Presently GEOSS Platform brokers more than 150 autonomous data catalogs and information systems, useful for the different GEO Societal Benefit Areas including data from: CAFF,,, EEA, GBIF, Iris, JRC Open Data catalog, NASA, NCAR, NOAA, OCHA HDX, RCMRD, UNEP, UNOSAT, USGS, Web Energy Services, WMO WIS and many more. With investments in Earth observations now reaching a critical mass, it has become possible to link diverse observing systems together to paint a full picture of the Earth’s condition. These software applications are commercially available. The GEOSS Portal - as part of the Global Earth Observation System of Systems (GEOSS) - serves a wide variety of users from data scientists to decision and policy makers, within the public and private sector, and considers as well citizens as part of their target community. Panning can be done by simply moving the map with your mouse (pad). Speziell für Fragen des globalen Wandels werden umfassende und verlässliche Beobachtungen benötigt. The GEO DAB APIs can be used to discover and access GEOSS resources via the GEOSS Platform. Each result item shows a title, a brief description, a browse image (if available), the GEOSS Data CORE flag (which means that the data is freely and openly accessible, according to the GEOSS Data CORE principles), and a series of icons corresponding to applicable functions. Nominate individual scientists or teams that have contributed to the innovative use of Earth observation in the field of science and applications. The Global Earth Observation System of Systems (GEOSS) is being built[needs update] by the Group on Earth Observations (GEO) on the basis of a 10-Year Implementation Plan running from 2005 to 2015. Earth Observation System (CHEOS), which is established as one of the major national science and technology projects. However, translations have been created for French, Spanish and Italian versions by Claudia Cialone and Kristin Stock of the Centre for Geospatial Science (CGS) at the University of Nottingham, UK, with input from a number of people from the Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche (CNR) in Italy, the University of Zaragoza and the European Union Joint Research Centre (JRC). The architecture of an Earth observation system refers to the way in which its components are designed so that they function as a whole. In addition, each contributor to GEOSS must subscribe to the GEO data-sharing principles, which aim to ensure the full and open exchange of data, metadata and products. GEOSS links these systems to strengthen the monitoring of the state of the Earth. GEOSS is a set of coordinated, independent Earth observation, information and processing systems that interact and provide access to diverse information for a broad range of users in both public and private sectors. information (complementing the brief summary) in an information window that can be opened clicking the, localization of the data on the map either as bounding box or as a placeholder via the, in case the user has signed in, the possibility to bookmark the result via the, in case the result is a collection, the possibility to open the collection via the, in case the user has signed in, the possibility to Like the result via the, in case links are identified, the possibility to follow links via the, the possibility to add a layer to the map via the, the possibility to download the data in formats made available by the  provider via the. data providers interested in using the GEONETCast framework to disseminate products and services to users; users, about the types of services they would like to receive. The Portal Development framework is based on LifeRay 6.2, Openlayer 3. These issues are fundamental to the successful operation of GEOSS. [4][5][6][7], GEOSS will disseminate information and analyses directly to users. This field of concern embraces all those agricultural activities, or related subjects such as grazing systems, the economic trade of agricultural products, for monitoring the global condition of food including the prevention of desertification. Juni 2019 um 17:39 Uhr bearbeitet. It relies on infrastructure put in place, and sustained, by meteorological agencies. Established in 2004, EUMETCast has more than 4,000 registered reception stations with more than 3,400 users benefiting from the environmental data it provides. In addition to this, a freely available instantiation of selected GEOSS Portal widgets will be made available for possible customization. The GEO DAB implements the necessary mediation and harmonization services through Application Program Interfaces (APIs). The Global Earth Observation System of Systems’ Platform (former GEOSS Common Infrastructure, or GCI) proactively links existing and planned observing systems around the world and supports the development of new systems where there are gaps. European Space Agency. Upload ideas and proposals for new Earth observation missions . Mirrored and customisable GEOSS Portal sites will be available for SBAs, Flagships, Initiatives, and GEO Communities at large, to better serve the specific community interests. 7 bis, avenue de la Paix [12][13][14][15], GEOSS can be characterized as a contribution towards the establishment of a spatial data infrastructure. Fax +41 22 730 8520, Biodiversity and Ecosystem Sustainability, Food Security and Sustainable Agriculture, Infrastructure and Transportation Management, GEOSS Common Infrastructure (GCI) Operations, GEOSS In-Situ Earth Observation Resources, GEOSS Satellite Earth Observation Resources, Manual 1: All you need to know to become a GEO Data Provider, TD 15: EUMETCast — Broadcast System for Environmental Data. A default number of ten results is displayed; users can easily access the next (or previous) ten results by clicking the next (or prev) arrow at the bottom of the panel. The GEOSS portal provides the possibility to narrow down the search results to a smaller set by applying filters. [10][11], The growing demand for Earth observation data and information is the driving force behind GEOSS. GEO DAB publishes three types of APIs: These APIs are used by the GEOSS Portal to discover, visualize and access GEOSS resources. The area includes subfields of interest such as global biogeochemistry, fisheries and habitat, telecommunication and navigation, predictions etc. The GEOSS portal - available at - has undergone relevant updates during 2016 and early 2017. The GEOSS Platform promotes the use of common technical standards so that data from thousands of different instruments can be combined into coherent data sets., Group on Earth Observations The GEOSS Portal is continuously subject to evolutions in response to the evolving user requirements. Through the Portal, the GEOSS Platform connects the  users  to the wealth of heterogeneous collections of databases and other portals and provides  reliable,  up-to-date  and  user  friendly (current and  historical) information  –  vital  for  the  work of decision/policy makers, planners and emergency  managers.

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