Treasurer’s astonishing spray as Victorians finally celebrate the easing of restrictions. “I can feel the chainsaws tearing through my heart, my spirit, my Djap Wurrung body is in pain,” said a local woman, Sissy Austin. These trees have been the focus of hundreds of supporters at the Djab Wurrung Embassy since mid-2018. When a child was born in Djab Wurrung country, its placenta was mixed with the seed of the tree. Djab Wurrung Directions Tree ‘felled’ for Western Highway upgrade, protesters arrested. ABC Ballarat / By Sarah Jane Bell. Victorians have been urged to contact Premier Daniel Andrews' office to oppose the logging of trees protected by the Djab Wurrung people. This area is part of the song line, the series of scared trees and artefacts we find here regularly prove it’s significance. Police have tried to carry out eviction orders on several occasions. Efforts to save the sacred trees in Djab Wurrung country have been dealt a savage blow, with the Victorian government allowing the removal of a 350-year-old yellowbox, known as the “Directions Tree”. Djab Wurrung tree 'felled' as Western Highway protesters are arrested. “Today I laid on the floor and cried. That tree then became the child’s Directions Tree. Posted Yesterday at 11:42pm Mon Monday 26 Oct October 2020 at 11:42pm, updated 5 … The Directions Tree was one of many sacred trees on Djab Wurrung Country which have been threatened by a $157 million highway upgrade between the … To our People, the land is our means of survival. These beautiful trees include an 800 year old tree that has seen over 50 generations born inside of a hollow in her trunk and a 350 year old directions tree that has been shaped and resembles a Woman.

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+ How we made $200K with 4M downloads.

How we made $200K with 4M downloads.