Other developments that had their origins in special programs are currently being examined for general practice. The scope and sequence charts prepared by publishers, or a simple comparison of the table of contents of a basal series will provide a quick overview of new vs. repeated material. Rather, the process is adaptable to any school configuration or curricular framework, and it is flexible enough to be used within the context of rapidly changing approaches to general education. Private assessment You may seek a private assessment from a licensed Psychologist or Psychological Associate who can administer a standardized measure of cognitive development, e.g., Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children, Stanford-Binet, Woodcock-Johnson. developing authentic products that are primarily directed toward bringing about a desired impact upon a specified audience. Enrichment programs for gifted and talented students have been the true laboratories of the world’s schools because they have presented ideal opportunities for testing new ideas and experimenting with potential solutions to long-standing educational problems. In this chapter, an overview of the conception of giftedness upon which this model is based is presented, and a description of the original Enrichment Triad Model is provided as is a chronology of how the model has expanded and changed. Diagnosing learning styles: Avoiding malpractice suits against school systems. Due to space restrictions, curriculum compacting is described in depth here and other modification techniques are described in detail in other publications (see, for example, RenzuIli, 1994; Reis et al., 1993). Curriculum compacting (Renzulli, Smith, & Reis, 1982; Reis, Burns, & Renzulli, 1992) is a procedure used for modifying standard curricular content to accommodate advanced learners. The criteria for gifted assessments vary between school boards. Using a matrix of learning objectives, teachers can fill in test results and establish small, flexible, and temporary groups for skill instruction and replacement activities. Before describing each type, we want to emphasize that: Schoolhouse giftedness might also be called test-taking or lesson-learning giftedness. Systematic intensification and extensification of the school curriculum. Unit pretests, or end-of-unit tests that can be administered as pretests are readymade for this task, especially when it comes to the assessment of basic skills. No lesson plans or unit plans are created in advance by the cluster facilitator; rather, direction is provided by three key questions addressed in the cluster by the facilitator and the students: Enrichment clusters incorporate the use of advanced content, providing students with information about particular fields of knowledge, such as the structure of a field as well as the basic principles and the functional concepts in a field (Ward, 1960). a reading or math group). Create your invention individually or with a partner under the guidance of Bob Erikson and his students, who work at the Connecticut Science Fair. R206R00001) as administered by the Office of Educational Research and Improvement, U.S. Department of Education. below the cutoff for admission. There is usually an interaction between the two types. Place this work in his portfolio. Check out HEROES Academy’s Accelerated Math and Language Arts Classes. (1988). Taking the easiest approach possible, he administered all of the appropriate unit tests for the grade level in the Basal Language Arts program, and excused Rosa from completing the activities and worksheets in the units where she showed proficiency (80% and above). This approach allows schools to develop a collaborative school culture that takes advantage of resources and appropriate decision-making opportunities to create meaningful, high-level and potentially creative opportunities for students to develop their talents. The procedures that are used to carry out curriculum modification are curriculum compacting, textbook analysis and surgical removal of repetitious material from textbooks, and a planned approach for introducing greater depth into regular curricular material. A broad range of special services is the third school structure targeted by the model; a diagram representing these services is presented in Fig. This information, which focuses on strengths rather than deficits, is compiled in a management form called the ‘Total Talent Portfolio’ (see Fig. Rosa is a fifth grader in a self-contained heterogeneous classroom; her school is located in a lower socio-economic urban school district. The methodology used within a field is also considered advanced content by Renzulli (1988a), involving the use of knowledge of the structures and tools of fields, as well as knowledge about the methodology of particular fields. Invite other teachers to use the lesson in their teaching, or share it with students who are struggling with the topic. The schoolwide enrichment model. There is no ideal way to measure intelligence and therefore we must avoid the typical practice of believing that if we know a person’s IQ score, we also know his or her intelligence. A review of the research literature (Renzulli, 1986) tells us that there is much more to identifying human potential than the abilities revealed on traditional tests of intelligence, aptitude, and achievement. When Rosa missed one or two questions, the teacher checked for trends in those items and provided instruction and practice materials to ensure concept mastery. Renzulli, J. S., Reis, S. M., & Smith, L. H. (1981). The work of these theorists coupled with our own research and program development activities, has given rise to the concept we call enrichment learning and teaching. The Renzuli Center at the University of Connecticut is a top institution for research into giftedness and the Renzuli model of enrichment studies. You may share your final product at the Young Inventors’ Fair on March 25th, a statewide daylong celebration of creativity. ). In the SEM, a talent pool of 15-20% of above average ability/high potential students is identified through a variety of measures including: achievement tests, teacher nominations, assessment of potential for creativity and task commitment, as well as alternative pathways of entrance (self-nomination, parent nomination, etc.). ). Edgo promotes gifted education throughout Ontario. Acceleration might include the use of material from the next unit or chapter, the use of the next chronological grade level textbook or the completion of even more advanced work. The idea is to create a repertoire of services that can be integrated in such a way to create “a rising tide lifts all ships” approach. productivity in young people. Students who are 98 th percentile or above after the individual assessment, can participate in the DDSB gifted program. Before defending this assertion with some research findings, we briefly review what is meant by this second type of giftedness, the important role that it should play in programming, and, therefore, the reasons we should attempt to assess it in our identification procedures—even if such assessment causes us to look below the top 3 to 5% on the normal curve of IQ scores. For example, students who become interested in botany after a Type I experience might pursue additional training in this area by doing advanced reading in botany; compiling, planning and carrying out plant experiments; and seeking more advanced methods training if they want to go further. We became increasingly concerned about students who were not able to participate in enrichment programs because they did not score in the top 1-3% of the population in achievement or intelligence tests. For example, if your child is interested in math, they might enjoy competetive math. Testing is done in a group setting. Some of our own research (Reis, 1981) indicated that when a broader population of students (15-20% of the general population called the ‘talent pool’) were able to participate in Types I and II enrichment experiences, they produced equally good Type III products as the traditional ‘gifted’ students (the top 3-5%). are involved in teaching the clusters; and their involvement in any particular cluster is based on the same type of interest assessment that is used for students in selecting clusters of choice.

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