She solicits the King to allow her to remain another day to find some solution for her children, and Creon grants Medea her wish. Jason's recent abandonment of that family has crushed Medea emotionally, to the degree that she curses her own existence, as well as that of her two children. We are now close to the snare of the sword.”, Jason comes for the third and final time before Medea’s house, this time with an intention to punish her for the death of Creon and Glauce, and a resolution to save his children from the wrath of his wife’s family. Calling to Zeus, blaming the god for allowing this to happen: ...what I have suffered at the hands of this polluted, this children-devouring she lion. True, nothing will hurt Jason as much as the murder of her children, but the act would be unbearable to her as well. Euripides saw the evil beneath the war. The Nurse is doubly concerned: not only because Medea is “wasting away in tears all the time ever since she learned that she was wronged by her husband,” but also because she “has a terrible temper and will not put up with bad treatment.” Fearing that Medea may end up killing someone—either herself or Jason—the Nurse dubs her a “dangerous” woman. (124). It is at this moment that Jason and Medea’s two sons, escorted by their Tutor, appear. With the murder of her children, she confronts Jason. She invokes Themis and Artemis, and wishes the worst for Jason and her new bride, cursing herself for giving up so much to follow love. Her revenge comes when she witnesses Jason's horror as she flies off to Athens in the chariot of the sun god Helios (Hyperion), her ancestor. She rejoices; it is excellent news. Gill is a Latinist, writer, and teacher of ancient history and Latin. The couple fled first Medea's Colchis, and then after Medea was instrumental in the death of King Pelias at Iolcos, fled that region, finally arriving at Corinth. (97). Outside the royal palace, a nurse laments the events that have lead to the present crisis. Despite her pleas, Creon still holds to her being exiled. Medea. Jason has abandoned his wife, Medea, along with their two children. In Medea, Euripides portrayed a woman already known to the audience through the myth of the Argonauts and the hunt for the Golden Fleece. Although he preferred a life of solitude, alone with his books, he was married and had three sons, one of whom became a noted playwright. Eventually, Creon acquiesces and leaves. Jason's friends need not be bothered because as it turns out Aegeus of Athens arrives and agrees that Medea may find refuge with him. Medea saw and fell in love with the handsome young hero, and so, despite her father's desire to retain possession of the precious object, helped Jason to escape. And everything depends upon this choice, for, divorce is not an option women have: if they realize they don’t like the man they marry, women are better off dead according to Medea, because otherwise, they’ll spend their lives serving someone they hate. By voicing her grievances so publicly, she has endangered her life and that of their children. Her earlier state of anxiety, which intensified as she struggled with the decision to commit infanticide, has now given way to an assured determination to fulfill her plans. He claims that his decision to remarry was in everyone's best interest. Some critics consider him to be a misogynist for his portrayal of women as being murderous and terrifying; however, he actually had deep respect and sympathy for women. No! This article was most recently revised and updated by,, The Internet Classics Archive - Medea by Euripides. In some ways, Medea represented this suffering. there is no way I shall leave my boys among my enemies so they can treat them with atrocity. He believed she was not a heartless woman, but one who is suffering. Unlike Hercules, she immediately dies. License. Jason appears with the sword in hand that had killed his boys. For the first time in the play, she also announces an additional, even more gruesome aspect of her revenge: to kill her children, that way utterly annihilating Jason’s house. He understood that there was a prophet in Corinth that could help him. How wrong they are! All the events of play proceed out of this initial dilemma, and the involved parties become its central characters. Last modified February 14, 2018. Even though Medea (a former princess of Colchis) has sacrificed both her home and her family for Jason, he, as we are informed by a Nurse in the Prologue, has decided to marry the daughter of Creon, the King of Corinth. Written by Donald L. Wasson, published on 14 February 2018 under the following license: Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike. But we must fix our gaze on one person only. Wasson, Donald L. “O father, o my native city, from you I departed in shame,” shrieks Medea, reminding us of the fact that, in addition to helping Jason feat after feat with her magic, she even killed and dismembered her own brother, Absyrtus, to help him escape from the wrath of her father, Aeetes. Despite Jason’s objections (“Do you think the royal house has need of gowns or gold?”) and his paternalistic conviction that Glauce will value his wishes “more highly than wealth,” Medea sends her children (together with their Tutor) to deliver the gifts to the princess. “I shall make you potent to seed progeny. As soon as he leaves, Jason arrives to give justification for his actions, but it is to no avail—neither Medea nor the Corinthian women believe him or the sincerity of his intentions. Concerning the fate of her children, she adds: I grieve for the deed that I must do then that I must kill my sons - there is no one can spirit them away. Jason grieves not only that