How many fewer are being bombed than when Trump took office? Horizon 2020 is the current framework programme covering the period from 2014 to 2020. For someone who pretends to comment on things, you are remarkably stupid. Well the reality is everyone is 10 years behind SpaceX. Then when I pointed out it isn't you said: And because you have the manners of a goat you added: No. This soot problem can be avoided by running the power pack on an oxidizer rich mix but liquid oxygen is very cold and when it gets hot it likes to burn through just about everything. Power is absolutely the bottleneck. In particular: Specific actions are often carried out in cooperation with the research activities of EU countries and the European Space Agency (ESA). For someone who pretends to be able to read legislation, you are remarkably stupid: it says right in TFS that this is being handed to one company: Ariane Group. Here's a short excerpt. You're completely tone deaf. Thankfully, we don't copy the US or other countries slavishly, we just copy approaches that make sense. The programme as a whole exists to maintain Europe's independent launch capability. You have to push the fuel and oxidizer every time. When we Americans do it, it's bad, but when Europeans do it, it's good. What else did the U.S. change just to be different from the English? I know making a larger rocket is more expensive, but rocket engines themselves are also expensive. It's one thing to assume something can be done, and another to prove it has been done. Does Europe even have any independent launch capability to speak of in the first place? If someone builds the cooling and launches that, they do not even need a very efficient launcher. Can they do anything that the Americans didn't do first? So you rather have Elon export rocket tech to the Chinese like Clinton did? This about humanity, not racists. So there go your savings? Spaceplanes? Honestly the newsworthy item here is that there are still people launching disposable vehicles into space and *aren't* developing reusable systems. Not happening, the solid boosters are so France can maintain its expertise for its SLBM's. The biggest source of small debris in low Earth orbit (1 cm or less) is small flakes of aluminum/alumina from boosters that burn late in flight - either big boosters, or second stage rocket motors. WWI and WWII where the U.S. had to be forced by the actions of Germany and Japan to join the Allies? This Call for Proposals covers the industry initiated activities for the four Programmes lines identified below: The ARTES 4.0 Business Applications Space4Rail Call for Proposals is comprised of several thematic domains supporting industry-specific initiatives related to the digitalisation of railway. While democracy makes perfect sense for governing how people will live their lives and interact with one another, it's absolutely terrible for engineering. This page displays the ARTES Invitation To Tenders (ITTs) which are published on EMITS. You can have all three if you have a good strategy. Maybe adding a couple meters to the rocket is easier than going for an ideal engine. They say they did their calculations but that the "old heavy common 301 stainless steel" actually turned out to be the *more lightweight* alternative compared to "more modern materials". It seems to me that people want their governments to be fair, democratic, transparent, and a lot of other things that actually don't tend to increase efficiency. So they decided to reduce costs NOW by building Ariane 6 using existing technology (halving their launch cost) while developing. Also changed the Imperial System gallon into the U.S. Musk has won so it will be a long time until someone attempts it. Why not just invite Elon to start SpaceX Europe?The SpaceX technology is done, debugged, mature, working. It looks like. I have always assumed that was the case for any nation which has them; they use their space program to support their infrastructure for manufacturing large solid rocket engines for ICBMs and SLBMs. An interesting idea, that. ...will be very mass-inefficient, compared to even an ion engine with a solar electric power source. if they didnt chase the U.K. away they could have asked James Bond to get the plans from SpaceX. All the established players thought nothing would come of it. You are forgetting those two minor wars? Now go and continue living in your Fox-inspired bubble view of Europe. Most likely, they only get to 33% more expensive than Space X to launch, and they only use the rocket for military/gov't missions, and buy rocket rentals from Space X to save. ESA should put some money into every opportunity while making their rockets reusable. And that's just to get to where SpaceX currently is. It reminds me of 3D printing. So in other words the Chinese already had the technology, the USA needed it to get their satellite up. Reality is that SpaceX is on a rapid development cycle and this happens. Europe has regulated itself out of any reasonable market. Kind of a weird concept. - David Letterman, "SpaceX may be best known for revolutionizing rocket launches with its reusable rockets..." writes Digital Trends, but now, "Europe wants to get in on the action.". False equivalency. The European Space Agency (ESA) is Europe’s gateway to space. I'm guessing that a governmental agency, even a well managed/funded one, is going to take as long if not longer to achieve the same levels. I can understand the issue with small upper stage motors, but not with the large P238/24 and P120 SRBs that Ariane 5 and 6 use (will use). Do so. As in burn through things like the metal parts that make up the pump power pack. Fuel (more accurately, propellant) cost has nothing to do with the need for propulsive efficiency.Though it is part of the reason for choosing methane over hydrogen. SpaceX was started in the hopes that it would interest people in space travel and by all measures it's been a success.

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