West challenges Chavo to a duel to save her instead. The Robinsons continue their journey south where they encounter a frozen sea and drive across the ice. The Robinsons begin to make themselves at home on the strange alien world, growing plants and herding local animals for food. Will tries to get a message through to his parents at a relay station, but when he returns to the ship, he finds Dr. Smith, Major West, Penny and Judy acting strangely and the Robot damaged. Meanwhile, Major West and the Professor eavesdrop on the promoter and learn that if Smith should lose the match, he dooms Earth to an alien invasion. Will finds a little sleeping princess and he awakens her with a kiss. He later awakens with curly green hair and superhuman strength. Smith however, finds the fruit and eats it before making sure it's safe. He then tricks Major West into helping him blast the cavern open. Cameras in space tell stories of life on our planet from a brand new perspective, revealing its incredible movements, colors, patterns and just how fast it is changing. When the Robinsons learn the merchant has a weather-controlling machine, they realize they have been swindled and try to get Dr. Smith back. Events lead to Smith being trapped aboard the doomed ship, which encounters a meteor storm and veers light years off course. Later, Tucker strikes a deal with the Robinsons to return Will unharmed if they help fix his broken ship. The Robinsons chase the pod to a nearby planet where it lands amidst an alien city. Once again, the Robinson family is stranded on an alien world. To make matters worse, the professor and Major West are attacked by a giant cyclopean creature that lurks in the area. Dr. Smith, Will, and the Robot find a cave where they encounter shadowy beings who demand the Robot be given to them to examine. Although she is evil, the Robot begins to fall in love and is easily manipulated to serve her. All episodes of Lost in Space were remastered and released Meanwhile, Will, who admired Tucker, becomes disappointed when he learns he has taken up with bad company again when he promised to lead an honest living the last time they met. The aliens, who never grow older-minded than adolescents, try to discover what makes the human children mature. Tucker makes Will his first mate and has him swear the pirate oath. Guest star: Gerald Mohr (Morbus). Guest stars: Michael Rennie (Keeper). On February 5, 2019, all episodes (cropped to 16:9 widescreen from the Blu-ray masters) were re-released on a DVD disc set. Smith stumbles upon Will trying to communicate with the alien but hastily shoots it with a laser gun. Live video from the International Space Station includes internal views when the crew is on-duty and Earth views at other times. When the two boys do not return to their respective camps, the aliens and the Robinsons begin to suspect each other of foul play which could lead to a potentially deadly confrontation if the children are not found. When Major West reads the fine-print he learns the winner of the contest must be given over to the sinister being who is made of fire and comes from a dark world without beauty. Meanwhile, the gynoid Verda returns to the Robinsons after escaping a disassembly order, and she warns them of the android that was sent to destroy her. Penny, Will and Dr. Smith find an alien machine that beams Penny and her pet Bloop away, but Will manages to bring them back. Meanwhile, the Professor and Maureen make a critical decision – knowing Hapgood's capsule, Traveling Man, can carry two more passengers, they ask him to take Will and Penny off the dangerous planet and back with him to Earth. Next, the Jupiter 2 docks with an alien spaceship, the Professor and Major West venture inside and reunite with the Robot. Terrified that he will be killed, Smith tries to use psychology on Thor, who breaks down admitting that he feels washed-up and is unable to fight again. Smith foolishly gives the man the weapons, and the alien reveals its true form – a twisted-faced monster who really plans to destroy the Robinsons once he finishes off his enemy. This time, however, they are not only programmed to serve Smith, they look just like him. Smith, however, becomes annoyed with the android and passes her off to Will and Penny to befriend. The Jupiter 2 is caught in a space warp and accelerates on a wild ride. With Don and the Professor to be mutated into stalks of celery, while Maureen and Penny to mutate into flower beds, it's up to Will and Judy to save the day by sabotaging the planet's weather-control system. on a Blu-ray disc set on September 15, 2015 Dr. Smith, on the other hand, is willing to trade anything for a decent meal, including the Robot. Will then finds a cave and encounters an alien named Lemnoc who has created android duplicates of the family while the real members have been put into stasis. Zeno forces Smith to swap clothes and has him arrested by a galactic lawman. Dr. Smith finds an alien vending machine and unintentionally orders a servant android named Verda. After checking a meteorological station, the professor learns that a severe cold front is coming which will drop the temperature to lethal levels. Dr. Smith and Will encounter