I will try to locate some information for you if I can. Coetzee employs metaphor and simile both in the text of Disgrace. I know you mean well, but you are not the guide I need, not at this time (161).". Despite this, David tries to make her feel comfortable, and though it’s obvious she wants to leave, he asks her to stay the night. Pollux is related to Petrus' wife. When Petrus invites Lucy and Lurie to a party to celebrate his new acquisition of land, Lucy comes face to face with the one of her attackers, a mentally disturbed young man named Pollux. In the bedroom, he takes off her clothes, and she helps by lifting her hips when he slides off her pants. It seems she’s quite upset about something, so he prepares a bed for her in his daughter’s old room and lets her sleep. She will sign over her land to Petrus (marrying him in a contractual sense) in exchange for protection and the right to remain in her house. The Big Screen. Around this time, David is walking on campus when he comes upon Melanie Isaacs, a beautiful twenty-year-old student who is in his Romantic poetry class. On a walk one evening, David and Lucy pass three men they don’t recognize. Got it! Coetzee. She then leaves and returns with Ettinger in his truck, and Ettinger takes David to the hospital, dropping him off to get his burns treated. The evening is clearly uncomfortable, but Mr. Isaacs finally gets what he is seeking: an apology. Then one morning he sees Soraya in the city shopping with two boys who are obviously her sons, and their eyes meet briefly. Teachers and parents! J.M. Lurie is a specialist in British Romantic literature, with three books of literary criticism, but the classics and modern languages department had been closed down as part of “the great rationalization,” and his job changed to teaching low-level “communications skills” classes. “Not rape, not quite that, but undesired nevertheless, undesired to the core,” Coetzee writes. Knowing right away that Pollux is watching her dress, he lets Katy maul the young man while he himself kicks him and screams terrible things at him, suggesting that he’s an inferior “swine.” Hearing this commotion, Lucy runs out and comes to Pollux’s aid, but as she does so, her top slides down, exposing her breasts. Before long, though, he accepts that he’s only putting off the inevitable, and so he brings the unsuspecting animal to Bev, saying, “I am giving him up.”, Instant downloads of all 1368 LitChart PDFs After an ambiguous conversation with Bev Shaw, Lurie decides to visit his daughter. Even though Mr. Isaacs is confused at his words, he invites Lurie to dinner with his family. Lurie's sexual activities are all inherently risky. Over the weekend, he travels to campus and uses the University's records to find her address and phone number. Clearly there will be changes for Professor Lurie after all. Lucy lives alone on her small farm, raising and selling crops and running a small kennel.

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