he shall never share his marriage bed but also not share words with his two children again. If Medea hadn’t murdered her children, would her revenge be complete or, as the Chorus itself suggests at one place, even just? • Jason and the Chorus remain behind, wondering what kind of gods or demons live on Olympus to allow this kind of outcome. Classicist Edith Hamilton in her book The Greek Way concurred when she wrote that he was the saddest, a poet of the world’s grief. Both Glauce and Creon are dead, the former due to the immediate impact of Medea’s gifts, and her father as a result of embracing the dead Glauce. Medea reminds Jason of what she has sacrificed for him and what evil she has done on his behalf. Ostensibly, the gifts are meant to convince Glauce to ask her father to allow the children to stay in Corinth. It is Medea’s children who deliver the gift to the princess, not knowing that the robes are poisoned. Against the protests of the chorus, Medea murders her children and flees the scene in a dragon-pulled chariot provided by her grandfather, the Sun-God. EURIPIDES MEDEA Translated by Ian Johnston Vancouver Island University Nanaimo, British Columbia Canada First published 2008 . Jason curses the day of their meeting and the monstrous, barbaric nature of Medea, but she remains untouched by the offenses: “Call me a she-lion, then, if you like, and Scylla, dweller on the Tuscan cliff,” she says, “for I have touched your heart in the vital spot.”. Performance & security by Cloudflare, Please complete the security check to access. Medea appears from inside the house and speaks to the audience of Jason. Namely, even though Medea is flying off in a chariot at the end of the tragedy, the act leaves so many open questions that it is difficult to speak of any kind of resolution. Another way to prevent getting this page in the future is to use Privacy Pass. Medea promises him that she will cure his sterility through sorcery if he gives her sanctuary in return. (133). Jason calls Medea a vicious mother, but she quickly responds that it was not her hand but his hand that killed them. Along with a chorus of singers to explain the action, there were two or three actors (always male) who portrayed various characters through masks and costumes. He hopes to advance his station by remarrying with Glauce, the daughter of Creon, king of Corinth, the Greek city where the play is set. “I beg you to forgive what I said,” she says to his utter surprise, before explaining away both her anger and her tears as her immediate and irrational response, common and natural to all women. Medea relents and asks only for one more day to make arrangements for her sons, and Creon agrees. Jason knows this, as do Creon and Glauce, but Medea seems appeased. However, she would rather fight in battle than endure childbirth. • Although unpopular when it was first presented, Medea would influence both Seneca and Ovid to author their own versions of the myth. Give up your anger fit, and you will be far better off. Ancient History Encyclopedia Foundation is a non-profit organization. It is Creon who sets in motion the events of the play, banishing Medea and her two children by Jason immediately from his kingdom. A messenger recounts the gruesome details of these deaths, which Medea absorbs with cool attentiveness. The Tutor expresses his concerns over Medea’s state as well, adding that it may get worse once she hears “her latest trouble.” Namely, he has overheard gossip that Creon, fearing some kind of retribution on her part, has banished Medea and her children from Corinth. As Hamilton wrote: “No poet’s ear has ever been so sensitively attuned as his to the still, sad music of humanity…” (205). Jason demands the bodies of his sons, but Medea is adamant that he doesn’t deserve them since he had refused them while they were alive. This was Euripides’ version. Some Rights Reserved (2009-2020) under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike license unless otherwise noted. Considering the fact that Euripides is often fond of employing abrupt resolutions to the unsolvable problems in his plays, it is fascinating that here he opted to use one of his favorite theatrical devices (deus ex machina) for precisely the opposite effect. Medea’s cries can be heard throughout this discussion. He was born in the 480’s BCE on the island of Salamis near Athens to a family of hereditary priests. In the second stasimon, the Corinthian women ask from Aphrodite that they find only moderation and peace in their marriages. We have also been recommended for educational use by the following publications: Ancient History Encyclopedia Foundation is a non-profit organization registered in Canada. She adds that everything she did was meant to torture him. Meanwhile, she was offered asylum in Athens by its king Aegeus. And since they must, the one who gave them birth shall kill them.”. He hopes to advance his station by remarrying with Glauce, the daughter of Creon, king of Corinth, the Greek city where the play is set. By using ThoughtCo, you accept our, Tragedies and Tearjerkers - Top Ten Saddest Plays, Biography of Euripides, Third of the Great Tragedians, Famous Stories About Men and Women From Greek Mythology, The 10 Greatest Heroes of Greek Mythology. Speaking to herself, she realizes there is only one thing left to do: …. He asks why she has been crying. To solicit some sympathy in the princess and her father, Medea says that she wants to gift Glauce with a gown and a diadem, passed down to her from none other than her grandfather, Helios. Visit to buy new and used textbooks, and check out our award-winning NOOK tablets and eReaders.

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