cursed to look down at the ground; they can no longer make eye contact with others, unless they are able to look down on them…. If they fail, their skin dries and their body catches alight, taking d6 damage per turn. Effects of alcohol are heavily amplified, so that even drinking one drop of a fairly weak alcoholic beverage will make the PC drunk. (For example, if an NPC learns the player’s name and they believe their name to be elfish, they will become an elf. Character must read one book per week or die, it must be a book they have not read before. This is the form of cursing that most commonly involves taglocks as well. A player must close every door they walk through, even if there are people behind them. If you roll equal to or below the CR of the creature that cursed you, you instantly die. DNDSPEAK - Dndspeak - Extra content for your tabletop games. PCs weapon changes to the next material they touch. 3000 – 323 BC, Creative Commons: Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported, Sparta and the Collapse of Ancient Greece, Patriots and Loyalists: Differing Opinions and Sides in the American Revolution, Measuring Public Opinion from the 17th to 19th Centuries, Usurper: Stolen Valor in Ancient Rome’s Third Century Crisis, Four Emperors: A Year of Struggles for Power in the Ancient Roman Empire, The Three Major Forms of Modern-Day Astrology. Usually, they’re reliving their worst traumas on a loop and lashing out at anyone unfortunate enough to come near them. "BE UNABLE TO CHAIN BEARS" 6. It’s quite easy to branch from there and use the same principle to meet your own ends. Switches every time either orifice expels any substance. Further, people who could not afford to bury their dead loved one – or did not want to spend the money – might secretly inter them in someone else’s grave or someone who could not afford a tombstone might just steal one already used, scrape off the previous person’s name, and use it for their own purposes. Now check your email to confirm your subscription. Part 1: How To Know If A Curse Is Right For You. A spirit troubled by the desecration of its grave could return to haunt the living, causing all kinds of grief from impairments in physical and mental health to financial difficulties and even death. The Curse of the Kennedy Family. When they reach 100 years, they die, and an infant crawls from their body’s clothing. Many curses are too elaborate for use in day-to-day situations or by beginners.

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How we made $200K with 4M downloads.