Donkey Kong Sr.'s son that becomes the father of the present day Donkey Kong, with his father being Donkey Kong Sr. (Cranky Kong). In the game, DK and Diddy are sent back in time to meet the original DK and DK Jr. Donkey Kong Country Returns | Donkey Kong Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Fandom Apps Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Donkey Kong Country 2 | Vogelähnliche Kreaturen namens „Nitpickers“, von denen einige den Spieler angreifen können, indem sie Eier fallen lassen, und „Sparks“, die in einem von Marios Verstecken über die Leitungen streifen.

He first appears in Donkey Kong Jr. Donkey Kong Jr. next appeared in Donkey Kong '94, a remake of the original Donkey Kong.

Die Figur Donkey Kong Jr. schaffte es, wie auch andere Mario- und Nintendo-Figuren, als spielbarer Charakter in mehrere Mario-Spiele, wie zum Beispiel die Mario-Kart- Reihe, Mario Tennis oder Super Mario Bros. 3. Donkey Kong wird von Mario in einem Käfig gefangen gehalten. Instead, he has a sticker. While his father used barrels to take on Mario, Jr. relies on dropping fruit on the heads of his enemies in order to knock them out. Gender In Super Smash Bros. Brawl, unlike in Super Smash Bros. Melee, he does not have a trophy. He was a heavyweight racer with high top speed and his weapon of choice is the banana. Here he was the biggest character due to the exclusion of Bowser. In the Super Mario All-Stars remake of Super Mario Bros. 3, the King of Big Island has been transformed into Donkey Kong Jr., as opposed to the dinosaur in the original. Es ist der Nachfolger des erfolgreichen Arcade-Spiels Donkey Kong aus dem Jahr 1981. Category:Playable characters - Donkey Kong Wiki, the encyclopedia about Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong Racing In every Mario Kart title since Mario Kart 64, he has been replaced by the modern Donkey Kong. Die Veröffentlichung für den Heimmarkt unter dem Namen Donkey Kong Jr. erfolgte 1983 mit einer Portierung für den Famicom als einer der Launchtitel in Japan.

Donkey Jr. war einer der Charaktere, die in der Cartoon-Serie Saturday Supercade (1983–1985) auf CBS zu sehen waren. Donkey Kong Jr. (1982) Donkey Kong Jr. made his final playable appearance in 2000, in the Nintendo 64 adaption of Mario Tennis. Donkey Kong Jr. is a character in the Super Mario series. Arkie Awards für die besten Videospiel-Soundeffekte ausgezeichnet.

Additionally, one of the names that appears when the player presses the "Random Name" button when naming their custom stage is DKJR, which is his name. The two buttons give it little to work with, however.

Donkey Kong Jr. as he appeared in Super Mario Kart.

Donkey Kong Jr. | Die Arcade-Version des Spiels wurde später für die Virtual Console der Wii und der Wii U sowie den Nintendo eShop des Nintendo 3DS veröffentlicht.

Donkey Kong Jr. wurde 1984 auf den 5.

Donkey Kong Jr., the son of the original Donkey Kong, starred in his first game aptly titled Donkey Kong Jr..Wearing a white leotard with a red J printed in the middle, Donkey Kong Jr. sets out to break dear old dad out of a cage protected by none other than Mario. King Pepe's version has a custom moveset with edited sprites from the NES game, while Exclamation Question's version is based off of the bootleg fighting game Kart Fighter.

He is the first Mario antagonist who premiered alongside Mario (then called Jumpman) and Pauline (then called Lady in … Famicom Disk System:Japan 19. Donkey Kong Jr. is a fictional character from the Super Mario series.

Donkey Kong Jr. has also made several cameo appearances in the Mario Series. “Donkey Kong Jr. came to the rescue when Mario imprisoned his father.

This theory has the original Donkey Kong as his father. In the book, Mario and Luigi find themselves in Donkey Kong Jr.'s jungle after entering one of the doorways created by Dr. Sporis Von Fungenstein. In some levels he pulls levers to block Mario's progress, in others he throws poison mushrooms at Mario, shrinking him.

The Original Son. In his own game, Donkey Kong Jr., he has to save his father from Mario, or Jumpman. He first appeared in Donkey Kong Jr (game.)

Donkey Kong Jr. Math. Donkey Kong Jr, along with the original Donkey Kong, the present Donkey Kong, and Diddy Kong were playable characters in The Original Donkey Kong. Donkey Kong Jr. is a fictional character from the Super Mario series. He was classified as a Power Character, who could be secretly unlocked (alongside, oddly enough, the modern Donkey Kong).

3. He was able to climb faster by using two ivy vines at once. 1986 wurde das Spiel auch für den US-amerikanischen Markt portiert. Es ist der Nachfolger von Donkey Kong und wurde im Laufe der 1980er-Jahre für diverse bekannte Spielkonsolen und Heimcomputer, wie das Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) als einer der Launchtitel,[1] Family Computer (Famicom), Famicom Disk System, Atari 2600, Atari 7800, die Atari-Heimcomputer-Serie, das ColecoVision, den Coleco Adam, das Intellivision, den BBC Micron, den Nintendo e-Reader und als Game-&-Watch-Spiel portiert. He wouldn't make any more playable appearances until Mario Tennis which also became his last playable appearance. In the final world, the Tower, Mario captures Jr. in a battle similar to how Jr. rescued his father in Donkey Kong Jr. Jr. would make his way into the Mario series in Super Mario Kart, ten years after the release of his first game and two years before the release of Donkey Kong '94.

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