a bumbling knight named Sagramonte who is on a great quest to slay a beast called Gundemar. An alien from a galactic tribunal appears at the Robinsons' camp carrying a talking computer that announces the family and Don have been indicted for committing crimes in space – namely their previous trespassing aboard an alien ship and leaving junk in space when the Professor lost tools while repairing the Jupiter 2. Dr. Smith flees in terror when his estranged cousin, Colonel Jeremiah Smith, has tracked him down and pays him a visit. In Bangladesh, fisherman use otters to corral fish into nets. There they find, and explore, ruins of a past civilization. The family decides to abandon the Jupiter 2 and head south to a warmer climate, but Dr. Smith refuses to go with them. But first, we need you to sign in to PBS using one of the services below. The aliens explain they leave a crown out in the open whenever they need a new leader and whoever finds it gets the job. Penny is put to work tending a furnace, while the thief recruits Will to help him find his lost love – a princess he believes is trapped somewhere back on the Robinsons' planet. Soon an earthquake hits, and Will and the Robot fall down a pit that leads to an underground world. Expecting a big welcome party, Smith instead is approached by a group of androids and their robot leader who demands he surrender all weapons and offers a treasure if he complies. Major West and the Professor build a one-man space capsule in an attempt to reach help, but when Dr. Smith tampers with the ship, he and Will are accidentally launched into space. TV show guide for Earth from Space. Dr. Smith, Will and the Robot are accidentally launched away in the space pod and land on a nearby planet. Later, a plant-controlled clone of Judy appears who steals the rest of the fuel and threatens to kill the real Judy if the Robinsons don't provide more fuel for the hungry plants. Destroy!". Rogers). In their desperate search for more water, they find some delicious-looking fruit growing in an oasis and take it back to the ship. At least one script (the planned fourth season premiere "Malice in Wonderspace". Wanting to experience human individuality, the aliens take the form of the crew and hijack the Jupiter 2 on a course for Earth. This page was last edited on 11 August 2020, at 23:03. Preferring Smith's treachery and ruthlessness, they transfer Smith's personality to the Robot's body and vice versa. The Robinsons reopen the portal for him and Dr. Smith volunteers to go through as well to contact Alpha Control, but his stay on Earth is short once Hamish learns an ancestor of Smith was responsible for his ghostly curse and he tries to exact revenge upon him. Penny learns of the scheme and fears the blast could hurt her friend, but she is too late to warn him and is caught in a cave in when the explosives go off. Upon landing, the family discovers the entire planet is a massive junkyard run by a strange metallic junkman who has no intention of letting the Robinsons leave. Seeking shelter from a storm, Penny and Dr. Smith find a large mirror made of precious metal and Smith becomes obsessed with its potential value. Major West, Judy, Will, Dr. Smith and the Robot are on a mission to install a radar station when Smith stumbles upon a being frozen in a block of ice. Guest star: John Crawford (Dr. Chronos), Byron Morrow (General Squires), Hoke Howell (Sgt. West and the Professor begin a search to find the Doctor and the boy. Major West forces the door open and saves the couple. Later, Professor John Robinson (Guy Williams) tries to fix the ship's sensor systems but must go outside the craft to perform the repairs. Penny encounters an interstellar fugitive named Ohan whom she helps, and he gives her a talking disc that leads to a great treasure. Will agrees to help, but Lemnoc has a devious plan for his androids to steal the Jupiter 2. Will and the Robot act as their legal counsel, but the two are found guilty as charged and sent to the notorious prison planet Destructon to serve life sentences, along with Creech who is captured by the Robot just as the trial is ending. Guest star: Strother Martin (Nerim). Dr. Smith and Will soon find a series of alien advertising signs which lead them to an outdoor bazaar run by a space trader. Once in flight, Dr. Smith fools with the airlock controls and accidentally sends the Robot into space. While enduring another heat wave, the Robinsons try to conserve their dwindling supply of drinking water, but Dr. Smith selfishly uses the last of it for a shower. Unfortunately, he doesn't have enough for them to swing by J-5's world as well. He dumps it out the airlock, but it attaches to the hull and endangers the ship. The aliens soon realize Dr. Smith is the only guilty one who caused the problems and threaten to imprison him. Nasa Astronauts at work! Meanwhile, the pod crew find themselves in a tropical rainforest even though they are only a half-mile from the ship. When the aliens threaten to harm the family, the Robot voluntarily gives himself up for their experiment. An alien family, the Taurons, land on the Robinsons' planet and set up a camp nearby.

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