In light of the revised guidance, you are strongly advised to consult your legal counsel before taking any action regarding emotional support animal requests. Our doctor will contact you by phone to complete the consultation via telemedicine. If your ESA letter contains all of the things below, then you can be comfortable knowing that your emotional support animal is fully registered, and that your rights as an ESA owner will be upheld in the eyes of the law. Made with strong and quality materials, which emphasis on both comfort and sturdiness. 8 Reasons Why You Should Get an Emotional Support Hamster, 7 Unusual But Great Emotional Support Animal Options, 7 Reasons Why You Should Get an Emotional Support Rabbit, How to Get an Emotional Support Animal in California, Which Emotional Support Animals Are Best to Help Depression, 5 Rare Dog Breeds That Would Make a Great Emotional Support Dog. Buying an emotional support dog kit will provide you with a lifetime ESA registration, frameable certificate, and more, all wrapped into one convenient kit. * This kit is specifically made for your Emotional Support Animal, therefore there are no refunds availble for this product. How to register your dog as an emotional support animal? It's definitely a good deal! They offer a constant, comforting presence in the face of uncomfortable symptoms from anxiety, depression, autism, bipolar, PTSD, and more. Required fields are marked *. Our doctor will contact you by phone to complete the consultation via telemedicine. $0. Sent to your email as soon as they are available but in some cases can take up to 36 hours. Nada. We cannot guarantee acceptance of letters by your specific landlord or airline, as it may depend on local laws and specific policies. 2001 East 1st St Where can our doctor reach you after they have reviewed your pre-qualification form? Federal law requires individuals with an Emotional Support Dog to provide a valid letter (dated within the past 12 months) from a doctor or mental health professional recommending the use of their animal. With a two-in-one ESA letter, you will be able to enjoy the perks of living as well as flying with your pet at the same time. Prove that the mental health professional of choice is licensed in the same state of the patient wishing to receive an ESA letter resides. We are not liable for legal fees or expenses regarding use of the letter or your ESA. Select from different sizes and get your dog the vest that fits perfectly. In the next step you will create your account to see the doctor via our secure telemedicine software. With high-profile stories coming out every other week, interest in the use of emotional support animals (ESAs) as a form of therapy is at an all-time high. You will receive your ESA letter in PDF format in 1 hour by email. Our kits come with a lifetime registration for you and your emotional Support dog in our Official US National Register Database. An embossed hard copy is sent by mail. Thanks so much. Sign up today to receive our monthly newsletter for informative and helpful articles. That's right. Nuthin'. This article will aim to outline the proper process of applying for an emotional support animal letter and reveal what the letter should legally contain in order to be considered valid. ", "The overall experience with this website and their customer service has been outstanding. 2001 East 1st St Which Ailments Qualify for an Emotional Support Animal Letter? You must enter text for 'HANDLER FULL NAME'. Available in all sizes from XXS - XL. ESA has joined forces with a team of mental health professionals with an expertise in Emotional Support Animal Evaluations and Prescription Letters to help you with your ESA and to provide you with your evaluation/letter which is required by law to travel with your animal. Identifying your dog as an ESA becomes easy which is a luxury when traveling. ", "Great products! Purchase from with confidence and risk free. As an Owner or Operator, How Does this Affect My Business? Be the first to review “Two-in-one ESA Letter”. $149 Each ESA Letter. * CUSTOM ESA ID CARD Our Identification cards are high quality PVC (like your credit card) and include the handler's name, address  ESA name and photo as well as a ID number which we will assign. Definitely recommend! An embossed hard copy is sent by mail. July 12th, 2018. Our doctor will contact you by phone to complete the consultation via telemedicine. We are not liable for legal fees or expenses regarding use of the letter or your ESA. * ESA COLLAR TAG This 1.5" round tag can be attached to your animals collar or ESA vest. How to Guarantee Your ESA Letter is Legitimate. Copyright © 2019 Myesadoctor | Disclaimer - MyESADoctor is not affiliated with the ADA or any government agency. Your email address will not be published. That too without paying anything extra to a landlord or a airline service. It is your responsibility to check with and comply with local laws and policies for each business. I contacted this telemedicine clinic to get my ESA letter through a video call. When you register your animal with National Service Animal Registry, it will NEVER need to be renewed! This will include evidence of the physician’s medical license (along with its expiration date), a copy of an ESA letter sample that you would receive upon purchase (similar to the one at the top of this article), and finally (if paying online), the payment page should have a padlock, the word “secure”, and the https should all be green – to signify that your bank details will be secure from hackers. Phone: 1-844-386-7463 What is the Best Type of Emotional Support Animal for a Small Living Space? Require renewal on an annual basis and it must contain the issue date of the letter and an expiration date that is no longer than one year from its original issuance. ". *Housing Letter: If your building manager/landlord wants their own accommodation letter to be signed, simply Email that to us for your doctor to complete. Simply take a photo of the damaged ID Card, send us your order number, and within 72 hours we will create and ship to you a brand new replacement free of charge! Your email address will not be published. Emotional support animal owners who rent are protected by the Fair Housing Act. XXS- Medium Harness is built with 1 D-Ring on the top of the harness. * ADDITIONAL ADD ON ACCESSORIES AVAILABLE Add a pack of Emotional Support Animal handout cards, or Pet Emergency cards. Is the price too much? In fact, some local authorities and people with real service dogs may look down upon anyone who does this. Applying For An ESA Letter. Any mental health professional can do this, be it online or in person. Add an optional photo of your dog for printing on the ID card. I can't thank you enough for going out of your way to expedite the shipment; receiving it as promised. You must select an option for 'PHOTO SUBMISSION OPTIONS'. An embossed hard copy is sent by mail. The ESA prescription letter requires a real licensed mental health professional or medical doctor to approve and file ESAs accordingly. If you do not wish to add a photo, please check the box below that states “Check this box if you don’t want to add a photo of your dog to the ID card”. Learn More About Emotional Support Dog Letters. Our physicians and mental health professionals issue emotional support letters for those in need, based on our professional medical opinion. Is there something specific you need addressed? Our team is happy to walk you through your kit options in order to ensure you make the right purchase for your … National Service Animal Registry provides information on laws and legal topics related to Service Animals and Emotional Support Animals and is designed for informational purposes only, and, while believed to be accurate, is provided strictly "as is," without warranty of any kind. Dogs make excellent ESAs because they are loyal and loving.

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